It's All Fun and Games

Being a teenager is all about taking a break. It's about maxing, relaxing and coolin'. It's about giving yourself time to just hang out and vegetate. Doing nothing and being content with it, every once in a while. It's normal and completely necessary. Living this college life gets to be overwhelming and sometimes you need a break. Call your friends, get silly and do it your way (but don't get crazy). It's all fun and games ...

You probably know how I feel about hanging out during the middle of the week ... things that never happen. If you're not in my schedule, on the agenda or in the docket then you're barking up the wrong tree, ain't nobody (aka me) got time for that spontaneous fun crap. But actually though I've somehow become the perpetually busy kid who doesn't have time for fun. I've like aged a whole decade in the past 5 months, they call they presidential syndrome. Look at president Obama from the beginning of his term until now (and yes I'm comparing myself to the political prince himself) - gray hairs and stress lines galore. While I'm still looking younger as heck my demeanor as an entire person has completely changed. It's crazy, it's not even like I'm not even the same person. The only thing I wish I had more time for has been friends and myself. It's a sacrifice that I didn't have to make, and I'm yet to strike the balance between school, friends, work, and personal time. Right now, there's almost no such thing as me time and I love me, so things need to change. This week was the start of that. I threw my rules about goofing off during the week and socializing randomly and just went with it and I made it out alive, better than that - refreshed and vivacious like a newborn baby. All it took was throwing some caution to the wind and then allowing myself to have fun. The hard part is not just getting me to events or hang out sessions (please notice the work session, I even plan out what time and place I will be "hanging out") it's also getting me to let loose, smile, and stop thinking about all the things I should  be doing. It's so important to live in the moment and to just go with what's going on. Put your cell phone down, stop responding to emails and pay attention to the people around you for a bit. Things can wait. Make sure you're present and active in whatever activity you're participating in. Whether it's a movie, bowling, video games, eating, going to the mall or just playing board games, hone in on what you're up to and interact. Bring yourself back to life and be a little irresponsible. Make memories, laugh wholeheartedly, and bro the heck out. It's all fun and games for once, make the most of it while you can.
If I tell you about all the things I did during the school week - yes, notice the emphasis for good reason, you wouldn't believe it. Me, yeah me, you're pretend practically perfect overachieving goodie two-shoes move making campus socialite kinda sorta broke the mold this week and went "wild." It's funny because now that I think about it I actually just did something super Joe-like and spread myself thinner than a communion wafer with all these relaxing events. So this week was my fraternity's (Phi Mu Delta) big recruitment week push which meant we had events all week to mix and mingle with new guys (don't judge us). Monday was a blessing in discuss with President's day, I spent my whole day studying for my genetics exam and hunkering down in my room. 7pm came around and I was not feeling heading to Pizza Putt (so like Vermont's version of ChuckieCheese's only more ratchet). Zach texted me and I was like, you know what - why not, let's do it. I met up with my brothers, Jake, Dom, Bela, Bryce, and our guest CJ, and off we went. It was all you can eat pizza and they kept them coming. Paper plates and plastic cutlery - there was me cutting and swallowing with the foulest face of all time. Dom, Bela and Jake were going so hard just putting it all away. Zach, CJ, Bryce and I were not having all of that. We decided against playing games and dashed for the car as the sketchiness of the pizza threatened to catch up with our asses ... literally. It's all fun and games until you're shooting toilet rockets. Funniest car ride ever and my week had begun.

Tuesday was exam day and of course I fell asleep in my subsequent classes. No lab this week but I still had genetics recitation late night. We finished early and stopped into PMD's movie night with a screening of Skyfall - Daniel Craig and Judi Dench being British and intense as hell. Connor, Jake, Zach, and CJ were there as I munched on a whole bowl of coleslaw before heading back to my world of meetings and homework. Wednesday was class and office hours where I hung up posters all around campus, exhanged pleasantries with campus stakeholders, and went through my fraternity and sorority leadership class which got real, real fast (thank goodness, that's all I want and need). Another RHA meeting under my belt and I stopped by video game night with the boys, Derrick, Dom, Jake, Andreas, Connor and Dan. Halo Reach it was - energy swords and grunting - bro-stuff. 10pm struck and I bolted back to my room to get dressed in ridiculous clothing to meet up with Sam, Dzenan and Taylor for my school's Harlem Shake video - here it is, look for me UVM Harlem Shake (I'll talk about the nonsense that is that internet fad another time #whitepeopleprobs). It was definitely a weird night for sure. Thursday was more of the same, class, sleepy time, public snapchatting and then I got ready for my RHA program "Roommate Trivia." Just canvased campus talking to random strangers and pushing myself harder than even before. It was a big success and everyone had a great time. I had help from my reps, Jaime, Tori, Carrie, Ivy, Brendan, Taylor (+Joe), and Felicia (who stole the show, of course). Duties done and I changed into some relaxed clothes (like a freaking adult after a long day of work) and went to get my bowl on. I met up with CJ at the Davis Center and determined he might be one of my new favorite people, that's one classy kid. The fraternal convoy was off and we went to Spare Time for galatic bowling and more all you can eat pizza. It was Jake, new Jake, Derrick, Dom, Zach, other Joe, Travis, Stan, Christian and everyone's favorite character, Tanner. We did the wobble on the lanes, cheered, yelled and roared with laughter. It was hands down one of the best nights I've had in college. It was absolutely awesome and I had a great time. It's nights like those that remind me why I love my fraternity, how genuinely down to Earth, hilarious and quirky all my brothers are. This week has shown me how much I've been missing out on like the Nanny Diaries and I'm that spoiled rich kid who never has been normal except I'm not rich (...) just a workaholic. It's all fun and games, if you let yourself take part in them. Friday meant class, homework time with Tay and Dzenan in the library, then business style lunch with Sam, Connor from SGA (student government association aka my unofficial arch nemesis who's uncannily similar to me, like for real though) and some guests from a different school. I passed out fully clothed, shoes and all for two hours and that's when it all caught up to me. I was spent, I'd done way too much this week and realized I'd had too much of this good thing. Last thing was an RHA outting to another bowling alley which was an adventure and a half, Taylor (+Joe), Tori, Steph, Anna, Bret, Brendan, Sam and I went on a trip to bowl, eat and relax. So cool to see everyone outside of our RHA meetings. Antics ensue and week is done. Stay tuned!

Being a teenager is all about having fun from time to time. The story of my sophomore year has definitely been about growing up (too fast ... again) and drama. These times when I get to chillax and not be super serious are always what I need. It's crazy how one night off of being mister ubiquitous and constantly doing the most can save your from the brink of insanity. Take a break and just do nothing or do something completely not serious, end of story, badabing-badaboom, point blank (Alex Rider we miss your teen super spy ways). It's all fun and games.

My blog post question for the day is ... how do you take a break from school? Usually I sit alone in my room watching endless hours of television (I realized I watch like every CW show out there, Carrie Diaries, 90210, Cult, Arrow, and Vampire Diaries) - not ashamed of it at all.


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