Making Moves

Being a teenager is all about getting things going. It's about starting something up and making some progress. Our generation has a tendency to take a backseat (no New Boyz, you're not wanted here) to our own lives and wait for things to be handed to us on a silver platter. Sorry to burst your undeservedly privileged bubble, but it's to go to work and go after what you want (Cat Daddy - call me Spongebob). Have some ambition and take the initiative, make moves.

College is one of your best opportunities whatever you want. The only person stopping you from doing something completely amazing. There's so much you can do, so many people you can get to know and places to go. What's stopping you from putting yourself out there and going after what (or who you want)? What do you have to lose (well other than your dignity and your reputation, awkward)? Think about all the emails we get on a daily basis from anyone and everyone has something to share. Job listings, internships looking for applicants, studies needing participants, free events and all the presentations, guest lectures and performances in between. Why not actually read some damn emails (and respond if necessary) and go to something you're interested in. It's internship time as well, try or or even better yet check out your on campus career services offices. They'll set you up for success. Time to be proactive and get your life in order. No more sitting on your arse pretending to be oblivious to all the amazingly relevant things going on around you. The amount of apathy and privilege people are unaware of is crazy. Nobody wants to do anything except for do the big 3, drugs, sex, and alcohol. You would hope that your college experience would be more than that. You pay way too much to go here to just party, sober up and repeat. You've had doors opened for you you're entire life and had it easy as compared to people around the world who even struggle for the basic necessities of life. Don't forget you're lucky to go here, not obligated. Same goes for your relationships and friendships. Push yourself to talk to strangers, sit next to someone new in class and introduce yourself. You'll never know who you'll end finding a connection to. Approach that campus cutie and do the most, you're more than capable of doing so. You'll stay #foreversingle if you never try. Think of your campus like the bachelor or bachelorette (BTW, not a fan of the lack of diversity in casting). It just takes some gumption and bold to make moves.
*Check my V-Day surprise video of Call Me Maybe below

Y'all know this week has been a colossal mess for me and of course the stories continue. Thursday stressed me the hell out. I was decked out in my "Keep Calm and Carry On" shirt and suspenders for Valentine's day and somehow made it through my three back to back classes. I was struggling hard, I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I finished both biology classes (BTW, my professor used the nonexistent word "irregardless" in a sentence) and powered through my religion class where we talked Bob Dylan (who was definitely feigning his "no meaning" act; nobody can lie for so long and so thoroughly). I grabbed the boxes of cupcakes for RHA tabling and met up with Sam, Bret, Lauren and Anna to pass out condoms and baked goods. Oh we were so awkward but that's us, putting ourselves out there and trying hard to show who we are. After a couple hours of shouting at random students, it was studio time to prepare for my show's "Dating Game" episode. I helped my friend, Hailey, make an epic poster in the SGA office and we talked about that state of the studio - #saveUVMTv. Over to Brennan's where a crowd was gathering to watch us let people choose some contestants for some free ice cream. Let me just say I love all my castmates, freaking hilariously awesome people (Hailey, Jack, Sarah, Abby, Molly, Erik and Mike). The show was well attended and audience participation was epic. I took some time during a break to read a poem for my girl, Feresha and brought her flowers, chocolate and a teddy bear to ask her out on a date (in the most public way possible, because I'm like the most romantic teenage boy of all time - I've had 19.5 years and hours of rom-coms to get it right). She's beautiful, hilarious, and has a kind heart - why wouldn't I get over my fears and go for it? Things went well, and I'll keep you in the loop about my relationship status and me making moves. Thursday night meant looking up spring break tickets (Ohio bound to real civilization) and reading for genetics. Friday morning was a huge mess with me making a resume for a potential interview before class. I zoomed through political science and I stopped by the DC (student center) to meet up with the Jack Wills on campus representatives who were visiting, Olivia and Will. Super friendly Brits, so excited for them to get their brand out there - literally started the fashion trend on campus last year (trendsetting). To the library to do home with my favorite bio buddy, Taylor. That's a classy kid if I've met one, we drudged through our genetics homework and  judged our bro, Dzenan who finally joined us. We parted ways after a couple hours and it was lunch with Sam, and the power team of Sam and Connor from SGA. Making moves before our terms end - you can count on that. Good solid talk and it was Friday afternoon TV time for me. Knocked out episodes of the flawless Carrie Diaries, 90210 (love the emphasis on continuity this season), Vampire Diaries (no but seriously, what the hell did I just watch #mindblown - spoiler alert - is Jeremy dead?), and Pretty Little Liars (Spencer and Andrew, ship that soo damn hard; Wes and Aria too - oh and the elevator crash with Jason = crazy - and he disappeared from the hospital). Finished my day with dinner and applying for summer work - look at me being "normal," and making moves
Chloe Bridges
Being a teenager is all about doing something. I mean actually getting out there and pushing yourself. This is coming from the king of playing it safe. I take risks that are unique to me and that mean a lot. It's up to you challenge yourself by choice you. You have to want to shake things up, and bring a new dynamic. Make moves or kick rocks.
Love sucks from 90210The Empire State Building for last night’s Valentine Day observance. It took me awhile to recognize what neon pink stood for but they should definitely do it more often.
My blog post question for the day is ... if you could make moves anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? Probably New Zealand, seems like a truly amazing place, plus it's currently my desktop wallpaper.


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