Dying From Laughter

Being a teenager is all about making your life the best always. Teenagehood is a tough time with so many responsibilities piling up all the time. Especially in college where you have classes to attend, homework, clubs, and that silly thing called actually eating. Time gets tough and the tough just don't get going, they start laughing. Having a sense of humor might be the most important personality trait. I'd be lying if I said that I could friends with someone who couldn't take a joke. If you're a robot with no emotion, funny things don't get you geeking out, or you take everything to offense, you might not be a real person. Grow a pair of funny bones and join the rest of us and start dying from laughing.

Monday morning, I have the inspired idea of waking up at 7:30 to study for my honors college midterm. Did it happen? Hell no. I was a major mess. Playboy Chasey-Chase'em came to visit and have our usual bro-time before we set off to go to classes. In Biology, I was double-timing, taking notes on meiosis (the baby making one) and mitosis (the clone making one) while studying the authors and titles of the works I read for HCOL. Why yes, I have been reading them. I quit my Sparknote habit, cold turkey when I came to college. I get to HCOL and the exam is in front of me. I tried to go ape shat on test but it spun me around and kicked my arse in return. Let's just say, I only finished 2 out of the 3 essays, as in epic fail. I go upstairs to complain to Krabs (we love our complaints) and blog my pains away. What can you do other than laugh at how funny failure really is. No time to dilly-dally, it's off to the UVMtv Studio to group up with Allie, Hailey's Comet, and Molly to shoot a segment on "being cool." We meet the former president, Alex, who's a character within himself, but we at least learn the camera basics. I've got the microphone and it's a battle to get people to want to be interviewed. Luckily, people I know, as in Pat-Pat, and Jandro walk by and I wrangle them in to get some footage before heading off to chemistry lecture. Jandro and I walk in way later than usual, and end up having to sick at the back of the class (racism, lol JK) where we're subjected to whole phone conversations, gum popping, and the wildest thing ever. The kid sitting in front of us is watching a deer hunting video. Like shooting deer, the most country bumpkin thing ever, complete with the camouflage grit hats. It's hard to take notes when white tailed deer are being murdered before your eyes. Jandro passes out, and class is soon enough over. I walk out and catch up with Cracka Jack before heading towards food. Let it be known I didn't get food in me until 4pm. On the way to the Davis Center, Mystery Model walks on by and nods his head at me. Acquaintanceship acknowledged. I get some tacos, and a mango sorbet smoothie with gummy bears sunken down in to it. What a meal. I'm sitting on my bed looking like a rabid animal and watching the latest episode of the "Secret Circle" - tell me why by the end of the show, I'm literally astonished and shaken with fear. One of the main characters is dead. How is that even possible, it's only episode 5, damn. I'm still hungry so I make a chicken curry run with Jandro, before coming back and working on homework. Em Spikes, my bio lab partner, comes on down and we figure out just how much a mess we really are in making sense of our data. After messing with excel and lab reports, I stuff my face with chicken curry. Never try and have a conversation with your mouth full. I sound even more stupid than usual. Jandro, Sammy, and Krabs get a good laugh at me trying to communicate with them. I need a break so I play some single-player story mode Call of Duty:Black Ops with Jandro shouting order, Cullen analyzing the plot, and Mireille and Sammy as innocent bystanders. Game time is over, and us guys want to say our goodbyes to our new bro, Code-Dawg, before he leaves for the glove state. We rescue him from the oblivion that is the 4th floor lounge, and in a collaboration shear genius and stupidity the "Nest" is born. My London grade comforter, Pat-Pat's quilts and pillows, mixing together to make a comfortable make-shift lounge area. I get my long-awaited heartfelt double tap bro hug from Codykins, and before bed the guys discuss poop, as always. Retainers in and the lisp comes out. It's bed time, with our new guest. Lights out, music off, and when we stop dying from laughter we knock out.

