Brotherly Love

Being a teenager is all about forming the unbreakable bonds of friendship. There's something about brotherhood that just makes it that much more real. It's about an indestructible connection to someone else. There's no barriers, nothing's off limits and you're not only real with yourself but another person. It's a rare find, but we all need some good old brotherly love.

As one of many people who never thought they'd be joining a fraternity, it's hands down been the best decision I made in my college career. Honestly, it's the most solid community you can join at your college or university, but only if you put yourself into it. The people who get the most out if the experience are the ones who gave their everything for their organization. That's the truth. Fraternity and sorority life isn't fit everyone but I'm telling you, if you've ever thought about becoming apart of something bigger than you and making lifelong friends (uhm - reasons I came to college) then take the chance, research the chapters on your campus and see if any of then fit for you. Over everything >>> fraternity/sororities are about the people in them. Forget the letters, the formals, pictures, t-shirts, houses and the rest - strip the entire system bare naked and you have a bunch of people who have sworn the conditions friendship. That's it - who wouldn't want that? Those stereotypes they're false for on most cases, but they are fulfilled at some institutions. If you're expecting some Blue Mountain State, Van Wilder type of rowdy rough co-ed shenanigans, then you're in the wrong place. This is for the everlasting ties that bind you to other people. When you take those vows and promise to live your values everyday, that's when your walls come down. You inherit an invaluable wealth (like Harry's fortune at Gringott's) of support. You also agree to be honest, true and real at all times. It's right then and there that you realize from then on the mask you wear for the rest of the world is not needed for your brothers/sisters. That liberation from the masquerade of the world is exhilarating and beyond refreshing. You're ready for some brotherly love.
Omega Chi: The house from Greek that made me want to rush.

This week I filled in for my PMD (Phi Mu Delta) bro, Connor, who represents our chapter at IFC (inter-fraternity council, our on campus governing body) and our new president, Zach joined me. I got dressed up and went to go do my thing. Let me tell, that was the most nerve-racking thing I might have ever done. All the other chapters filed in, and I just got and more of a restless mess. The meeting started and I saw a few familiar faces, but for the most part people were strangers to me. The meeting went on with people laughing, playing around and just keeping it relaxed. It was more than awkward for me because of not only being the minority #storyofmylife (everyone has those people they always think they'll never fit in with, typical fraternity guys) but all the painfully exclusive inside jokes. I felt like such an outsider, and totally put of place, like I just didn't belong. Everyone had already formed they're sort of clique type thing, I'm not about that. When you've got new people, it's absolutely crucial to make them feel welcome and included. After that, I could really see why my group is kind of the outsider on our campus, fraternity-wise. Sunday night was my chapter's end if semester potluck dinner. It was a perfectly chaotic catastrophe. Zach, Dom, Jake, Derrick and I went on an epic grocery trip to get random food to share and it was exactly what I needed to get my mind of finals. Those kids are a real riot, like we all bring something different but we mix so well. Just blasting One Direction & cruising around #broproblems. The rest of our brothers showed up and dinner was an array of miscellaneous foods. A special surprise from my fraternal big bro, Gabe, made it literally amazing. We all shared our Dorm-Life style ghetto cuisines, but I didn't care. I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else except with them. With my brothers I'm me, in my most x-rated unadulterated form. It's like one big bromance up in there. I can see my future (like a That's So Raven vision) and it entails lots of groomsmen pictures, bachelor parties, and god-kids. This is where I was meant to be, surrounded by brotherly love.
swagged up and be killinnnn haha SO gangsta okay.

Lastly, this semester my roommate, Patrick and I got super deep. Our room was a safe space where honesty and truth reigned supreme. It was crazy, we had some of most engaging and controversial discussions of all time. We shared everything about ourselves, including things I've never told any of my other friends. When you feel at peace, in complete comfort and worthwhile that's when you can speak your mind. We disagreed on a hell of a lot, but I will never forget this semester. I can wholeheartedly say I Iove my roommate, we will be friends forever - this I declare. Without him I wouldn't and couldn't have stayed at UVM or grown into the person I am today. We forced each other to say how we actually felt and challenged one another to face our problems head on. He was there for me whenever I needed him and me for him. We went through some tough times, but we made it out unscathed. The amount of laughter, late night scratchy voiced talks and explicitly candid talks we've had is matched by no one. I think we were meant to live together. That's my baby-bear, Krabby Patty, Krabs - I'll legit miss him so hard. The farting, dancing to Rihanna in nothing but boxers, constant duet, food swapping and trading insults will remain with me. Wishing him an amazing time in Oxaca, Mexico. Brotherly love like none other - joteng, Simba, Joey.
Jiva ☼
Being a teenager is all about making those legendary lifelong friendships. It's about finding the people that you're comfortable enough with to share every aspect of your life. These are the people that will stay with you forever and always. No matter what, they'll be there for you. Nothing can destroy your linkage, you're joined as long as you walk this Earth. This is the kind of friendship we all long for. That kind-hearted, down to Earth, purely brotherly love.

It looks like the residents of 5-South are flying home for Spring Break.
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My blog post question for the day is ... who's your best friend and what's your favorite thing about them? I've got multiple. My best friends Taylor and Chelsea, and my sister, Bianca. All of them are super funny, and get me.


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