Idle Minds

Being a teenager is all about figuring out what to do with yourself. Winter break has officially begun and if you're like me, you must have a huge chunk of time on your hands. What are you going to do to fill up all those days. Home gets old and boring real fast (trust me) - you've got to keep it fresh and liven the place up if your going to make it to the start of spring semester. Idle minds lead to just that, nothing (or sometimes stupidity).
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One of the many things I can't come to comprehend with the world is why people use boredom as a way to justify themselves acting out. Teenage boys will run around saying "oh I was bored" after they vandalize something or end in up in a hospital or jail. Really? Cause when I'm bored I watch TV and stare in the fridge for no reason. That's what normal people do when they're bored. That's an unacceptable excuse for nonsense. People need to get their lives together and either do something productive or don't do anything at all. Boredom is not a get out of jail free pass in the game of monopoly called life. That's the ish I don't like. You don't wreck things just because you can, that's like not a thing. Wrap it up, lock it down and check yourself - idle minds have a tendency to run wild.
If you're having trouble coming up with things to do over this winter vacation, don't worry - I've got your back. First and foremost, hang out with your family. Seriously, have you actually ever had a real conversation with your parents, if yours are anything like mine (doubt it - mine are flawless, JK but actually though) then they've got a lot to say if you're willing to listen. We're grown up enough to interact with them properly and share our opinions and have mom and dad listen to them. Strike up conversations on controversial stuff, something you care about, your future or hell even the good old days of their youth. Talking to your parents let's you see how much they really do care about you (it's tear inducing stuff). Catch up with your siblings, who else better to dish on your life with? Then it's time to branch out. Call up your friends and have a get together. The thing about having everyone over is that people always try and make it like high school - let it be known that we're out of high school, this is us now. Let's live in the moment not the past. It's super annoying to spend your time recounting high school memories or stories about people from colleges you don't know. Keep it simple and keep it lively until you're bak in the swing of things. I suggest going out to eat, going bowling, hitting the mall, laser tag, go-karting, aquarium/museum, sports event etc. Anything that can get you all to speak freely again is worth it. If you're trying to stay at home, they're a lot to be done. Watch some TV or movies on Netflix or online. There's so much to choose from. I recently have been watching Power Rangers SPD, the Deep End (again), and unfortunately Mirror, Mirror (Lily Collins is oomph - girl could get it; Armie Hammer #classicceleb). Try 9O21O, the Vampire Diaries, Greek (highly recommend it), Slide, Blue Mountain Sate. YouTube Videos - Sh*t Miami Girls and Guys Say had me weak, Tom Daley's diaries are interesting, Jack and Finn Harries are amazing, Oli White, Marcus Butler, ItsKingsley's overexposed countdown is too much to handle. MadTV Vancome Lady, Ka-Son or Bunifa skits are hilarious. Next hit up the video games, Halo 4, Borderlands 2, Just Dance 4 - there's got to be something for you to play. Buy Roller Coaster Tycoon online or Age of Empires III (well worth it)  or look up bloopers from your favorite show, so geekable. Spend hours building amusement parks and demolishing civilizations. If you're looking for a hobby, try photography (no instagram filters necessary), painting, pottery, or cooking (must do). Head to the library and check out some books - read for fun for once (I need to; Hardy Boys and Alex Rider here I come). Make sure to do something, sleeping and eating can only sustain you so long. Idle minds may be up to no good.
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Monday had me laying around all day just watching tons of TV and hanging out. I had no problem with it either. You've got to take time for yourself every once in a while and just relax. Become a social media socialite (redundant much?) like me. Updating my facebook, tweeting like crazy, instagramming sparingly, and snapchatting like it's my day job. Nobody can touch my social media empire - I'm the king of internet uselessness. Tuesday for me meant getting dressed and heading to Jimmy John's to pick up lunch for my sister, Bianca. I pulled into my former and her current high school (Kings High School #woof) and all the memories came back. I signed in as a visit (which was weird) in the office and went to deliver her food. I helped her out with her yearbook spread (it's our lives #dealwithit) and caught up with some of my favorite teachers. Mrs. Shields, Mrs. Contratto (student government/prom committee & forensics/chem teacher), and Mrs. Wheeler (journalism - where this whole writing thing started). It was so good to see all of them - it's so weird to think that just as I have moved on from high school, they have new students to teach. I stopped by the cafeteria to say hey to my favorite administrator, Mr. Burnside - plain & simple a nice guy. I've kept up with his blog on his adoption of a daughter from Russia (because of my interest in the whole social work, foster homes & orphanages thing) and his story has been truly inspiring. I dipped out of there ASAP and it was back home to watch more of the Deep End (so bitter ABC cancelled it after 6 episodes; Ben Lawson was loveably lawery & the dialogue was witty, it's like Suits before Suits was a thing). My friend Gabby from the next neighborhood over and her roommate from college, Jennie, came over and we spent time figuring out ways to occupy ourselves. We rented "That's My Boy" from a Redbox and watched it. Movie was super vulgar and crude, but Adam Sandler & Andy Samberg delivered. It was over the top and outrageous, but it worked. But *spoiler alert - the incest thing with Milo Ventimiglia & Leighton Meester was just absolutely out of control wrong; put a sour taste in my mouth weird. The rest of the raunchy nonsense was ridic but it was whatever. Overall not a bad movie, and it was actually funny. After that it was back to high school for the varsity men's basketball game. It was the reunion I didn't want, like so many people I went to school with were there (uhm, what else would I expect) and I just wasn't having it. Thank goodness I was looking good (as always, that's why you stay prepared) but the game was pretty good, Kings lost 55-48, after leading the whole game. We went on a McDonald's run and got our grub on before coming back home to just talk randomness. Who would of thought I'd spend my whole day out, not me. Idle minds do crazy things.
Being a teenager is all about making the most of your time off. Just because you're at home doesn't mean you have to lay around and do nothing all day. Don't get me wrong, it's important to just take time for yourself and just relax. You're also obligated to make the most of your time and live it up. Try something new, do something different and keep your brain active. You know what they say about idle minds.

My blog post question for the day is ... how are you going to spend your break? Uhm - doing loads of random thing to fill my time aimlessly - let's be real.


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