Truth - It is only by looking to the past than we can learn for our futures. Those have changed history had to know what came before them in order to do so. My generation is often criticized for this perpetual bout of nostalgia we seem to be stuck in but in the grand scheme, I think it is a longing for simpler times. It's knowing where you came from and determining where you want to go. Time to take trip back in time - this is history.

"I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past" Thomas Jefferson

*This posts marks the fifth birthday of the start of this blog! Five years, 714 posts, 312,000+ pageviews and thousands of words later, I'm still writing. I still laugh and cringe at my first 6 months of posting when I was a senior in high school. I could easily delete those 200+ posts but I keep them to remind myself of who I used to be, how I have changed, and as a history. I have grown so much, met many a person, and searched the depths of who I am. I am so proud of what I have been able to accomplish with this blog and for continuing to stick with it. Even when I'm busy, or I don't feel like writing anymore, or I have a low day on readership, I remember that is not just my escape but that others get something from all these words as well. I am so humbled by all those who continue to read about my life story, who take what I write to heart, and who engage in this adventure called life with me. Thank you for your time, your effort, and your care. I appreciate you more than you can ever know. Even when I feel alone, I know I am never so because I have a voice, I have a story to tell, and a platform to do so because you recognize that I matter. That's my history - and here's my annual tradition of picking favorite posts.

My Favorites of 2015
December: Stockholm Syndrome
September: Never Let Go  October: Lighthouse
November: Selfie Love Hierarchy December: System Overload

There are always a few posts that don't make the cut but I like to still highlight them here. The only series of posts I wrote this year were about the big finish to my adventure of a college career - One Last Time + It All Ends Here. I cannot believe I graduated but also it seems like so long ago now. How much time can pass in just a few short months. Next there is my ongoing posts on social justice and race/racism: Half-Assed Allies Wanted + Diet Racism + Black Kryptonite + Black Renegade + Allegiance + Minority Report + Black Market + Big Black .... Now more than ever it is apparent what I am passionate about. and this was a theme throughout the year for me. Finding my voice, and finding my place - those are some of my best posts because I'm usually fired up and just hammering away at my keyboard or dictating on my phone. Read them, share them, and think about them because those are definitely a big part of my story this year.

This year found me writing for different audiences, speaking on events big and seemingly small, as well as doing even more reflection. There is a definitive shift away from the relfection and storytelling of the past to more introspection and takeaways from thoughts. Like every year, I am not the same person I started the year off as. I will always think that is a good thing. Change is part is of recognizing our history and progressing from it. I hope you continue to join me in my life journey and my recounting of its story here. Check out my social media: @drjotengii on twitter, instagram, vine, and pinterest for even more of my life. Look out for big things in the future - it might be time to expand! X


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