Take Over Control

Being a teenager is all about balancing out your life. College can be more than a handful. Let me tell you this has been one of the hardest weeks I've ever been through in my entire life. Like damn, cut me a break, or lend me some slack or something. It's just been nonstop go, and all out hardcore full force since the week started, and fortunately it's come to a close. Time to let loose, get a whole lot of sloppy and let the weekend take over control. It's Friday snitches, and I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

#YouKnowUrAMessWhen you wake up before your alarm just to silence the annoying thing, and pass out back to sleep, even though you've got a shat ton of work to do. Wednesday morn, Krabby Patty and I say our goodbyes and good luck, not going to lie, I love the dude already like he's always been my hilarious brother, and we both dip out for class. So I'm walking to biology, and there's this stupid left over puddle from a rainstorm and this crazy chick just plows through it, effectively splashing the heck out of me, like a melodramatic episode of Sex and the City or Lindsay Lohan in that ridiculous "Just My Luck" movie. Thank goodness I left for class half an hour early, so I peaced out back to my room and changed, into a different set of plaid and slim jeans. It's the perfect combination to jumpstart my Abercrombie and Fitch modelling career, and this kid's not joking, they need all the diversity they can get. Biology goes, and my professor kind of looks like Dan from Roseanne but with swoopy hair that melds with his beard, but he's nice so I like him. Every class someone new has the pleasure of sitting next to me, this time, playboy Chase's almost roommate, literally cross-country biker (like the whole US of Emerica), Andrew (dubbed by me secretly, Drew-Ski) was the lucky bro. That's a classy kid right there who knows his stuff. There's that #awkwardmomentwhen you pretend to not know someone but you're already facebook friends, yeah that was then, but after exchanging numbers, like some school girls class was over. Off to my honors college class for more talking and philosophical mumbo-jumbo. It's not that I don't like to talk, it's just that my opinion is completely my own, and it takes me a while to gather what I want to say and put it into intellectual terms instead teenage adlibs (I'm 18 sue-me). But in the meantime, I'm always happy to hear Em, Sommer, Selene, Phoebe, Tanya, and actually everyone in that class to talk. Ky-Ky-Kyle the guitar playing philosopher from upstairs always has a fresh idea and whenever Davey or Natty Dan speaks it geeks me out, they've just got a way with words. Back home to grab some grub and pig out (not really, it's called pinky-finger up and proper etiquette as always, you never know when LC as in Lauren Conrad could call to do lunch) and off to chemistry. The class is huge and what not, but I end up sitting next to Jandro. After writing blog ideas, taking some impressive notes, and multiple games of tic-tac-toe, Jandro draws a disgustingly hairy shaft on my notepad, effectively ending the side-games. We zoom back to the dorms after Jandro purchases some frat-cupcakes (laced with a heaping dosage of alchyhol I'm guessing), and plays that Giga-Pudding Youtube Commercial for all to hear in the student center. Major embarrassment, I think yes. I was crunched for time so I went to dinner with the Dean of the "Hawnah's College" (as Big Ben would say) which was an interesting talk. Everybody is pretty chill and it's all pretty solid, but this whole school thing is just nibble away at my free time. I was of course chron-late for UVMtv training, but it's whatevs, I want to be in front of the camera, not behind (Peter Jennings, and George Stephanopolous taught me). Back home to have my daily dance party with Shan-Dawg, seeing the girl and PC brightens up my day exponentially. Then it into the hallway for more collegiate hijinks all leading up to an intense game of pitch black soccer with Petey Pablo, Pheebs, Hannity Insanity, and City Boy Jandro himself. Let's just say, knees were imaginarily dislocated and headbutts were epically failed. Keep it together and don't let it all take over control.

