Plaid For Days

Being a teenager means that you're going to care how you look. If people tell you that they gives none about their appearance they're most likely lying through their two front teeth. I'm not going to lie, I pride myself on looking good on a daily basis. Ask my roommate, PC, do I practice smiling to myself in the mirror before leaving for class, do I strike ridiculous poses, and do I decide what to wear for the next day, maybe yes, or maybe no, all I know is I've got it going on. When you look good you feel good, and you've got one less thing to worry about. One of my favorite things about going to college in Vermont was being able to buy a whole new wardrobe, which included, you must have guessed it, a shat ton of plaid. Almost an obscene amount, plaid just makes everything better. There must be plaid for days.

I woke up on Wednesday morning to another day of rain. It's kind of depressing, so I decided to brighten my day with a perfectly planned outfit of plaid. I'm talking, full on prepster. In the morn, before class, it was to the little café for an English Muffin with egg, cheese, and ham - that's my shat right there. It hits the spot and gets me going, eating breakfast is actually awesome, I realize what I'd been missing all these years. So I head off to my biology lecture class, and take my seat, second row from the back and I'm sitting next to this funny kid, like the ultimate bball bro or something. He talked all slow and
vague, but he was most deff legit geeking me out hardcore. Our teacher makes use this ridiculous polling thingies, and we confer answers, like WTE is the scientific method, I do what I want, whenever I want, no rules necessary. From a long lecture on biological what not, I proceeded to my Honors College class, like a small group discussion thing, that's mostly writing intensive. Let me tell you, that class is just buck wild; it's like a perpetual battle of who can be the snarkiest, most unnecessarily sarcastic and downright condescending. Whenever I speak, I always take the topic to a personal level and apply it to stuff I know, as in TV - so comparing the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks to a Lifetime Movie may or may not have been a good idea. There's some seemingly chill people in there, like the effervescent and infectious Westside chick, Lila, the girl is a walking ball of sunshine, another Westside, David (who happens to fence, which automatically makes him classy), Kyle who's apart of the Eastside gang (possible singer songwriter, and all around chill dude). The class has it's character's, that's for sure, and my smiling face, decked out in hardcore Abercrombie and Fitch plaid shirt, and dark slim jeans (as in, I'm dressing to impress on a daily basis) and with my newly perfect smile, shoutout to my orthodontist, went from beaming with laughter to bitter with anger when I received my first paper back, with a whopping C. Like, are you kidding me, me, who freaking writes all the time, hello, this a blog - you're going to give me a C, uhm, no. People show up to class wearing pajamas and hoodrat drug rugs, and I'm all clean cut and preptastic, and you give me a C, the plaid should count for something. I've got plaid for days.

I returned home to my lovely dorm floor, thank goodness for these kids, or else college would have been unbearable, that's for sure. I go to the front desk and I've received a package, like I just got a letter (Blue's Clues style) and it's my I-Home, the thing is like futuristic moon space planet stuff. So you know the gang comes around, and we just have a dance party to our favorite jams. Shan-Dawg and I doing our usual hook, line, sinker and shimmy, please be jealous. From there it was to the Marché with Sam, Jandro and PC with a major complaining session again with me wearing plaid and it not making everything better. It's a valid point, if I'm looking like the shat, then I am the shat, like superpower status. We walk back to the dorm, and Jandro tricks us into walking under this tree, which he then kicks, and it literally cascades water on top of us, let's just saw, this kid, as in me, quite possibly flipped the heck out and went Jersey Shore on his ass. "Like Rahhhn, what the hell you doing." Chem class came about, with wooden seats, like I'm not Pinocchio up in here, it's called I need some padding. But the teach or prof (new term alert) is like from like Scandinavia and he's quirky but harmless. I came back to my room and sat by myself watching the Lying Game, what can I say, I need my daily dose of drama, the secrets, and the scandal just speak to me. Off to a club meeting, the Beta, Beta, Beta Biological Honor Society, which was kind of totally sketchtastic. The people barely had their stuff together, as in getting themselves on track right in front of us. However, one of the dudes looked like Chris Lowell, from the Help, Private Practice, Life as We Know It, and Veronica Mars, who's one of fave actors, so that helped. Jimbo and Carolyn, the dream team of us three, bolted out of there after the #hawkward (awkward with an "h" - thanks Shy Dan for the new lingo). Head back to the dorm and trip a to the wrong side of the tracks to vist the Westside Crew, and specifically JaMocha Shake, the girl has got it going on, always. She's most deff pretty at all times, and when she's embarrassed she makes the cutest little faces, am I infatuated, you tell me. I bring her food and we have our little daily chat, it's more than a strong enough shot of flavor for me. Afterwards, Hannity, Shandee, Krabby Patty and I did some impromptu ballet in the spiral staircase lounge, oh and I learned to do like a handstand, skills right there. The quote of the night goes to Hannah, "I do have a type, it's called boy" - words to live by. Decked out in plaid for days.

