Crush Mode

Being a teenager is all about figuring out your love life. First of all, what does that mean. If you were to ask me about mine, I'd say it's drier than the Gobi desert as the moment, but look of the horizon I see a thirt-quenching spring - oh frack, it's a mirage (please don't think I'm crazy). But actually, it's about making connections and finding people you want to know on the most personal of levels. It's more than just an attraction, it's taking it a step further. We're about to enter into crush mode.

Crushes - it might be weird that I use the term, but I gives none so get over it and let's move on. No one can deny the initial thing that catches someone's attention is physical attraction. I mean if you're going to go anywhere you'd better get with somebody you get all this feels, that make you hhnnnnnngggg, and belt out a low, deep, not-so-platonic woof. Yes, people can be attractive in other ways, but for all the intimate parts of this whole love connection business you've got to find yourself a beauty or a stud. Now, once you've established that someone gets you a little hot and dangerous, makes you wanna get sleazy and do the Birthday Cake twerk team all over them (please relish in all that imagery), you're ready to do the most and put yourself out there. It's scary as hell - like I'm talking Final Destination crazy. Nobody wants to put themselves out there, and be rejected. We're all afraid of being shut down or brushed off. How do you know if someone you like, like likes you back? What's the protocol, the procedure, the precedent? No one knows and we all just kind of go with the flow. But you have to take that risk, that leap of faith, and be bold. Someone has to do it. If you never try, you'll never know, and you'll always wonder about what could have been. Just be yourself, honestly that's all anyone can ask of you, and that's what you can ask yourself to do as well. Lay it all out on the table and ask someone out, the worst they could say is no - even then, at least you know where you stand with them. Girls, this applies to you to. I don't know about other guys, but forward girls might be the most empowering and honestly, most attractive thing. Court me, chase me down, and make me yours - if you're willing to work to get with all of this (*points to self), then you're more than worth it. You're capable of iniating a relationship just as much as any guy. No matter your sexual orientation, you just have to have some courage, push yourself, and do you. You're stronger than you think, and more than prepared to take that next step. Leave crush mode and get yourself some. No more of this #foreversingle, #teamnolove nonsense - time to join team taken. It's also worth saying that crushes have to be put into context, yeah, someone might be hot as hell, like dang girl why aren't we betrothed yet, but you need to figure them out and find the substance. People are more than just looks. You have to be able to connect to them, relate, and see how your personalities mesh. Me, my standards are high as heck - I need a funny girl, driven, compassionate, smart, well dressed and composed to have on my lonely arm. You can compromise in all other aspects of your life, but love is the one thing that you cannot be complacent with. Never settle, don't give up, and keep searching - you'll find your true love someday.

This has definitely been the week of love, crushes, and all that jazz. Let me take you back to Monday where this crazy (no Carly Rae, no) nonsense began. I sped through the day a sleepy mess like that depressing Winnie the Pooh donkey. From political science to office hours, a little break and back to my two on one meeting. The day just kept moving on and there was now way I was catching up. I went to my RHA exec board meeting where all of us were juts a hilarious discombobulated compilation of epic proportions. Back to my room where I ended up doing religion homework and sending emails until 3am, because oh that's just my life. Apparently, I'm a freaking robot. Tuesday was my nonstop day and somehow I made it through. I realized just how much my `life was a mess when I had iced tea and skittles as my breakfast and lunch - eff triple back to back ... to back class (ain't nobody got time for that). It was off to lab where were playing with cells and I made a new friend - a quirky quiet one #foreversocial. Somehow it took the full time and I was almost late my genetics recitation where everybody was a complete disaster especially with this ridiculous riff raff question with astronomical irrelevance. Straight to the hall council in-service where everyone did the true colors exercise (I'm a true blue - look at my life) and ended up cheering in front of everyone for the love of my job. Honestly, putting myself out there like that is absolutely terrifying but then again I love it anyways (it's just like starting a relationship). Somehow I ended up up late again but I spent my night with my friend, Deniz, and we grundled (verb. meaning to scarf food down at the Harris/Millis undercarriage of a dining hall). It was Mardi Gras, and that place was majoring in ratchetology for the night. She's not only one of the RA's in my building but one of the coolest people on campus. She knows what's up and is always down to listen, and while smile at you even on the go. We were just talking and it was refreshing to just chill out and relax a bit. I studied for my political science exam and hit the hay at 3am. Wednesday came around and I knocked out my exam right quick before grabbing breakfast and then catching the bus for my morning adventure. I took a trip to Trinity campus for Valentine's Day flowers and was doing the most. I hit up office hours and was overacheiving with all the stuff I got done. I made my way around campus stopped by the studio to say hey to Mike, saw my fraternity brothers being super gentleman (that's Phi Mu Delta for ya) holding doors for everyone, and talked to my favorite grad student (other than Drake) Lane about our video game addictions. Soon it was time for my Greek Leadership class where we tackled risk management in a real blunt way (finally - like damn). Then it was another RHA general body meeting for the ages laced with too many jokes and a whole lot of quirky fun. I literally love those people, wholeheartedly - they make my week. Now I'm here, and in full on crush mode - tomorrow's the big day, stay tuned for more!

Jack & Finn in Africa
Being a teenager is all about getting into the love game. The world is not going to wait for you to catch up. You've got to get with it and join the lovers club. Put yourself out there, muster up the courage and dive in head first. Have romantic comedies taught you nothing? The starcrossed lovers who are oblivious to each others' existence, even though they are perfectly made for one another. Get it together and go for it. Crush mode activated.
Photographer: Jeff BerlinActress: Chloe Bridges“The Carrie Diaries”
My blog post question for the day is ... if you could date anyone in the world who would it be and why? That's kind of a weird one, I have my celebrity crushes Keke Palmer, Chloe Bridges, Charlotte Arnold, Samantha Boscarino. If I could be anyone else I'd be Finn Harries now, and then Armie Hammer later in life.


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