Without You

Being a teenager is understanding the power of friendship. No this is not a Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOMs forevs peeps) this like real life. Your teenage years are most deff defined by the circle of friends you choose to roll with. I'm telling you that if you don't roll deep, you might as well stop rolling. College is a completely different game, and let me tell you, climbing the social ladder in this university setting is a lot harder than you'd expect. But you've got to do your best to get your name out there, while forging those metalloid tight relationships. The one thing you have to realize is that if you're lacking real friends, nothing even matters. Nothing is possible without you.

Monday morning is always the worst. You wake up angry at the world, tired like a Jamaican picker fresh off the night shift, and discombobulated as to where the eff you are. I get up and it's show-show time. More plaid, but it's a totally weird day with shorts instead of jeans. I blast "Without You" and party, alone, and I'm ready to hit campus. Again I'm in biology and I could literally care less about what we're learning. Plants are green. They change bright sunlight rays into energy and end up in my salads, giving me that energy to dance - end of story. Why do I need to hear their sob story of light/dark reactions? They need to suck up some water and move on, stop wilting all over the place. Class ends and I fire engine bolt to grab breakfast. It was like a driveby shooting up in there. Head to the ever-present Business Bro, super sweet hello's and thank you's to the staff and I'm murdering my food on the way to HCOL. It was for sure a premeditated crime. More honors college mumbo-jumbo with talk of proving Darwinism or evolution. I think we should be talking about creationism too, if we're going to have a fair debate, but I keep my mouth shut and just don't talk. There are so many eyeballs rolling, it's like a roller-derby is on the loose. Class ends with our professor ranting about why she loves her job - finally something I agree with. I personally believe that why would you do a job if you didn't truly enjoy it, and a job isn't a job if it doesn't help other people. Somehow 2:37pm rolls around and it's time for me to teleport to central campus for chemistry. I feel like the Israelites journeying to the promised land and using that extra 40 years to get there. I walk in, and out of the corner of my eye I see Mystery Model, doing what else, being a male model, up against a wall. The ultimate passing staring contest ensues and I almost walk into a door. I disengage and accept my defeat. Chemisty is more notes and fighting electrons to stay awake. Jandro passes the heck out and so Kyrstina, with the help of my Space Shape Goldfish, puts some food in his mouth to scare him awake. Our professor finishes his failed experiment, and when he makes fires everyone erupts into ferocious applause. It's to the student center to get my food on. I make the frugal choice (once in a blue moon) to get some sausage pizza. I see the pre-med club El-Presidente, G. Torres Florres, smiling as always as I purchase some Ben & Jerry's Mango-Mango Sorbert with gummy bears on top. I sit down to eat with Jandro and Krystina and it's back to the dorms while being chased with dirty chopsticks by the city boy, Jandro, himself. I come back to my room and watch the latest episode the "Secret Circle" and I literally jumped out of my skin, twice. I'm talking full on gasping, heart pounding, shat releasing scary type of stuff, such an amazing TV show. Soon my brother, Krabs, comes back and we're doing homework and I take a nap. I wake up 2 hours later, instead of the planned 20 minutes and my stomach is straight complaining again. Like dude, chill. It's off to the Marché with Sammy and Jimbroni where I get some mac 'n' cheese and Cherry Limeade Sunkist. Finally sometime to sit down with friends. It's refreshing to not only get sustenance foodwise, but reconnect with people that I enjoy talking to. Who would we be without you, as in friends? It's Jimbo's birthday, so I come up with a rap and I try to muster the courage to stand up on my chair like those less than excited restaurant staff to embarrass him, but it doesn't happen. Instead I head back to my room, where Krabs helps me produce the rap in the form of a facebook video to post on Jimbo's wall. Jimbo gets the ultimate hug from this kid, and that's the end of that. Alejandro comes to visit and we bond over our love for Dave Chappelle skits, like the slow motion poop, Ashy Larry, and the Rick James episodes. After watching videos and literally dying laughing, tears, not being able to breath, and rolling on the ground, I realize that crazy kid is probably one of my good friends. What would I do without him? He may harass me to the point of contemplating murder-suicide, but he's still there for me, whenever. Krabs and I make a pact to go beddy-bye, and I listen to music before crashing to the dreamland known as my subconscious. It's all candy, dance parties, and babies in there, oh wait, it's just like my real life.

