Strobe Lights

Being a teenager is all about getting into what you you're doing. You should have passion and have fun wherever you are. It doesn't matter how trivial, or mundane something seems - there's significance if you're willing to look for it. Dig down deep, I'm a strong believer that nothing is pointless. Everything has a meaning and maybe everything happens for a reason (not the time or place to discuss my predestination). Life flashes in and out and passes you by, just try and keep up with the strobe light.

Flashing, blinding, mind-numbing madness .. all words to describe the college experience. I can't believe my college saga is already 3/8 done, like I'm almost at the halfway mark. Would I say I'm pleased with what I've done so far - maybe (my standards for my life are unbelievable high and nearly unattainable), probably because I never could have imagined I'd be spending my time the way I do or knowing who I know now. I had a different picture and lifestyle in mind when I came to college. One thing I will urge you all to do is take like 5-10 minutes and write down your goals, ones that are actually feasible and can be checked off with tangible completion waypoints. What do you want to get out the rest of your college experience? What do you want to achieve? Seriously think about it, and then take the time to write some literal steps how you will accomplish those goals. It's up to you to take action and make the moves necessary to progress in your college journey. It's all moving so fast and this crazy ride (not PLL "This Is A dArk Ride" crazy - nothing will ever compare) is showing no signs of ever slowing down any time soon. You'd better buckle up (Vermont says click-it or ticket) and put some sunglasses on before we go hard. The strobe lights go on in 5..4..3..2..1.
i just love him. okay.
Strobe lights might be my favorite part of events, they just change so quick, flash all over, and everything looks like it's going in slow motion. It's like the matrix but in like real life, ya know? This weekend was an adventure for sure, and it moved so fast, but sooo slow at the same time. I spent my Saturday morning doing homework and listening to District3 covers. Noon came around and Sam and I hit the Marché for b-fast before heading to the Davis Center to hold hall council presidential roundtables. Even with the small turnout we made the most of it. Right after that it was RHA constitution revision time. With the help of Drake, and two of our general body members, Tori and Julie, we completely revamped our mess of a governing document ("we the people" ... who live in res halls). Oh you know just 3 hours spent editing, changing and deleting. Finally We finished at 5pm and stopped downstairs at Brennan's for a quick dinner to celebrate a job well done. Back to my room where it was more work. I sent check-in emails to my favorite high school teachers (if you haven't done so in a while, it will literally make their days) and then got ready for the upcoming dance - the fabled winter ball! 9pm and I was finishing up attaching my suspenders and straightening my plaid bowtie before the rest of my exec board (Sam, Eric, Anna, Terra) came up to my room to take pictures, in true prom style. We were working the camera, doing the most, and it was in those moments that I remembered how much I enjoyed my job and these people's company. It's that flicker of time where you take a moment to realize how awesome what you're doing is, or how important it is and it makes a big world of difference (like being aware you're having surgery awake a dream ... lucid dreaming). We tracked through the Marché for snacks and looking absolutely flawless before we braved the snow and cold to catch the bus downtown to the Hilton. We got there, got dance ready, and then proceeded to wait in line for like 15 minutes where we signed waivers. We met up with the old RHA exec board people throughout the night like Liz, Tori and Knight - who it's always good to see. We dropped our stuff and it was time to dance. We went right in and did the utmost. I'm talking, popping, locking, and dropping like and earthquake. It was a mess on that dance floor, figuratively and literally. It was mostly a senior affair so the spilled mixed drinks and beer made the ground sticky and the rowdy twenty-somethings were pushing like a junior high shindig. All in all, it was fun. We took a break from the crowd and just went so hard at the rest tables (because we're shameless) and I was so violated when some random snuck up behind me and full on grabbed my butt. Like, uhm no - personal boundaries. We caught up with another exec board member, Felicia, and the photoshoot continued. We were all over the place having a good time and just living where we were. All of a sudden it was over, and midnight struck. We took a last few pictures and caught the bus back to campus. My night ended with dancing the wobble in Jimmy's girlfriend, Teddy's room with Dzenan, Lila, Xue, Sarah, Anna, Liam, Julia, and Tanner. You never know what'll happen on a Saturday night. Strobe lighted out. Sunday meant church with Sam to visit Learie and watch him sing at his local place of worship. It was a good service, shorter than what I'm used to but the message about generosity was relatable and I was a fan. We took communion and by noon we were stopping at Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast before heading back to campus. I spent the rest of Sunday helping my brother and sister do their homework (this is my life), doing some of my own work, and at hilarious meetings for UVMtv and Phi Mu Delta. Done and done, boom - strobe lights broke.

Being a teenager is all about living in the moment. Taking the time to realize where you are and the significance of what you're doing makes all the difference. It's a big deal and to quote my suitemate, Jimmy, "remember that the moment you're in will only happen then, so be in the moment." It's good sound advice, take it. Give what you're doing meaning and acknowledge that you're participating actively. Life flashes before your eyes whenever you blink, try not to blink too often. Lights down and up - strobe lights.
Candles alone in a ballroom flicker in anticipation
views from the Museum of the City of New York’s Winter Ball
My blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite setting to dance in? I'm all about the club scene with friends - I mean when they're playing good "popular" music and we're all hitting it; that's the best.


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