Playing Pretend

Being a teenager is all about getting comfortable and feeling right at home. College is a weird place because it keeps you on your toes but then also expects you to be okay with where you are even through you're being thrown into a new situation every single day. Have you ever noticed walking around campus during a change of classes that there are sooo many people that you don't know (well unless you're me and like no one everyone - JK but not really). If you stop and think about it, it's scary. You're surrounded by all these strangers and you're just supposed to pretend it's normal. There's a time and place to play pretend.

So, here's another lazy Sunday vlog. Enjoy it all you can. Sometimes I just like to hear myself speak with my scratchy voice, I like to think it's super endearing and partially attractive as hell. Either way, watch the video to get your advice for this post. Sometimes it's importnat to pretend and other times it's highly detrimental. Learn the difference and play pretend wisely.
This past weekend was a medium speed one. After a crazy week where I ended up just passing out from shear tiredness I ended up on Saturday just recovering from all that pushing myself to hard. I know I pretend that I'm okay, that I can do everything I do, but at some point I have to be real with myself and realize I'm only one person who cna only do so much. I don't have to do it all. Sometimes things won't get done, and it's not always my responsibility to appease other people or be the efficiency police. Honestly, it gets tiring as hell and I feel like I can't do it. I spent Saturday doing homework and then at night got a haircut from barber Jimmy (pretty good if I do say so myself), and it was off to my buddy, Dzenan's house. We met his parents who were so generous and super nice. We ate until our stomachs couldn't take anymore. We watched I Love You Man which wasn't a bad movie at all except for it could have been shorter and the pacing was a little off. Other than that Paul Rudd bra-vo (we'll never forget your Clueless days). We played video games like COD and SSX and then watched YouTube videos and just hung out. It was really relaxed and exactly what I needed. It was awesome to get off of campus and get some perspective. It was cool to just chill and kick it old school like high school style (damn, 2 years out and it seems like it was so long ago). We made it back to campus where I watched the first episode of the CW's "Cult" which freaked me out so bad, and now I've added another show to keep up with (why do I do this to myself). Sunday was spent working on my bioethics report on stem cell research (uhm, no thanks). I got through the day and got some work done (or at least I pretended to) and it was on to my UVMtv meeting where we had officer elections. Last but not least was my fraternity's chapter meeting where we welcome a new brother, Christian to our group. So happy to have him, what an awesome dude. He's subtly hilarious and totally down to Earth and really personable, open and honest (things I can definitely appreciate). Now it's back to the real world and pretending that I'm not an overworked mess. Total (notice my blazer) was me doing the utmost catching multiple busses and making my way around campus helping other people and doing meetings instead of doing my own work. I was just waiting for a bus and I just all of  a sudden said outloud, "I want to go home." That was it. I'm done and so ready for spring break. No more playing pretend.
Cult Screencaps?
We are considering screencapping the new CW Series “Cult” in 1080p Logoless. Just checking to see if there is any interest in caps for this show?
Being a teenager is all about getting real and knowing the time and the place. It's a struggle to know what's real and what's not anymore. When you lie enough, those lies become the truth. We not only let the world shape us, but we also can shape the world. At some point the difference between the world and ourselves is not as easy to see and that's when we're playing pretend. Call it like you see it, and speak the truth. Play pretend as you see fit.
SSX demo available to download this week 
Electronic Arts has announced that a playable demo of SSX will hit Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network on February 21.
Pre-order SSX
My blog post question for the day is ... if you could be anyone else in the idle who would it be and why? I would be either Finn Harries or Armie Hammer. Because they're awesome and kind of quirky funny in a celebrity sort of way.


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