Being a teenager is all about letting go and moving on. It's so important to think and sit on your decisions and then to follow through and stick with them. You have to bring yourself to a consensus and then let it sit well with you. Let the truth be told and let it be the irrefutable facts of the matter. These are my confessions.

Confessions - just using that word makes me immediately think of Usher in his old prime or when people admit their wrong-doings to a priest (as in Annie on 9O21O when she deflowered a celibate priest to be). This week for me was all about speaking the truth and having it be heard. There's this concept as a guy to be his manly type of alpha male like all the time (Like Derek on Teen Wolf or Oliver on Arrow) like Henry Cavill in immortals - kicking arse and taking names. But when you're none of those, you don't enjoy violence, obsess about cars and express your "feelings" you're seen as unmanly. To be frank, I think that's absolutely garbage. It's preventing half of the country's population from being a fully involved person. People, guys especially, stifle their emotions and pretend that they don't exist. It's a honest to goodness tracer sty, we have an entire population that's incapable of communicating effectively or address head on without it leading to an altercation. Like what is this "Never Back Down"? That can't be real. It may be uncool or not conducive to gender stereotypes but there comes a time in your life where you come into your own and do you. Confession time, say what you mean and mean and mean what you say. Confess when you feel hurt and don't let it fester. Forgive, but never forget. No one is completely apathetic, our emotions are what make us human. Let those hard conversations happen, because they have to. Let the confessions happens.
I haven’t seen this picture yet. WHAT IS THIS CONSPIRACY?!?!?!?I can’t even…
When you look at your week in review it's crazy to actually contemplate all the things you go through. I'm happy to say all is well and those difficult conversations have been had and the hatchet has been buried - like deep. Which brings me back to my weekend. Friday evening y'all know I spent watching TV and contently being antisocial. 8pm  rolled around and I went to office to pick up some supplies before I walked over to my fraternity brother, Rob's apartment. We made our way slowly but surely to the Davis center where I literally held the top of the slow cooker down as hard I possibly could. It was hot as hell and bumpy as eff but we made it without casualties. We set up our table for the chili cook off with the beach  theme and soon the event got going. I was doing the most (as always), and served our Greek life famous chili. It was a great time just interacting with new people and hanging out with my brothers, Connor, Jake, Dom, Zach, Derrick, Joe, Dan and Bryce. Everyone was impressed with our special concoction and we ended up coming in first place out of all the fraternities. Made some brand new connections and met a few new people like a chill first year, Mason. I was just beaming with happiness at our homemade win. Saturday was me dressed in business casual attire interviewing candidates to appoint as the next student trustee on the board of trustees. Oh you know just 9am to about 4pm getting to know people, forming opinions and voting. It was a great learning experience that's for sure, and it's something I'll never forget (or ever be able to talk about - #solemnlysworn to secrecy). When the night came it was hang out/homework time with Sam, Dzenan, Jimmy, and Joel. Chicken wings and confessional talks. Sunday came I spent my morning in a hilarious ,episode planning meeting with my castmates from my pop culture TV show "Dirty Pop." I miss those people,  Mike, Hailey, Jack, Sarah, and Molly (we were missing a few) - it made my morning. The afternoon came the real confessional heart to heart with my buddy Jimmy. We patched things up and came to a mutual understanding. Thank goodness, I'm not about that dramatic life (lies I tell you). Evening came and it was Superbowl time. Sam and I party hopped from athletic campus, to my fraternity gathering, on to central campus to see what the haps were. Back to my Phi Mu Delta bros to watch the majority of the game. The little fights and the shoving after plays was really off putting - like I expected a Ron Artest Metta WorldPeace all out brawl. Eject those people - how did they all get away with blatant fighting, one dude accidentally pushed a ref hardcore - like yo, that ish be cray. Then came halftime and all hell broke loose when Beyonce took to the stage and ran the world. Her performance was flawless, fierce and energetic. She went hard as heck dancing and doing the most. Destiny's Child even made an appearance, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams (who's mics were definitely not as loud as Queen B's). It was amazing and the lights and special effects made it a masterpiece. Then there was that crazy return by Jacoby (powered by Beyonce inadvertently) and then the power went out for our half an hour. That was absolutely crazy - somebody had better confess to sabotage. It changed the game dramatically. I went back to back to the Heights to finish the game and help clean up the remnants of a hall council party with my good buddy baby-Sam. And now I'm here typing this, so it's kind of weird. Let me stop - these are my confessions.
Destiny’s Child reunion at the Superbowl!
My Middle School Self and I are very happy right now. :)
Being a teenager is all about speaking your own inner truth. Nobody knows you like you know you. At some point in time you have to get it together and to come to a definite conclusion. You have to let it stew and simmer before you serve up the absolute truth with heat and ferocity. Confessions, here they come.
This is the closest I will ever get to a kiss in the rainHahaha oh how funny
My blog post question for the day is ... when was the last time you made an anonymous confession? Uhm, the interwebs are exactly the place for that. One good thread and you just have your digital catharsis


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