What a Boy Wants

The 20s are all about never settling for less than you deserve. College is a time when people get out there and hit the dating scene like they've been waiting their entire lives for it. Yeah, the dating pool may be massive and that may mean more people to choose from but that doesn't mean you'll find what you're looking for. Some people come across what they've been searching for, while others are not so lucky. Your day will come, in due time. This is what a boy wants.

Somehow I've come to live by this unspoken ideal man law. It's both a gift and a curse at the same damn time. Let me explain. I'm the guy that everyone loves to really like, cute (not hot), empathetic, compassionate, intelligent, put-together, and funny. I always get you would be the perfect boyfriend, why are you single, or why haven't you been spoken for. My favorite is any girl would be a fool to pass up on you. Well damn, if I'm this big catch then what does no one ever actually express their interest me. It's like the equivalent to being friend-zoned except I'm not friends with anyone I would date (yeah, I'm pretty sure about that one). People like the idea of me or dating me at least. It's picturesque, perfectly cute, and inherently romantically flawless, but in practice it's nonexistent. Before my school's confessions page was shut down (but that page was so ratchet though) there were multiple posts about yours truly being the most understatedly fit (like the British word for having it going on) man on this campus. Well hot shat, miss anonymous if I'm so damn cute then how about you come to talk to me? As an inexperienced newcomer to the dating scene, I'm vaguely aware of the rules of play, but rules were meant to be broken (wait, that's untrue but it's whatevs). What would actually happen if people told their crushes they thought they were cute? What if people verbalized what made them some sort of hot and bothered about another person? What if people were open with their interests? What is the worst that could happen, people get rejected? At least you tried, right? You'll never know if you don't take the risk. What if we stopped playing all these mindless of games, trying to figure out what people are thinking or their next move in this perplexing game for two (or two thousand in your preliminary search). I don't want to play anymore. Why can't I just ask a girl out to get to know her before I decide if I actually want to go out with her. Save us both some time and money. All of our first interactions are purely based on physical attractions anyway right? We have to move past that or we'll legit go nowhere. Why can't a girl ask me out? No I wouldn't feel emasculated, I would feel empowered in that a girl really just shook up gender roles and put the ball in my court (why am I making sports references - Peyton Manning). Girl don't even worry, I'm ready to slam dunk (and by that I mean initiate a proper courting process). Why can't I tell a girl I like her ... well everything and just leave it at that without being seen like my thirst is too real or that I'm hitting on her (pause, and get your life). How do you know that you that you like someone? For me, I'm looking for that one quirk that just gets me right in my chest and makes me feel something. Yes, this girl most likely is well-dressed, kempt, and profoundly eloquent but a wild card that gets my heart pounding is just as likely to get my attention as my typical likes. What a boy wants is just that single "yes" that starts the entire story, where you go from there is up to you.

You want to know what a boy (specifically this boy) wants? I want to be liked. I want to be wanted. I want to be sought after. I want to be chased. I want to be above all else loved. I want a love that takes me over. I want a love that makes me want to wake up in the morning and cherish it endlessly. I want a love that makes me a better person and completes me. I want a love that acknowledges where I've been and is willing to come along to where I'm going. I want a legendary love, one for the history books that reaches beyond the limits of time and space. I want my love to unconditional, unwavering, and unabashed. I want my love to be all of me. This boy wants a girl to make him laugh, like tearing up, rolling on the floor, having trouble breathing laughing. This boy wants to carry on a conversation about our hopes, dreams, wishes, wants, opinions, embarrassing moments, scars and all the rest. This boy wants to care and be cared for in full force with an unbreakable support system and a partner, co-pilot, and ship shape first mate. This boy wants adventure and someone who challenges him to think on his beliefs and journey out of his comfort zone, but respects his limitations. What this boy wants is to never settle, to get what he deserves (what we all deserve), and to pass that feeling on to all those he comes into contact with. What a boy wants is to feel safe, secure, and sure at all times of his love. This is me putting myself out there, and understanding that not everyone finds their epic love but I will try forever.

*So yeah, if that whole like dating, engagement, marriage thing doesn't happen by like 32 - I'm pretty sure I'll adopt kids and be a single father. Yes, I'm just really about that life. We all know I'd legit be the greatest dad of all time. My kids will be the best ever and be quite possibly the coolest ones to ever walk this Earth. Call dibs on godparent status whenever.
The 20s are all about keeping yourself open to new experiences. Our experiences are determined by the attitude we bring to those experiences (somebody famous said something like at that some time). We have to open our hearts and open our sees to see what may  just very well be right in front of us. Love or like can pass you by in the blink of an eye if you're not ready for it. We have to ready and willing at any time. You never know when you'll be visited by what you've been unknowingly chasing (wait this sounds like the second coming of Jesus #rapturelife). Now you know what this boy wants.
My blog post question for the day is ... what are your "deal breakers" in choosing who you pursue? Yeah, I probably have too many - hence why I'm #foreversingle. But like I said before I don't believe in compromising when it comes to love


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