Over and Out

Being a teenager is all about making the most out of your weekends. College is the best place to be yourself, hang out, and literally do whatever the heck you want. It's about letting your walls come down, losing your inhibitions, and doing things you would never normally do. I'm talking, going out of your comfort zone, mixing it all up, and shaking it like a salt shaker. I'll be your pilot for the next few minutes, over and out.

I wake up Friday morning and all systems are go. I crank out the last few changes to my paper due in two hours, and get all fresh like those Dove Go Fresh cucumber giggly commercials. Then it's off to Biology, where literally half the class was missing. It was like a wild west ghost town, tons of seats were missing and our professor now had a clear view to look at me. It's called, avert your eyes buddy, if I have something to say, I'll say it, but don't throw me under the bus and call me out for an answer. I'm here to listen and take notes, not participate in class, just yet. We get our exams back, and I did pretty well, so it's whatevs. I make the walk back to my building and head on into my honors college class. This time we talk about the plenary from Thursday, the Perfect Human, and pretty much rampage on it. What does it mean? What are you doing? Why do you do that? Because I can, I do what I want, thickly accented voice from nowhere, skeddaddle, I can narrate my own life. A good discussion and some mixing up of seats, Fencing Davey sat next to me along with Northside Mere. It's always great to here homegirl Tanya or Selene drop some knowledge and just let the nuclear bomb of reason explode. From there, it's back up to my room, and there my Krabby Patty is waiting for his Simba. Please understand this bromantic relationship, that's my boy and we run our room like nobody's business. I got yo back, partner! The stomach starts a rumbling and I know it's time to zoom zoom out of the boom-boom room. Shan-Dawg and I head on over to the student center to meet MAbby for some good ole lunchtime bonding. I obviously get my chicken curry, that crap's addicting like Dave Chappelle as Tyrone Biggums, "I smoke rocks," or Rick James himself, "cocaine's a hell of a drug." I was wearing my favorite plaid shirt with my black cardigan, with my dark wash jeans, like a Whirlpool of denim dark and I was looking good, if I do say so myself, and I see one of my tennis classmates, Big Ev. That's a classy kid, mock-knock sweater and all, great to see these kids outside of the gym. I sit down for lunch and this chicken curry is making me feel like Rihanna, like I'm the only girl in the world (take that however you'd like). Back to the dorm to get ready to go to chemistry. I stand in the mirror and make faces, all in preparation for the Mystery Model to come at me. I begin my journey to central campus for class, and end up waiting in a crowd with everybody else as the physics class before us sops up their time to finish an exam. People came out smh-ing, as in, freaking fail. I take my seat, and there's Mystery Model turning in his work. The dude scanned the crowd and we locked eyes. He was looking a little flustered and caught off guard, and I will declare that I one my first staring contest against mister movie star. Chemistry is missing a shat ton of kids too, understandable, it was like the perfect temperature out, and we had an exam the previous day, if I didn't care so much I would have skipped too. Northside Sam, and Baltimore Emily sit in front of us, and Alejandro just can't control his words, after asking for my eraser stick back and shouting the n-word, the dirty, astonished looks, just flipped the script. I ducked ASAP like a soldier dodging a fighter pilot, and Jandro took heavy fire. No racial slurs for anybody. Jandro and I end up passing notes, as always, being ridiculous and class is let out early. Dear professor, thanks for making my Friday come even fastr, you're the big bomb boy. Finish it, over and out.

