Whatever It Takes

Being a teenager means getting through everything that comes your way. College can seriously be difficult. It's a balancing act and I feel like one of those crazy circus carnies trying to balance a social life, with high academic standards, on a highwire. It's about taking center stage and performing you act well. It's about the inward applause of succeeding in all aspects of your teenage life. It's about living by the motto, "whatever it takes, I know I can make it through" - Hail to Degrassi.

The theme for this week would for sure be the life-ruining powers of sleep deprivation. I wake up Wednesday morning and realize that I don't actually have any reading to do for HCOL, seeing as it was the same article from Monday. I get dressed and go outside and the wind literally backhands me to the face, like a spiteful ex-girlfriend on diva steroids. I get to the crosswalk and who magically appears by my side, no one else other than playboy Chasey-Chase'em. We cross the street and he goes to the right instead of the left and I'm wondering, WTE is this lax bro going and we come to the quote of the day, "I'm skipping my next class, and catching the next bus downtown to Rite Aid ... I need to buy shampoo" #whiteboyproblems. We part ways and it's to my biology lecture where our usual teacher is busy moonlighting as a researcher in DC, so we've got this different chick. We talk about crossing genes, and she actually explains it pretty well but punnett squares are not what get me hot and bothered so I my mind wander else. Class finally ends after slide after slide of test crosses and heredity, and it's like whatever it takes, I've got this. In HCOL we talk about how having too many choices stresses most people out. All this sociological stuff, I don't really agree with. When I go online to shop for A&F plaid shirts, I'm actually displeased when I get to the bottom of the page and run out of selections. You can never have enough plaid, and there should be an unlimited amount of patterns for me to choose from. I think that's how it works? I come back to the dorm and from there, Krabs, Jakey-Bear, Jandro, and I go to the Davis Center to get some lunch. It's still freezing cold, so it's hoods up and we look like that Four Brothers movie which starred Marky-Mark Wahlberg and his funky bunch. I get a real good hamburger and some quality fries, while Krabs indulges in a burrito. Food is stolen and slurs are thrown around, typical scene in our daily lives. It's back to the room to lay around, and work on blogging. 2:37pm makes its dark mark and so I begin the neverending journey (like one of those everlasting gobstoppers) to central campus for chemistry lecture. I get there and Mystery Model holds the door for me as I escape from the evil clutches of the frigid fall mistress. Chemistry lecture goes and goes, but since our professor is soo nice, and quirky-funny, you'd have to be heartless to skip the class. Class lets out and walking by the Davis Center, I see MMY again and give him a hey. Whatever it takes, I'mma make it through people.

Movies Wallpaper: Four Brothers

It's a race back to the dorm room for me to scrounge the interwebs for the golden nuggets known as the tweets of the week. Dirty Pop starts in an hour and I've got to come up with some crass humor to rant and rave about. I get myself together and head on over to the UVMtv studio at 5:13pm and there's other stuff going on in front of the green screen, so the cast sits in the lounge and hangs out. That gives me the opportunity to post the blog, Na Na Na, and who walks by, Mystery Model again. The dude is literally everywhere. J-Lo, Molls, Al-Gal, Foxy Jack, Hailey's Comet and I are getting ready for our Halloween themed episode when we realize that most of us forgot costumes. Hailey and I race back, I'm talking riding a scooter through the building, through the underground railroad tunnel and back to the Heights to grab bunny ears and a crown. On the way we're shooting off innuendos like, "He let me borrow his scooter, and he wants sex as payback ... I would be completely fine with that" - or "I don't know how to navigate this thing ... just Christopher Columbus that shat." We're looking ridiculous, and sweatier than a pig, hog-tied to a water spigot in a Texan summer (thank you Billy Ray Cyrus for your Hannah Montana rants). The show gets going and it's for sure a great one, check out an episode here Dirty Pop Episode Link. Hailey and I do the most embarrassing songs on our IPods and my list is too long to even mention. I just like my empowering Nickelodeon and Disney Channel sponsored artsists, it's NBD. I leave the world of TV land, grab Sam and we head to the Marché to get some food ASAP. I'm tired, sweaty and my stomach is for sure eating itself. It's pork spaghetti for me to slurp, and by 7:27pm, we're in our IRA (inter residence association meeting). We have this dude from SGA (student government association) come talk to us about creating an initiative on how we want our university to look and let me tell you, he was pretty funny. I really wanted to laugh at the dude, Connor, nicknamed by me, Con-Con, but everyone else was looking super serious like CSI: New York style. The meeting is missing a few executive board members, but we all get updated and we're done by 8:30pm. We cross the green roof to our rooms and Jandro, Cullen, Sammy and I hang out. Twilight defiles my teddy bear by humping him when I'm trying to write my paper and Jandro and I end up getting into a physical fight. I'm talking punching, kicking, wrestling and grunts like sumo wrestlers. Em-Spikes comes to visit and we break up the violence. Somehow we end up in her room, and Jandro and Cullen clean the heater above her bed. We chill for a while and Jandro knocks on her neighbor's walls and door before we straight bolt like Harry Potter lightning forehead scar, back to the Eastside. I'm totally drained but I still have to write my 2-page essay for HCOL. I make pretty good progress on it and take a break at 12:45am to listen to some One Direction, "Forever Young" but end up sleeping. I wake up and Krabby Patty coerces me to officially go to sleep. I get all tucked in without finishing my work and knock out. It's whatever it takes, always.

