Till Death Do Us Part

Being a teenager is all about being present for the most important moments. I can't stress the necessity of showing your support enough. When people who care about one another come together, anything is possible. Life is so much more fun when you have people to share it with. That's why we're given families, and we make friends, and we search for our spouses. We're not supposed to make this journey all alone, we need people. Once you're connected, joined, bonded, and stuck together - it's till death do us part.
It's been a while since you last heard from me, your favorite teenage blogger but it's been a crazy couple of days. Let me catch you up in the best way I know how - a vlog! Check out the epic weekend that was my brother's wedding celebration. Let me just say that it was an amazing experience and I was so happy and proud to be part of it and to add new people to our family and see my brother happier than ever before. One down, 4 to go for the Oteng clan - till death do us part. 
Being a teenager is all about being there. People truly underestimate the power of presence. You just feel better knowing people are there for you even if you don't need them. Support is what gets us through life. Family, friends and relationships are what hold is down and see us through. We are so very lucky to have people who care about us, love is and put up with all the crap we pull. Marriage, and subsequently familiar bonds (and friendships if you can take them there) are till death do you part, even then that connection doesn't end, you never stop loving the people you spend you entire life with. It's an everlasting love, and unconditional love and a love that keeps us all. 
My blog post question for the day is ... how old do you think you'll be when you get married? I was hoping for mid to late twenty's - I want to be young, spry and fun before settling down. 


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