Dialing It Down

Being a teenager is all about recentering yourself and getting your life back in order. It's so easy to get off the path and stray from the plan in college. You end up spending time or doing something that you hadn't initially intended. Sometimes it's great, but there are instances where deviation can lead to chaos or failure. When you've changed the course you can either right the ship and get back on track or continue until your sea liner crashes. Roll it back and reign it on in, this is dialing it down.

Since I'm super busy like pretending to be a student or something (wait I go to class? It makes me laugh thinking about it because think about the shows like 90210 where they're all underage and drink excessively, PLL they never go to class or Vampire Diaries - who even remembers they're still in high school?) I can't really write you a lengthy post. This YouTube video will have to suffice, enjoy! Comment if you want more vlogs - next time I'll take he time to edit it and have some music #awkward. Whatever, dial it down.

Being a teenager is all about remembering what's important in your life. You have to get your priorities straight and keep them in line. What matters most to you needs to come first and you have to be willing to make it that way. College has a way of through randomness at you, whether you're ready or not. You can get sidetracked so easily, focus and get it back together. Dial it down.
Teen Wolf challenge 
Day 22 - Favourite cast picture. My blog post question for the day is ... what do you do when you're all alone? I just sit with my headphones in and just focus on the music


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