Light Up the Night

Being a teenager is all about making the most of out potentially disastrous situations. Living the life of a college student is most deff a big change for all of us. Things have a random way of usually working out. Everything just seems to fall into place and the blow of what could happen is softened my a marshmellowly cream filling. Teenagedom is all about picking up the pieces, putting it all back together and igniting the flame within yourself. Sky full of lighters and we light up the night.
Friday morning, I wake up super tired, spent and wanting to just stay in bed and do nothing all day. If only I had Genie from Aladdin, then my wishes could come true. Krabs leaves and I go back to listening to One Direction and laying around in bed when I here a knock on my door. Who could it be, Chasey-Chase'em, JaMocha Shake, nope it's just Jimmy coming to look for his misplaced backpack and use our bathroom. Totally typical. I get up and take out my retainer, perfect teeth have a price to pay, and get dressed. I need to put the final touches on my essay and I print it out. From there it's bundling up like a chocolate covered snowman, and heading to biology lecture where our guest professor is still in the reigns. We do these double cross punnet squares and something that requires multiplying fractions, and I'm like, I don't know how to do that. Oh elementary school, how much I don't miss you. From there it's only to HCOL where we read a text talking about how money can't buy happiness. Everyone is nodding in agreement, and I'm thinking to myself, "We you're all wrong, money can buy happiness and I'm living it - (Dave Chappelle) Voice), I'm rich, biotch." Class ends it's food time with Jandro, and Samantha. We go to the Davis Center for the Marketplace and it's the fabled chicken curry for me. Back to the dorm to scarf down the indian food goodness and blog for Whatever It Takes. Soon, it's time for chemistry lecture which ends with our professor setting samples of metals on fire in a bunsen burner creating colorful excitement, is it sad that that might be the highlight of my week? I hurry back to the dorm to finish blogging and by 4:45pm, it's time to load up with decorating supplies and descend on the lobby to set up for the Fal Bash. Everybody does their part, Lilia, Carolyn, and Ali make candy apples in the kitchen, while Sam and I (with no help from Jandro) move the furniture, blow up balloons, string streamers and get the place looking ready for a blowout party. Everybody TP-ies the huge staircase and we're almost ready to go when Griffin, Deejay Crazy Jake's friend, lets me talk to my RA, Kelsey, about how the guy who's supposed to help them get the party speakers is nowhere to be found. As in, everything that could go wrong is going wrong. But no worries, all you've got to do is light up the night.

By the power vested in me through facebook friend, and the ingenuity of my android phone giving my an address filled with facebook contacts I sort out the mess and everything gets settled. The fall bash starts and people come and go. There was balloon blowing and hugging to pop them, string donut eating, tons of candy, lots of popcorn, cider, caramel apples & lollipops, and even toilet paper mummy wrapping. While lots of people didn't stay the whole time, I'm pretty sure everybody appreciated what we were trying to do. It was upstairs to the multipurpose room to get our dance on. Jandro, Sam, Carolyn, Krabby Patty, Jakey-Bear, Hazel and DJ Jake's friends hit the dance floor, hard. At one point most of Westside made an appearance, and Jimmy challenged me to a dance off where he utterly blown to smithereens. 11pm rolled around and Sam and I cleaned up with Carolyn blasting, One Direction "What Makes You Beautiful" as we picked up garbage, removed posters and vacuumed. Battered, beaten and broken down, we change and head to the Marché to finally get some food (skipping din-din is a bad idea kids, learn from my mistakes). By this time it's past midnight, but I've caught my second wind so I watch the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special which was supes (short for super) creepy, especially with the hinting at the whole twin thing. Then it was BMS with the best episode yet with slow motion beer poing, and secret bromances and a little bit of the Real World before beddy-bye when Krabs came back around 2 am. Oh the night was lit up alright.

