Being a teenager is all about living the summer life.  School is officially our for everyone and that means staying up late, sleeping in, tons of TV, bonfires, pool parties, bbqs, ice cream runs and everything in between. It's time to get a whole lot of rowdy, do it up big and make a mess out of your neighborhood. We are everywhere and Nowheresville, USA. The housewives are desperate, the kids are privileged and lawns are manicured. Welcome to suburbia *Rihanna disturbia voice. 
Literally being in disturbia can drive you up the wall crazy. Being in the same place, not leaving the house for days on end, and seeing the same people you know you're trying to avoid like every single day just gets to you. There has to be a way to survive this wannabe heaven on Earth, actually it's something more sinister. White picket fences, minivans and lemonade stands - something's got to be wrong here. Behind every family are secrets, little known truths, and random quirks. Nobody's perfect, and when you're in your hometown (unless you live in like a city or something) y'all know the word spreads like wildfire (anyone remember that horse-centric show from ABC Family). There's nothing that your neighbors don't know, and everyone can be all up in your business. I'm like, pause and back it on up. Nobody has time or the energy to deal with all this he said, she said - I "overheard" (as in eavesdropping and peeping tomming) business, calm yourself and stay on your own property. We may share a neighborhood, but I don't know you like that, nor do I have any intention of doing so. My house is just that ... my house (#Iwentthere). But seriously, if you don't want to see certain people (like those outrageous kids you vowed to never see again when you graduated high school or the ex-friends you're shunning) find some new places to hang out. Going to the same joint, frequenting the same ice cream stand, and hitting your neighborhood pool when you're damn well aware that all the groupies will be making an unwelcome appearance, will get you nowhere. Make some moves, and take some initiative. Have your own little get togethers, water wars, lazer tag, trampoline parks - do stuff that's out of the ordinary, and avoid all the awkwardness. Don't let your summer be ruined by being stuck in suburbia.

*So I've been all around the area getting ready for NACURH 2013 at the University of Pittsburgh, but I stopped by my old high school to help my sister finish their yearbook (I've still got it). I saw some more old teachers and ducked my head as students were just doing their usual gape when they saw me. Recently, I've been getting hit on at the store, I went to Dick's Sporting Goods today and the cashier girl (who was cute I'll add) was giving me the up and down, like I'm aware that I'm newly come into my own as "hot" (whatever that means) but fall back and relax a little. I got stared at by a baby (I don't think he'd seen a person of color before - so that was interesting) and hit up Wally-World aka Wal-Mart for travel size stuff (the place will forever be a ratchet madhouse of bargained down prices). My sister and I have been cruisin' around and getting gas station slushies and frozen yogurt like it's our sole purpose in life (as teenagers, it might be). Oh, I've also started watching OWN (Oprah's channel) and the Tyler Perry stuff "the Haves and Have Nots" and "Love Thy Neighbor" (the latter I'm ashamed to even, cheap stereotypical humor). Other than that, my summer comedies came back (Melissa & Joey and Baby Daddy - both worth watching) and once I get back from my trip I'll be in MCAT mode. Suburbia out.
Pool Etiquette:
1) Do not push anyone into the pool! You never know what will happen and who can or cannot swim. You could ruin a weave, cell phones could be in pockets, and it's too much of a risk. Same goes for splashes, cannonballs and all that nonsense. Also, do not flirt with the lifeguard - there's a time and a place, the pool aka their job is neither of those (this is not Baywatch)
2) Sunscreen is essential, not just a suggestion. People walk around with burnt skin looking like a plate fresh off the boat from Red Lobster, get your life. Get your SPF on and do us all favor and protect your skin.
3) Your swimsuit says a lot about you, so choose wisely. Get one that actually fits, nobody wants to see all your business and we're not trying to go skinny dipping. If you've got the body, show it off - but have some shame people, trim, wax, shave - do you.
4) Do not pee or fart in the pool - just don't do it. The myth that everyone does it is a damn lie. That's sick nasty, and we all know those big ole bubbles making weaves and that slight greenish color is you relieving yourself where we all swim; do it before you swim.
 DTNG-Beat It
Being a teenager is all about getting your summer on. It's about being a complete and utter mess of epic teenage proportions. This is supposed to be the time of our lives, we'd better live like it. Even if you're stuck in the suburbs (please get my DCOM reference - Brenda Song and Danielle Panabaker anyone) - you've got to obey some of the rules, but that doesn't have to stop your summer. Summer doesn't have to be about boredom or unnecessary vandalism; meet in the middle and get creative with your summer in suburbia.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite flavor of ice cream, frozen yogurt or sorbet? I'm all the mango anything, but for ice cream I mint chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie-dough.


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