With my classes officially over, it's time to come back to my room and watch the Lying Game. Let me tell you, I was literally astonished with the episode, as in I had to walk around afterwards and pace because it was so endearing. I love me some drama. Soon, I realize I need to mail back a package so Jandro and I set off to find a drop off box. Playboy Chase, and his friend-girl, Mallory, meet us outside for a short walk to the next dorm over. It's cool, it's always great to see that kid, he's a character. Jandro has Krabs's skateboard and I make the ignorant decision to try riding it. I stomp both feet on the freaking thing, and go flying. I land on my hands, thank goodness not ruining the plaid, but I've got loose pieces of asphalt embedded in my hands. Let's just say, I went from black to blue to red, in a matter of seconds. I felt like Edward Scissor hands about to rampage. We fail at finding the deposit box and I just go back to my room to chill out. Sam comes in to hang, and I try to watch Nickelodeon's "Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures" but with no avail with the peanut gallery of Krabby Patty and French-Canadian looking Jakey Bear, throwing verbal peanuts like Spongebob to that gigantic clam. Soon we all decide to head downtown for some food, but we end up spending a good half hour waiting for everyone to get ready. You assumed right, that your fave teenage blogger was not happy. I missed the majority of an episode I could have seen, live, to stand around for our chronically late friends. We finally begin our descent down the long hill into the Burlington, VT nightlife. We get to Boloco, this burrito joint and I get a summer mango salsa burrito for this super nice cashier dude, great service is always welcome in my book. It's a BOGO, so nemesis Norio gets the extra one. Ky-Ky gets two for himself, while Sam and Nasty-Nate go in on the deal. Double-T (Bretton) get himself a Nutella milkshake, which was quite possibly legendary, at least in my book. We go outside to sit and meet the others, Shan-Dawg and Austin with their Lake Champlain hot chocolate, Mitchy Mitch in Tow, and Joelly Bear knocking his smoothie back. Fun talks with the floor and we try and catch a bus back to campus, no such luck, the next one isn't for an hour. Sam, Nasty-Nate, and I head to Ben and Jerry's for some dessert, I get the mango mango sorbet with gummy bears on top, and everyone else heads to the supermarket. We're cool so we walk by these homeless people who try and offer us dandelions, which was super creepy so we almost break into a sprint. Then the hill takes its toll, we're tired as eff and a mess. Some wild kids drive by us yelling "Hey Cute's" and Sam's flip flop breaks as we make it back home safe and sound. She and I go on a search for errrrrybody in all of the Heights with Joelly-Bear, and they are nowhere to be found. Soon they all return, and it's Halo Reach, firefightg game time with Double T, but not without a Cherry Limeade Sunkist soda run first. After some hilarious hijinks it's time for Joteng to unintentional pass out. Music blasting, fully clothed, and door wide open. I wake up half an hour later to have Big Ben, Natty Dan, Nemeis Norio, and Jandro surrounding me. Norio wrote his name on my face in red Sharpie, Jandro tried to draw a pennis (doubel n's necessary) and on my bed around me were all my books, shoes, and skateboard. Eff all of you. I get up to clean my face, water and soap doesn't work and it's my time of the month, to shave. So I lather up with a wad of oatmeal shaving cream and razor off the scruff, while a whole bunch of people walk by. Talk about super embarrassing. Soon, it's 2 am and I'm just playing computer games when Ky-Ky comes to get me to be social. I sit out in with Cracka-Jack, his friend Lauren P. and the rest of the gang. Shan-Dawg is busy making a loaf of bread in her bread machine, and Westside Drew-Baby comes to visit. That's one funny kid, a total hoot, like an owl to talk to, with a firm handshake. Big Ben and his friends hang out, and the bread finishes and everyone vulutres the hell out of it. Norio supplies the PB & J. Eventually it rolls around to 4 am, and Krabby Patty comes back home, a little bit of a mess. He stands in our door forklifting sea salt chips in his boxer-briefs, and it's one of hte funniest things ever. That dude does whatever he wants, always. Joelly-Bear passes out on the ground and Norio peanut butter smears his face hardcore and everybody runs like there's no tomorrow. I help him clean up after being caught in the lounge, and it's bed time. Longest Friday night ever. Time to go over and out.

Krabs and I wake up Saturday morning and it's like Jack Frost blew his nose all over our room. I'm talking snot rockets, and near icicles but in reality a 20 degree drop in temperature, complete with pouring rain and harsh winds. 42 degrees is now the new norm, and it's only downhill from here. We scramble out of ours beds and recover from Friday night by heading over to the Marché for some food. Let it be known that it's 12, noon, by now, as in we're a mess. Sam and Jandro join us and I knock back two English muffins and that Cherry Limeade Sunkist (breakfast of champions). Krabs demolishes a bagel and some yogurt, and it's about time for us to head on back home. I pack up my stuff, and I'm ready to go on my retreat for hall council with No Crap Carloyn and Sam I am. Krabby Patty and I havve our brohug and I depart into the rain while he stays behind to clean our room, such a good boy. We get to the Davis Center and board a bus to nowhere. It's only a 15 minute ride, but there were multiple near misses with my head to the ceiling at that auto-bus. It was about to concussion status. We arrive at our destination of Bishop's Booth, on North Beach, and we all exit into the dining room for introductions and general what not. We choose our room, and head into a big place for ice-breakers. Using toilet paper we had to say things about ourselves, some people were smart, while others were just dumb as eff. It's called noticing trends, a skill, hopefully we all have. After that, we figured out what it meant to be a leader. Not going to lie, that was some pretty deep stuff right there. It really made me look at myself as human being, like digging right down to the jewelry box that is my soul. Afterwards, it was dinner time where gigantic meatballs, penne and spaghetti, along with some salad were the sustenance of choice. From there it was more group games, with this crazy game of 1776, where we had these scenarios and whoever was pointed to had a task, as well as the people on either side of them. Tell me why, they point to the dude next to me, for the task Jello, and being ridiculously slow to get the concept start wiggling in a thrusting motion. #NeverHaveIEver been so embarrassed in my life, I'm telling you people were crying laughing, and I was just done and done, like of course I would do something like that. Oh it was memorable alright. Then we played this hand tapping game where all 40 or so of us layed on the ground in circle, tapping like mad men. It was actually really fun. Some people hit the hay, while Sam and I, along with new friends, Shawn, Emille, and Adam played Scrabble (which I ran train on), Candyland (which was just ridiculous) and Egyptian Ratscrew (which had a crazy turn of events). It then time to go become one with our beds, and I get all situated and look on facebook on my cellphone and see a picture. Of what, you might ask, Sam I Am's room, and specifically Hannity-Insanity's side of the room decked out in foil. It was literally unbelievable. Nothing we could do about it then, so lights out and over and out.