Thursday morning I'm like shaking with sleep deprivation. I just roll over and groan like a dying brown bear. I seriously contemplate skipping my tennis class, but heck no, I can do this. Sweatpants on, teeth brushed, and I head outside where the wind whips up out of my face. Tears stream from my eyes and instantly freeze, it's totally unbearable. Half the class is missing, Nasty-Nate is sick and has totally lost his voice, Pretty Boy Evan probs overslept, Katie and Lysser must have been busy. It's cross court training for those of us present, as in Big Evan, Becky and Gina. We played the contest out and you know I came in second place, close enough. It's back to the room where I'm pretty sure my balls are covered in a layer of frozen sweat. I take a scandalous hot shower, it's like a that Lifetime Movie, More Sex and the Single Mom, in that bathroom when I'm in there. Steamy bathing and all. I dress up and it's time to get some breakfast from Alice's Café. Let it be known that I'm already wearing gloves on a daily basis. I eat on the nest in our room and do some math homework and study for my test. It's about 11am and I've got a few more hours before my impending doom comes. Jandro comes in and we teach other some chemistry for our exam later in the day. I'm talking hours of just demolishing equations and conversion factors so long Twizzlers would be jealous. Hunger strikes again and it's to the Marché to retrieve food. Pulled pork sliders and chips for me. I nom-nom and listen to One Direction on my IPod at like 3:15pm. I unknowingly fall asleep and thankfully wake up and head to math class. In class, we do a little review and lots of people are missing, I'm guessing they dropped the class. My new friend, who wore plaid which makes him friendship worthy, and I just dreaded the test but when we got it, it was like a hot knife through butter, super melty and easy. From there it was back to the room early to meet up with Sam, grab Swedish Fish, and go to plenary, wolfpack style. Our lecturer is this psycho-economic lady or something, I forget her position title but she presents ideas on cheating and procrastinating with some humor. 6:30 comes around and it's time for the long-awaited chem exam. Jandro and I walk to the auditorium and make a pit stop in the bathroom where we meet up with Cracka-Jack who gives us some last minute solubility rules tips. It's now or never, whatever it takes.

The test happens and at first I'm thinking I'm about to ace the heck out of it and then I come to the last few problems and it's a disaster. I'm talking a catastrophic mess of epic proportions. It's whatever, I finish and strut out of there with my head held high and my favorite outfit on. Jandro and I walk back to the dorms and jointly complain to Krabby Patty. The stomach calls and I pick up the phone to go get some food. Jandro skateboards there and totally wipes out and I geeked the hell out like none other. We both get pizza and drinks, and Drew-Baby, our sophomore companion, eats with us, his double packs of sushi. A relaxing din-din and even I catch up with JaMocha-Shake, so all is well. We're walking back to our complex when we see a wicked witch and a gold clothed boy with a guerrilla head, it's Northsides Simone Bailey, and Patrick Murphy. I'm deathly afraid of monkeys, and that mask scares me to within an inch of my life, so I take off running, turning the scene into a horror movie. I get pretty far and then just cover my face, but he forces me to look at his mask and I'm scarred for life. Soon it's time for a meeting with the Eastside gang for cake and to let us know about Halloween getting wild up in here. Jandro and I visit the Northside where we head into Mere and Brooke's room with Ames and Brit-Brat in there. They're making morph babies and Meredith and mine turns into a Solange Knowles atrocity. However, I would love to be a teen father, babies are my life. It's down the hall to harass Emily O - who is celebrating her birthday with some frisbee with a plate for the flying object. Jandro, in his penguin suit, goes around creeping on everybody including Lax Bro Ben, and Tall Sam. Before we leave we drop in on Con-Con S. who most deff looks like Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien and we bro talk. It's Thursday and people are getting sick nasty wild so we head back to our side of the complex. We take Em-Spikes some cake and get creeped out by a bug resembling a cockroach in the hallway. I'm supposed to finish my math homework due at midnight but people keep coming in either hyper or a little bit drunk. Sketchy as eff, JaMocha Shake comes to talk and I fall even harder for the girl, but I get a 95% on my assignment when the clock strikes midnight. Em-Spikes come by to visit and Krabs, Sam, Jandro and I hang out trying to convince Jandro that he nees to start his essay that's due at 8:30am Friday morning. It's a major struggle and I print out Krabs's paper before Jakey-Bear comes by to visit in his hilarious costume. Such an eventful night. Bed time happens around 1:30 and listen to jams until 2:20am stupidly. I get out of bed for some ginger ale in the dark and it's sleepy time. Whatever it takes, I made it through.

Being a teenager is all about powering through the hardships in your life. Things will pile up and create days that just seem literally impossible. But you can and will make it through. You're more than capable. You just have to make a plan of attack and straight demolish any obstacle that stands in your way. We're teenagers as in, we're pretty much good at everything. Live by it, whatever it takes.

My blog post question for the day is ... how do you get through your tough days? For me, that requires lots of soda, a shat ton of candy, dancing whenever possible and laughing at everything.


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