Sleeping to the sounds of Shane Harper, the boy is the ultimate dude, please understand how awesome he is. His favorite author is CS Lewis, he's like a perfect person, and his birthday is exactly 4 months before mine, oh and his songs may be the soundtrack (Dance With Me) to my life. Wake up to Ke$ha, the trashiest most awesome girl on the block, thank you I-Home. I head off to tennis entering right behind pretty boy Evan, the kid looks like a model. We learned the backhand today, and I'm for sure getting better. I love that class so much, and my forehand might be a whole lot of deadly, watch out Big E, I'm coming for you, full court smash style. Afterwards, I showered and got dressed this time in even more plaid and slim jeans, A&F just got me swagged out. Put on my scent for the day, Axe "Phoenix" which literally smells of sex. Let me tell you, at least 4 girls said my smell was intoxicating or that I was looking good. Dear ladies, I've got my eye on one girl a time, so don't hit on all this sessiness, it's pretty much preoccupied with a hearty helping of JaMocha Shake. I went to the student center, with my good friend Sam, the girl is just chill, easy to talk to and relatable. Empanadas from the Latina Sorority on campus, for b-fast, which were deliciouso (Dorah the Explorer style, so wrong). Then Jimbroni came to hang out for our daily bro time. Jimbo is just a funny dude, cocky in his style and legitimately good everything, we may or may not be the same person. It's kind of uncanny how much we have in common, even though he might seem up in the air with his witty humor, I can already tell that's a truly down to Earth guy; can you say groomsmen or godfather to the kiddies? I finally got to meet up with my lax bro buddy, Chase, who I refer to as playboy, the kid has got that prep school swag, salmon pants in tow, and just is a ton of fun. I like to surround myself with people who can take a joke, and he tells great ones. Hickey's resembling scenes from Twilight geeked me out. So Jandro, Jimbo, and Sparkles (Cullen) and I decided to ride the entire bus route, you know I fell asleep but it was interesting to finally to see the vast expanses of campus, what a journey. On to math class, whoever said it was okay for a classroom to be a sauna must have been the devil's advocate, that place is burning up like the dryest part of the African Sahara. I literally sweat buckets, but my grad student teach gives great notes, but the quiz we took at the end of class might have obliterated me, I barely answered one of the questions, but I'm hoping I aced the rest of them. Plaid all day everyday people, it's what we do.

After melting in math, I head on over to our mandatory Honors College seminar. Ali-Cat giving us the best impressions of the kids in her class, Oscar worthy performance. Another one with students asking questions and what not. I'm sitting there trying to care, but I just couldn't - people were asking like pin-drop specific questions, like could you not ask your multiple advisers or ask a question that didn't only pertain to you. People were texting, gossiping, and of course sleeping. Dear rude, unruly, and downright despicable supposed "best of the best" kiddies, get your act together and show some respect, even if you don't give a flying panda about what's being said at least pretend to do so, it's called acting, we all do it; are you not a teenager. I got to sit next to one of my favorite people, Lil/Mouse/Meatball/Penguin, highlight of the night. Eastside gang grabbed some dinner, Indian inspired chicken korma and I sat with my partner in crime Sam, Norio the electrical engineer (the kid is just authentic, like your go-to guy for a plain fun time) and Big Ben (homeboy, who I see less and less of; deff depré - short for depressing, get it together people). Power walking with no-crap Carolyn to pre-med club just relating our lives was chill. The unique peeps running Pre-Med club for sure made it worth joining, Dyl-Dog, a no holds just out and about kind of guy kept a smile on my face with his sly remarks, the kid has got jokes and was so welcoming, unlike some other cold receptions. Doctorhood here we come. Then outing club, like the outdoor club, had a massive meeting, hordes of students everywhere for some funny videos, desperate pleas and an hour of endless plugs. I might be doing some kayaking, as long I don't die, it's all good. A visit from Jakey-Bear about the newspaper and to the pretentious Marché for pizza and Tite (patent pending, iced tea and Sprite) and a big ole piece of carrot cake with Jimbo (more bro time). From there, it was on to the library with Jandro to return a book, and search for season one of the Hardy's Boy TV shows. The library was like a mythical place, so quiet that if a fly farted you would hear it. Was there an attempt to play hide and seek, uhm yeah, but we thought otherwise. I went to visit my current crush, JaMocha Shake with my handy-dandy carrot cake in the wings, and we talked for probably a half hour. Getting there, she kind of makes my heart pound, but I'm comfortable at the same time. It must be all of this plaid I've been wearing. Shout out to my buddy, Riker, the Shore lifeguard for being elected to the Student Government Association, and Eastside's Joelly-Bear for winning his election to SGA as well. And Big News, my Dr. Trendy roommate, Pat-Pat, was accepted into the co-ed accapella group "Zest" - uhm, belting tunes much, just in all out plaid.

Being a teenager is all about getting your life together. College is most definitely overwelming but you should take control of what you can easily control, like your tennis ball shots, your flirting time and of course your wardrobe. If you don't wear plaid, you'd best get some, it's all the rage, at least to me that is. I've got plaid for days.

My blog post question for the day is ... what clothing item can't you live without? Uhm, I'm all about the sweaters, I used to refer to myself secretly as the prince of plaid and sweaters.


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