Saturday was quite possibly the laziest day of my college career to date. I wake up just before noon my whole body aching, feett throbbing, and hands shaking from the marathon of party planning prowess. I took a quick (relative term) show-show at 11:13am and it was to the Marché for breakfast with the boys, Jandro and Krabby Patty. A sausage, egg and cheese English muffin with a side of acai-blackberry Snapple and a big ass sugar cookie for me. I would say breakfast was a major success with the guys going back for seconds with a messy cornbread muffin. We come back to the room and I planned on doing my homework but somehow I ended up in my bed, passed out like well-groomed socialite after a night of partying (horrible simile). In and out of sleep I hear Krabby Patty snipping away at Jakey Bear's hair with scissors and Jandro wailing as always. Eventually I shake the sleep off when I get a text message about moving the speakers from the party back to the Redstone Campus storage room. Eff my freaking life, I employ Sammy, Jandro and Pat-Pat to help move stuff outside to RA-Kelsey's automobile. Chris, the kid I always end up holding the door for, finally returns the favor. It's a cramped ride to the storage room where advisers from IRA (inter residence association) meet us to return the boom-boom room shakers. Back to the dorm where I'm hungry, as always and I order Chinese food, for much you as $41.39 #collegeproblems right there. The brat pack of Jandro, Sam and I go to the Marché for beverages and cookies. Finally my order comes, and I go outside to meet the delivery dude and another bro takes my food. I'm thinking, oh, maybe my guy will be right there, nope, I call and realize that's my food. I got a pretty good look at my food assailant and so I take off running upstairs to Cracka-Jack's room to see if his roommate, Ian, was the perp (I know my legal dramas people). No answer, so I know on Petey and George's door and there's the culprit, it was Ian who took the food. They figured out the mixup but they also payed for my food, when I'd already paid online. Somewhere out there was a mess of a delivery man with an extra forty dollars. Perfect way to light up the night. Sam and I watch X-Men Orgins: Wolverine eat the scrumptious Asian cuisine while Jandro gets ready to go out as a Jelly fisherman. The movie was really good, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool was hilarious, and that deserves it's own movie for sure. Everybody else on both the Eastside, Westside, Northside- hell all around gets all dressed up to go out. Costumes included the rainbow, businessman, hipster, American Flag, and the classic toga. 4 people came in not for a hey but just to use our suite bathroom, refer to the Truth Is post for the underlying deets. Eventually the crowd left, I planned out my next semester schedule, knocked out some homework and wikipediaed, IMDB-ied and cross referenced with TVGuide network to refresh my encyclopedia-like knowledge of all things celebrity. 3 am comes around and everyone returns, disgruntled after their "raging" houseparty was busted, like S.W.A.T. team style and they were all cited $150 in a fine, fail of a night for sure. Light up the night, always.

Sunday morning I wake up at 10:30am and listen to music for a while before I remember I've got a programming committee meeting at 12:30. I get dressed in flannel (there's a first time for everything) and Sam and I leave for the Davis Center and Brennan's. We get there and realize it doesn't open until 3pm, so we walk back to the Marché, get some food and wait for everyone else to show up. The group shows up with our director, Grace, and some of the other members, Kayla and Bret. We create a list of possible to pull off with the help of the notorious student advocacy director, Paigey. As we're about to dip out, I see Airport Buddy (ABs), the kid who was on the same plane when I transferred in Philadelphia on the way to Burlington on move-in day. (That reminds me, I never blogged about that day, it'll eventually come, don't worry). It's back to the dorm to do some reading and call up the fam-bam. JaMocha comes on by looking for scissors to create her mustard bottle costume and somehow we end up talking about religion. It gets supes deep and soon it's time for a small family dinner. Jandro and I walk behind the rest of the group, oh the dynamic has changed alright, and it's some stir fry, cheeseburgers and french fries to fill up the tummy. We walk back to the hall complex and I get a little more reading done before my weekly UVMtv meeting. My TV show host, Jon Lott, and the coolest cat around, Foxy Jack Steele, run the meeting instead of our usually executive board and it was a laughter fest. The most sarcastic, zinger-filled, nonsense of a half hour ever. J-Lo pushing to keep Coke on campus, the witty comments by us audience members as in Hailey's Comet, Tim-Tim, and Allie, and we got our stuff done. It was literally epic comedy hour. I brought back some pizza for Krabby Patty and he completed his legendary status by eating it in the bathroom, that's why I love the kid. Jandro hits the sack in Krabs's bed, and Sam and I talk and evaluate our lives while getting some reading and homework done. Midnight rolls around and it's time for the lights to go out, but not before we light up the night.

Being a teenager is all about dealing with whatever situation comes your way. We're more than capable than handling anything that comes up against you. You're a teenager, meaning your resilient, and you've courage and swag for days. You've got to make the best out of any situation, and if something doesn't go as planned, it does not mark the end of the world (the Rapture marks the end of the world). Light up the night, and make bright, alright.

My blog post question for the day is ... how do you get through random situations? Lots of laughter, making fun of how ridiculous the predicament I am in is, and just not taking it so hard. This is life, live it.


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