Being a teenager is all about writing your own epic summer anthem. That's the song that comes on and no matter where you are, you scream uncontrollably, act the fool, and then wild out in the most reckless way possible. My favorite places are at stoplights in the car, all over the house, and by the pool when it's blazing hot. Create your own amazing summer song and the story of this memorable vacation period. Time to get rowdy, get crazy stupid, and live the bummy teenage life to the fullest. This is your anthemology (oh and hell yeah I made that word up ... it's my blog, I do what I want).
Blasting music with the windows rolled down, throwing the Frisbee while running in the grass, and going out for ice cream like every single day of the week is what summer is all about. It's hanging out with your friends, dancing it on out, and playing it all as loud as possible. Time to properly plan out your summer and make sure it goes well. You've got to wing it but have some general idea of what you'll be up to. Are you going to go out and turn it up or turn it out on the weekends? Pick up a new sport, learn how to cook, read a damn book for once (that's one of my personal ones). How about travelling, taking some short or cheap trips (uhm, visiting your friends from college who live out of state) is an awesome way to see your friends and go some place new? There's always amusement park trips (rollercoasters, overpriced food and carnival games) or museums, aquariums, and other sights to see. Can you say roadtrip? Load up your car, get some snacks, and then shut up and drive (*Rihanna voice). Last but not least there's concerts, try and find some affordable tickets to your favorite artists (I want to see Timeflies, Jesse McCartney and Midnight Red in concert - and the Wanted or District3 if they were touring in the states). Check out stubhub or even Ebay and get your rave on. Final thing to complete your summer is your wardrobe, get your bright colors t-shirts, tanks and henleys, prep or classic shorts, and find your summer style. Sunglasses are an absolute must, cheap Rayban style wayfarers in crazy colors do just the trick. Want to look like all of this (*points to self), I frequent A&F (I'm ashamed, kind of but not really) but the real secret is this British clothing brand, Jack Wills. Try Hollister, American Eagle or Forever 21 Men for some cheap but great finds. You're welcome, let your summer anthemology begin!
When you tired of soaking up the sun (uhm ... said no one ever - but for real though) and hanging outside of your house, you're going to want to settle just and just hang out. Y'all know I love to make lists and even more to obsess about music, books, movies but especially TV and the actors/actresses that make it all come to life. Here are my top picks for anytime. Trust the pop culture specialist, I wake up every morning and read celebrity news on TV Guide and hardcore scroll through my twitter timeline for the latest. Check out my top picks in each category.

Top Netflix Picks:
TV: Greek (Witty Dramedy), Continuum (Sci-Fi), Avatar: the Last Airbender  or Justice League: Unlimited (Cartoon), Melissa & Joey (Comedy), Teen Wolf (Teen Angst)
Movies: Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol (Action/Adventure), Clueless (Cult Classic), White Chicks (Comedy), Immortals (Cinematography & Adventure), Any Lifetime Movie (without a gun used) is probably a rom-com

Top Summer TV Shows: (Summer TV is notoriously bad or just all guilty pleasure so get down and dirty and live it up) - Baby Daddy (comedy), Pretty Little Liars (dance), the Goodwin Games (comedy), Teen Wolf (Teen Angst), Royal Pains (best summer show period), Big Brother or the Bachelorette (summer trash at it's finest)
 TJ Miller is back!!Royal Pains castContinuum movie poster (2012) poster MOV_9aa9fd63
Summer Blockbuster Movies: (Stuff I actually want to see in theaters) -  May 31st - Now You See Me (literal movie magic),  June 14th - Man of Steel (Superman 'nough said and on my birthday), July 3rd - the Lone Ranger (more than ready), August 7th - Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (adventure)

*Let me know in the comments what TV shows are your guilty pleasures and what movies you are most excited to see on the silver screen!
 Now You See Me
First official poster for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.
Being a teenager is all about doing your own summer thing. Everyone talks about making the summer the most insane one possible but they never live up anywhere near it. It's time to stop breaking those self promises and get a little messy. Let's get weird. Let's go dumb. Let's do the absolute most. Are you ready to write the best summer song/story of all time. It's up to you to make it happen. This is anthemology.
 Miguel crotch slams fan during his BMA performance.The-Wanted-900-600
My blog post question for the day is ... what's your summer song so far? For me it's probably the Wanted's "Walks Like Rihanna" - it's fun, fresh, and oh so catchy.


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