Sunday morning, I wake up still all crooked and not really getting much sleep. B-Fast time, with pancakes, sausage, clementines, and a cantaloupe scare (apparently they're on recall, hot shat). From there, we as a complex, as in University Heights North, went through three different sessions on what we need to accomplish as a hall council. We learned some guerilla marketing tactics, including posting flyers in bathrooms that will get people's attention. You'll come to our events alright, especially if we creepily write it on your bathroom mirror. Then it was on to budgeting, which we needed, finally get some numeros next to all our ideas, gave us a perspective on how much gwap we had to spend. Then it was on to programming, where we learned how to make successful things that everyone will want to attend. Lunchtime, and chilli with tons of taco cheese, freshly baked cornbread muffins, and salad was the meal. Good stuff, and we had come to our major task. Combining with another complex, Jeanne Mance, (the dorms in the middle of nowhere) we came up with that three part process. Let's just say we got to presenting and people may or may not have been mindblown. We rocked that crap hardcore, and came up with a more than solid plan, plain and simple, beasted. Afterwards it was clean up and we went around writing messages on each other's paper plates attached to our backs. Aw, it was sad to be leaving the place but it was most deff worth it. There are some really cool people there, genuine, sincere, and downright hilarious. We board the bus, and I get back on facebook to see I've been tagged in 21 pictures. I'm thinking, WTE, and I look and it's a whole album with my teddy bear being taken, against his will, to take pictures all over campus. My floormates were about to get an earful. We make it back home safely and literally run for our lives back to the dorm. I stop to pick up my packages, and I come in live, in living color, and ready to blow. Raging mode on. Hear Ye, Hear Ye, nobody touches my damn teddy bear, leave him alone. It's called personal boundaries and that's one that Jimbo, Natty Dan, Norio Nemsis, Ky-Ky, and Jandro crossed. Y'all gone get it. I take the time to reorganize my closet, after getting a new shipment of clothes, uhm, more plaid for me, plus sweaters and sweatshirts. Retail therapy solves all problems. I sit around and play some computers game and playboy Chase- Chase'em comes to visit with Jandro. Tell me why this kid gets a text message saying "my mom said to me, I know you weren't alone last weekend, I checked your trash can" - only him, just the worst. Soon it's time for family dinner, but it's pouring and our girls, Penguin Lilia (San Diego to see her bf, Spencer), Ali-Cat (Boston for a home-visit), MAbby (homebound) and Hannity-Insanity (B-Town to kick it with her friends) are MIA. I wrangle Cracka-Jack, and Petey Pablo to come with us and it's off to Redstone campus for Sunday Night family dinner. It's always a funny time with the Eastside Gang, loading up on major amounts of food and being completely out of control as always. Jack-O-Lantern taking a ketchup bottle as a souvenir, Jandro vs. Petey for salt and pepper control. Such an event. We walk back with Jandro messing with everyone's shoes, he gets me right in a puddle and my shoes and socked are soaked through. It's Sunday at 7pm so time for my weekly UVMtv (the broadcast team) meeting. Our president, hat wearing in all, Erik (I'mma be calling him Pizza-Ricky, the kid can dine and talk like nobody's business), gives us the run down for the week. What a funny group of people, these super chill Max, Foxy Jack (one the funniest people I've ever met I'd say), classy Isaiah keeping things afloat and the rest of us crazy kids. The show I co-host on, "Dirty Pop" breaks off for a little meeting, and chaos ensues. Our host, Jon Lott, or J-Lo, is an animal when it comes to sarcasm, knocking down our other host Molly the entire meeting. Mess, Hailey's Comet and I sit back and watch the show. Time to go back into the rain and meet up with Danny-Boy, my chem lab partner to get some work done. Study lounging it up, we power through all that reaction stuff, Marie Curie and her hubby have got nothing on our boss team. JaMocha Shake comes in to say hey and return some scissors, and I loose my train of thought, that girl gets me hype. Danny-Boy and I finish up, and say our goodbyes, that's one cool kid right there, I seriously got lucky with him. I'd say we work more than well together. It's just about bed time but not before Jandro and I mess with Petey-Pablo and Curious George. We go looking for tapestries, and share some outer space Goldfish. Nice talk with our politician Joelly-Bear and his roommate Mikey, and it's almost down time. Another stupid late night bro-talk with Krabs and Jandro and we're done. Signing off over and out.

Being a teenager is all about living for the weekend. It's about getting the most out of all your time. It's about doing something different for a change and living life to the fullest. College and teenagedom can and will be stressful, but if you've got ways to destress you can more than make it. You'll flourish and have just as memorable a time, if not more outrageous than me and my cliquetastic posse of entouraging teens. Don't judge us over and out.

My blog post question for the day is ... what do you do on the weekends? Literally nothing, for the most part. Take some time for myself and recover from a tough week.


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