Another long night of knocking out some unnecessary homework and Thursday morning rears it's ugly head. Waking up to the sounds of a dirty rainstorm, like the sky was recently repainted in the colors of despair, depression and failure. But I had tennis class, so I got all athletic and bared the wind and rain to make it to the gym. My serve is getting better people, William's sister watch out, this boy's grunt has got some umph to it. We played this King of the Hill game, which may or may not have been a laugh and a half. You know I was a mess for sure. When Big Evan serves and that ball is flying towards you, I just want to duck for cover. The gang was all there except for Pretty Boy Evan, maybe the dude finally ran out of clothes and stayed home to do laundry? Who knows, but I left the gym looking hungover like I'd just returned from a sloppy seconds hookup on my ridiculous walk of shame back to my dorm room. To the café for some b-fast delightfulness, and guess who's there one of the other girls who always seems to catch my eye. JaMocha Shake might be the ultimate girl, but there's a ton of pretty taquitos here left to be spiced up in the horrible case that friendship doesn't prevail. In a scene out of the Last Song, this defamed lover and his long lost gf literally ran and embraced in a wholehearted makeout session out of nowhere, like WTE is going on right now, did I step onto a Miley Cyrus movie set or what, let it be known it's still totally pouring. Only outside the Marchee would something like this occur. The day passes as I do some homework, actually write the majority of my essay and I get to go to lunch with two kids I'd only "met" via bookface. It was a good time, just meeting with people to add to the mix, I'll say the blind friendship date went well with CP, and K.Rose. Back home to cram before my impeding math class. I get there and it's finally room temperature, after multiple days of tumultuous burning up, like a freaking rotisserie chicken. Then we took our quiz, was I mess, yeah - just a little bit, there's always one question I never study hard enough for, fail. From there it was on to the honors college plenary (definition- a pretentious word for lecture) where this math dude spoke about his work. It was actually pretty interesting, and he had his PhD but literally looked like he was 19, I don't know if math is the fountain of youth or something but he must have discovered the secret to agelessness. From there, back to my dorm room to urinate (public bathrooms are foul as hell, I do what I want) and a return trip to central campus for a pre-med club (the PMC Y'all) meeting. Not going to lie, the club is totally worth it just because the dudes who run it are hilarious, no other reasons necessary. If you can make me laugh, we can be great friends. Crunch time, and tons of stuff starts to pile up, make a schedule and figure out your life. No need to let college take over control.

Living the dorm life is always an adventure. Jandro and I were on our way to get some din-din when we decide to visit the alternate universe known as the northside. Guess who we visited, tall Sam, that's a funny kid right there, Bandana-Nick (the name says it all, awesome as always), and we even peeked into Meredith and Tanya's rooms. It's always a trip to see the other side. To the Marché for some cheese pizza, which I ate with a fork and knife #comeatmebro and back home for more late night ridiculousness. All I wanted to do is get payback on Jandro for all the times he's abused me, so I literally kicked his ass, just a foot to the buttox, but it turns out into a full ninja fight, complete with wallops, striking feet and tons of pain. Soon the Eastside Gang returns and we hang out in the spiral staircase with Double T (Bretton) and Natty Dan adorns us with gifts of chips/salsa, fine chocolates and pistachios. Swedish Fish were tossed to No-Crap Carolyn, Sam I Am, Mabby and Hannity, literally epic. Back to the dorm room to hang out with Jakey Bear, Hazel (Nutella), and Krabby Patty. Remix to Ignition was belted out, hairnets were worn and booties were popped, all in all it was a good time. Pat-Pat passes out and I finish my paper, and the door between the alternate universes is broken and apparently I'm the only one that hears it, so I end up getting out of bed 7 times to open it for stranded souls. Drew-Baby, the chill sophomore from the westside, being one of them- the dude has some stalkers, that's how infamous he is. I finally plug in some tunes and go night-night, another day done. But wait there's more, Friday morning, it's go time, and I'm once again covered in plaid, (my boxers match my shirt, and your's don't, step up your swag) and I'm off to Biology. #TellMeWhy this kid starts coughing hardcore to where he gets up and leaves class and all we hear is dry-heaving and then the sweet splash of vomit. Awkward as hell is an understatement, Thirsty Thursday caught up with him, or else he might have something medically wrong with him (I don't know, but it was just wild) - and it happened twice within our class period. Another rousing round of the Honors College class, it is wrong that it makes me happy to hear those people talk, but I'm always wary of stating my adolescent ideas because everybody else is speaking philosophically, chill with all that. Off to the Davis Student Center to meet up with No-Crap Carolyn, the girl has some Sasha-Fierce boots she be wearing, to get our t-shirts for the PMC. Dear Dyl-Dog, as VP of the PMC, you might be one of my favorite people of all time, that's one classy kid right there. A list of things we could possibly do, and I'm on my way to becoming the new version of him, life goals reached for. Lunch with Hannity, Shan-Dawg and NCC (pronounced NC-squared) chicken curry to boot and some juice mixture, awesome. Home again and I'm here blogging, woah, awkward paradox. Get your life together and stay afloat. I carry and all inclusive list of things to do at all times, without it, I'd be like the mighty Ducks with no coach. No need to let college take over control.

Being a teenager is all about knowing what you're capable of and even surprising yourself. It's been the longest week like ever, but I made it through, and you can too. You just have to stay ahead of the game, follow your game plan like that Dwayne Johnson movie, and know that you've got your friends to get your back. That's just the way it is. Take over control of your own life. Want to know why the title, it's Krabby Patty's song of choice as of now, and I love the kid and it was relevant so boom.

My blog post question for the day is ... how do you keep balance in your life? I write a lot, blogging is kind of like a catharsis of sorts for me. Oh, and daily dance parties do the trick.


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