Being a teenager is all about getting yourself ready for summer weather. It's all about suns out guns out, long hair don't care but never ever barefoot covered in soot (I made that one up but still, y'all nasty ass barefeet straight look bareback, put some shoes on ya damn hippie). Get ready to make this summer the best one yet and get yourself sunburn.

*Summer jam song - the Wanted "Walks Like Rihanna" - released June 23rd, promise this one will be an instant hit, get used to it.
summer 2013 hurry upp!
Let me rant about my disdain for the heat, sunshine and all the shenanigans that come with it. Ever since the snow melted and the sun came out, everyone has just gone straight that ish cray on this damn campus. Now it's blazing hot outside (like me breaking a sweat hot) and it's like the sun discriminates against me and attacks. Like go somewhere with that. Everyone lolligags and lays around outdoors (or pretends to study) getting their tan on, with minimal clothing, and a serious lack of sunscreen. People are walking around barefoot (dirt and glass) feeling the grass blades  between their toes (I'm thinking of stains and cuts) and living it up in the heat (odor and wetness). Obviously I'm not an outdoor person but I'm definitely not going to hate on y'all for doing you. Frisbees flying everywhere (all of a sudden everyone plays ultimate *I cannot stand that word), longboards cruising all over the streets and sidewalks, and wannabe hippies making flower headbands and hula hooping (and you brought one of those to college because why?), this campus has never been more lively. I was like, i don't think I've ever seen this many people exist at one time. We've come out of hibernation and it's going down, basement. The most noticeable thing other than the hookah circles and smoke (ratchet ass Bob Marley posers) are the unsightly sunburns. Yo, that's not a summer glow that's a char-grilled lobster fest (all you New Englanders, I've got your number). The red, the peeling, and the unevenness needs to go. I really just worry for people, sunscreen is super important, and if you burn easily, it's up to you to be proactive about it. I'm just saying if you were meant to be darker you would be, be happy with your skin color - you don't see me laying out and roasting like a french fry. I'm not about that life, nor do I have the time or care. Ghostly pale is still a color, get over it, and move on. It's so funny that POCs are persecuted for their skin color and yet tanning - aka trying to look like us (to a certain extent) is praised and sought after ... mmkay we see the logic. Just saying, check yourself before you wreck yourself and your skin tone. Cover up when you need to, and sports some sunglasses. Colorful malibu sunglasses are completely in right now, solid colored t-shirts and preppy fit shorts (bros, take it from an expert) are what's up. Girlies, you're on your own. Sunburnt out.

Let me catch you up on what I've been up to the past couple of days. As you've already heard, I'm not a fan (I need one to be all over from now on) of these hot ass days and cool nights, and the school year is wrapping up. Thursday morning started with me getting real dressed up for the student life awards. I sat with my brothers, Joe, Zach, Dom, and Derrick and of course we were the only fraternity represented (super telling of our community, let's be honest). Somehow we ended up racking up the awards like nobody's business, I got outstanding sophomore, and Dom and our advisor Ben also got awards (they're like kind of a big deal). At the end of it all Phi Mu Delta, yup my fraternity, got the president's award for outstanding organization - to say that we were all shocked would be an understatement. So proud of all my brothers, and glad we had the opportunity to be recognized! After that I did the unthinkable and had a "sun's out, guns out" sesh in my room, alone before getting dressed again for a photoshoot. Apparently, they needed a person of color for the admissions viewbook (yup, I'm going to be that random splash of color on the page when you're looking for colleges) and I shamelessly sold out - I'm way too attractive to not have my picture taken, that'd be an inhumane crime against the people. I headed over to another residence hall and plopped down to knock out a substantial part of religion final project paper with my bros, Connor, Bryce, and Andreas. A few hours went by and I was super productive (or something like that) and I had time season to connect with Andreas and just bro the heck out. We took a trip to the ALANA Student Center for a study break and gorged ourselves on free pizza as we made some new friends. Back to more paper writing and I took another break later on to get random food from the Marché with my surrogate little brother, baby-Sam. Honestly, he's literally become one of my favorite people and I'm so happy I had the chance to know him this year, I have a feeling we'll be in each other's lives for the long haul. We were just talking a mess and that type of conversation came back to my room with Sam, Brendan and Joel all perpetuated the ridiculousness. I finished my paper and studied for political science as I doved off. Friday morning was totally sickening, getting up at 6:30am should be impossible but nope, I did it and proceeded to dominate that exam. Sad to see professor Bryan retiring and I have this regret that I could have actually been friends with some of the cool kids in class instead of being socially awkward. I came back to watch two episodes of Arrow (literally every episode gets better and better and even more perfectly acted, scripted and shot before watching some presentations in my religion class. I turned in the instructor evaluations and made the journey to the religion department before more TV in the afternoon. Vampire Diaries anyone - past two episodes have been crazy dope - Nina Dobrev deserves an award for playing with different characters. I sent a few emails and just relaxed. I also went to see Iron Man 3 with Derrick, Christian, Alton and Connor (amazing movie, and thoroughly enjoy the witty one answers on and the heavy action sequences). I finished my night playing video with the guys from down the hall, Nick, Nik, Matt, and Tyler (and his people, Will and Zach). Tired and overheated, sunburnt.

*Here's some study and spring fashion types for you all learn. First of all, when you're studying, set timers and for the studying intervals bans all electronics, if you finish successfully you can reward yourself with the internet. Secondly, take a break from studying and just relax. Go check the nature and wildflife all around campus, take a walk, ride bike, go hiking, take selfies on the lakefront, or eating and watch TV (my favorite; Netflix does it best). There's tons of things you could be doing, and taking full advantage of the sun. Take this upbeat time to face your fears and talk to some random people and get your friending on (apparently, I've been popular on facebook recently). Whatever you do, just make sure to stay safe and have some fun doing it - sunburn.

Being a teenager is all about making sure you're ready for the end of the school and have got your summer plans on lock. You've got to be down for and willing to roll with the punches as they come. Shed some clothing and get your tan on (carefully) and just do you. It's your summer, make the most of it. Here we go, go get your sunburn.
they walks like Rihanna This #rainbow #icecream needs to exist!!! 🌈🍦
My blog post question for the day is ... what are you most looking to about the summer? Me, I cannot wait to be reunited with my little sister and to go on a couple trips, see my friends by high school and my people at NACURH - Jeff!


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