Clock Reset

Being a teenager is all about redos, revamps and do overs. It's about starting over, having another take and trying again. Sometimes, life likes to be interesting and allows you the chance to make up for your mistakes. Not always, and it's definitely a rarity, but you when you're given the opportunity to change something, you'd best take advantage of. This is your clock reset.
Tick Tock.
Do any of you remember that one MTV show "If You Really Knew Me" that showed like those classic "challenge" days at high school, teenagers ugly crying, and big ass secrets coming out. I can't even lie, the premiere episode had me shivering in tears (I'm a cryer, alright - let me bawl in silence). It was just so powerful for people to stop playing games and start getting real (aka the slogan for the Real World - loves me some reality TV). From that moment on, when those kids promised to stop pretending and to actually make an effort to be conscious of people's backgrounds, everything changed. It's like the clock had reset. That's how I've felt this week. It's like the clock on this semester has been restarted and I'm getting back into the game again. This time I'm playing for keeps, and I'm playing for me. This is my time, and it's been long time coming for me to make some moves. My advice for you in this post is to take a second chance, take a second look, and make something happen. You never know what or who you've overlooked, and some things are worth fighting for. Fight for them, and don't let opportunities pass you buy - ain't noody got time for that third time's the charm crap - what I look like a genie? Utilize the resources you have at your disposable and make something happen. The clock on resets once in a blue moon (unless you're the terribly ratchet Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time - yo someone should have told him the Samson look was not making a comeback #biblicaljokes). Do something different, go at a problem a new way, and avoid falling into the same traps. Y'all know Tiger Woods is not busting your ass out a sand trap anytime soon (good gosh, I'm on fire tonight).
And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.
Let me just say that this week has had me drained like nobody's business. I want the clock to rewind and for me to sleep through all of it. Monday I was not having any of it. I was falling asleep all over the place. I kind of scurried through my day and it just happened. Tuesday was again the longest day ever. Just sitting through mutliple classes struggling to carry on. I had a little break and then it was on to my biology lab and then my genetics recitation. Of course, lab took almost the whole time but I did some time to stop for sushi and meet up with my fraternity bros, Zach and Jake before doing the utmost with Dzenan and Taylor in the front row of our little homework group thingy. Straight to hall council where it a collaborative effort and I was the scribe, naturally. Somehow, Wednesday came about and after acing my quiz in my political science class and awkwardly trying to drop subtle hints about forming a study group with the classy kid next to me (homeboy writes in a leather bound portfio - meaning he understands my lifestyle) it was on to office hours. I had my one on one meeting with Drake and we talked about everything and nothing. It was weird because I kind of have my life sorted (Jack and Finn Harries semi-reference). On to DSAC (don't laugh) - it's dining services advisor committee, where apparently my boldness was highly commendable. I don't like people acknowledging my ability to get things done in public, I'd much rather have them compliment my flawless blazer (oh it happened, check the picture proof below). Getting praise is just kind of weird probably because I'm aware I'm doing a good job (why do it any other way, than the best way in the first place). I had a quick lunch with my good buddy, baby-Sam (that's one intellectual kid, always wondering what he's thinking about). Somehow I found time to attend the Brotherhood meeting at the ALANA center (for people of color) and it was a thought provoking conversation for sure there. Good to bond with people who share an experience similar to mine when it comes to living in a predominantly white culture. Last but not least, the weekly RHA meeting - where we discussed school spirit (y'all know UVM is highly lacking). And here I am taking a break from studying an exam to write all this. If only the clock would reset and give me more time.
Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports
Being a teenager is all about dialing it done and rolling it back. It's like when Wal-Mart used to have that smiley face in all its advertisements and it would demolish prices. It's time go back to a simpler time and to try it again. Give someone a second chance, let them have the benefit of the doubt, and more on from there. Second tries give people the ultimatum to try and make good on their word, or right the their past wrongs. Let them have it and let the clock reset.

My blog post question for the day is ... when's a time when you wish you could have a redo? So many times I see people and am too shy to go up to them and say hi, and end up regretting it. I don't know, sometimes I'm just not feeling bold enough to put myself out there.


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