Tuesday morning was much more pleasant with the sweet sounds of Shane Harper "Rocketship" gently waking me up from sleep. In a flash, I'm off to tennis class where I warm up by overhead smashing and rallying with Rebecca. Soon, we're playing full games, and I go up against Pretty Boy Evan. The kind has a badass forehand shot, but Joteng's got some moves too, watch out kids. We end up tying and calling it quits with 3 sets each under our sporty shorts, I'm calling rematch for next time. I shower, scrubbing a dub dubbing (not dubstep, I done do Transformers noises) and it's off to Alice's café for breakfast. Guess who's there, is that even a question anymore, Business Bro. Quaffed classy hair, and silver shorts, the classiest bro you'd ever meet. I get a "how goes it" and I'm out of there with my hot breakfast in hand. I come back to my room to watch a chemistry lab video, the dude looks like he's a new-age pedophile trapped in the 80's - huge glasses and all. Then it's time for the hardest day ever to really get started. It's biology laboratory time with Ry-Ry, our sleepy junior, Lukewarm, our goofy buddy, and Em-Spikes, our clumsy girl and there's me, the total mess. We cut up like fish livers, egg whites and do some sort of enzyme assay (my ass says, WTE is an assay) and end up having to do multiple trials since we failed to get the liquid to be read correctly in the spectrophotometer (no, it's called the rainbow machine). Our TA, is MIA (look how clever I am today) and so we have the main cheese, the big shaboing-boing, the lady behind the mask come do our lab and we finish an hour early. I take my time to get get some chicken curry, and use my eco-ware and spork (saving the hell out the environment, Tarzan can't even touch this). I walk out of the student center, and who do I lock eyes with, no one other than his Modelness himself, Mystery Model. He's got his perfect hair cut, making him go from a Hollister Model to a full-fledged Abercrombie entity. I squeeze out an awkward hey, and the dude winked at me - staring contest, lost, once again. I come back to my room to watch ABC Family's "the Lying Game" and refill. The show is getting so intense, I can barely watch it. The fall finale is next week and the shat is about to hit the ceiling fan, sending lies, betrayal, and twins going everywhere. TV is something I cannot live without. Bring the drama and deceit and take me away from my unbelievable teenage life.

Math class rears it's blazing hot head and I'm back there taking notes like I'm a judicial stenographer. Three and a half pages of perfect notes, I admire them and our teacher asks up what the instantaneous rate of change formula looks like. I say my first words, like a baby (love), ever in that class, "the slope" and everyone turns to look at me. Yeah, I know what I'm talking about, I'm in the Honors College, children. Connor, the Jake McDorman Look-A-Like, raised his eyebrow at me, and I raised mine back higher, chill broski, only Mystery Model can battle me. Class ends and I'm going straight to my chemistry lab. Danny Boy is there, and he's got a haircut making him even younger than ever. Love that kid. Graham-Cracker, our super-solid TA, explains everything and fields the petulant kid, Bob (the brownosing wannabe chemist), ridiculous questions. We waste an hour and finally get to start our lab. Everyone is kind of a mess, and we end up borrowing stuff from Bear B, Connor (the Dylan O'Brien lookalike), and the other kid, who looks like Glee's Corey Monteith, only not old as hell and massive. Danny-boy and I finally titrate the hell out of our compound, take some notes, and dip out of there like cheese fondue. Into the night it's cold as Antartican pee icicles. Sammy joins up with us as we walk back to the dorms, and complain about literally every aspect of our college lives. I feel like Danny Boy and I could just shadow our dads, and become full-fledged doctors from that, no college necessary. Sam and I catch the end of the hall council meeting, with a debate on the great pumpkins (so clever). Knight (in shining armor) let's us know we have a meeting tomorrow, as in missing cracking skulls in broomball but it's whatevs. I change like a super-hero into some jeans and Sam, Jimbo, and I run to the Marché. At this point my stomach has gone haywire and is eating itself. It's pizza and salad for me. Jandro shows up and shouts out this girl walking by that I wanted to know her name. I did not want any such thing, it was mondo embarrassing and for real awkward as hell. Did I cause a scene, almost. Jimbo and his Grecian self, decide to go sit on a stoop and introduce ourselves to random people passing by. I'm not shy, but I'm not a creep either; it's weird to just say "hey, girl hey" or "how you doing" (Wendy Williams man-voice necessary) to total strangers. Northside Meredith joins us for the ridiculousness and it all leads up to a massive argument where ignorance just flows like Niagara falls between Jandro and I. It's the Dominican versus the African and we go at it. Javelin spears being thrown, concert level yelling, and total chaos explode. Back to the dorm, and to prove the kid wrong, I head on over to the northside to introduce myself to a total stranger. First, we see Lax Bro Ben in a mortal kombat style fight with Erin H. (the Hull) - it's like a fight between Ryan Reynolds and a sassy teenage girl. Upstairs I meet Meredith's roommate, Brooke and also officially Chris (who looks like a taller version of my bromance, Tay Jay) and the Britishmen, Geode. Pleased to make all their acquaintances. We argue about which set of dorms are better and observe the magazine women plastered all over the doors. It's a different world over there for sure (loved that show). Soon it's time to head back home but not before checking in with No-Crap Carolyn, Natty Dan, Cracka-Jack, MAbby, Hannity-Insanity, Crazy Jake, Jimbo, Nemesis Norio, Mitchy Mitch (renamed pounds *LBs), Austin, Double-T and Nasty-Nate. Oh the healing power of friendship. With my obligations fulfilled, it's time to hit the sack.

Dylan O'Brien Actors Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien and Colton Haynes attend a live chat at Cambio Studios on July 25, 2011 in Hollywood, California.

Being a teenager is all about making friends who are in it for the long run. Nobody wants those shady acquaintances who will disappear like ultimate ninjas at the first sign of trouble. You need friends who truly care about you and them. In college, these people can be hard to find because they are so many people for you to meet. It's up to you to strike up those conversations and figure out just who people really are and determine who are you ride or die homies for life. Face it, we're nothing without you.

My blog post question for the is ... what do you look for in a friend? Someone who will make me laugh, listen to my complaints, and someone who's deeply genuine. If we're friends, we're friends for life. You're stuck with me forevs.


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