Tuesday morning I wake up, roll to the edge of my bed and look down to see me newest bro, Codykins, gone. Did my big heart sink, quite possibly yes. I get up and get dressed for tennis class. Of course I'm running late, but it's cold as eff outside and so I put on sweatpants on top of my shorts (yes, I said it, I wore sweatpants in public, but for less than 5 minutes). I get to the courts and we're using the ball machine which are like tennis ball breathing dragons, and I'm the clumsy prince trying to slay the wretched beast. We do this bouncing drill and my backhand looks like a crooked vine trying to strangle my wrist. My team of Big E, Lysser, and eventually Katie, demolishes the other team of Pretty Boy Evan, Nasty-Nate, and Rebecca in our little competition. By the end of class, I'm spent, ready to collapse and smell of tennis ball fur and ball sweat. After my ritual of "jumping on it" on the loose tile outside the building, I get some breakfast from Alice's CafĂ©. There's that moment when you don't realize a stranger is addressing you, and you're like, "Oh, were you talking to me." Hey girlie, I was thinking of how unbelievably long my day is today, sorry your minuscule mouse squeak for a voice didn't register in my ear drums. I make it back to my room and finish eating before stripping down to my light blue boxers (oh, they matched my outfit yesterday of course) to get ready to take a show-show. Tell me why Jandro and Krabs geek me out busting so many jokes they could have made a comedic omelet about everything. I'm trying to drink my iced tea and I'm pretty much nakey, and I end up taking it up the wrong tube, effectively choking and tears start streaming down my face. At this point, they're both on the ground literally dying from laughter. More boxer laden jokes and the boys leave, so I can properly rinse, lather, and repeat before getting dressed for the day. I've got biology lab and I still had work to do so I finish up what's left before pulling a roadrunner and speeding off to my lab time. Biology lab is always ridiculous, we spend so much term learning about the process but don't even do half of it. It's whatever though, Ry-Ry, Lukewarm, and Em-Spikes traded stories of the pranks that have been pulled through the college experience. It was a good laugh until our TA grilled us on the lab with questions you'd have to be the Brain, from Arthur, or an encyclopedia, to know. After some good old gel electrophoresis, it was to the Davis Center to commandeer some food. I order my usual beef tacos with Jasmine rice, and guess who's there? Northside Ames, and my bromance, Krabby Patty. We take the fun outside where the wind is just blowing like a suped up leaf blower. The malaria ridden seagulls are walking all around us being crazy as hell. A great lunch with tons of laughter, and it's back to the dorm room to cram for my chemistry lab while listening to Shane Harper, while Krabs nests in the comfy spot of pillows and blankets on our floor. Seeing Krabs sprawled out might be the funniest thing ever.

The Nest

I make the long journey to the edge of world known really as central campus, but it does seem like it takes both an arm and a leg to get there. I avoid the dirty smoker riff-raff on the library steps, and I see Business Bro come skating along the secant stairs, looking as classy as ever. Just picks up his board and starts walking up the stairs like it's NBD, pure amazement. Math class is the same old, fire burning hot, while it's still freezing outside. Everybody starts unbuttoning and rolling up everything they've got on, but at least we actually learn something. Sleep comes to fight with us, but I derive that I can for sure stay awake for a whole class. Perfect notes taken, and it's on to my chem lab with Danny Boy. Tell me why we're matching in green sweatshirts, ultimate lab partner synchronization. We lightning bolt flash through the whole gas evolving experiment, trash talking the reaction the entire time. We like to keep it fresh and fun up in there. Our TA, Graham-cracker gives us the skinny on how to approach the post lab work and we're out of there, early, thanks to the power of brotherhood. We walk back to our side of campus coming up with ridiculous innuendos for hook-up terminology. I promise you could hear us dying laughing from miles away. It's on to hall council where we talk about our upcoming fall bash, autumnal themed dance and activities. Afterwards we (the HC E-board, No-Crap Carolyn, Ali-Cat, Penguin Lilia, Sammy and myself) work on making posters in the forbidden room, known as the RA storage space (taboo breached), where Jandro knocks over Lilia's smoothie onto the ground. The kid is a walking time bomb, destroying everything he comes across. Time for a break and also late night marchĂ©-ing with Jimbo, Twilight, Jandro, and Sammy. City Boy Jandro encounters the girl with the most collossal assets ever. I'm talking if that booty was a grill, I could flip a couple burgers and a steak on top of it. I say and awkward hey to this kid that I vaguely know, and facebook requested but hasn't accepted yet. It's back to the hall to work on the amazing mirror poster with Sammy. A couple of hours go by with random dancing, joke telling, fighting, and screaming, before I'm dead tired. I'm for sure sleepy and it's about that time to recover from dying from laughter.

Being a teenager is all about looking back at your life and just laughing. If you start to take things to too serious you'll what makes us so teenage, our ridiculous senses of humor. Fail a test, fall down a flight of stairs, or see a super awkward situation, what else is there to do but laugh. Bust your gut, crack a joke, and get to rolling on the floor dying from laughter. It's good for the young soul.

My blog post question for the day is ... what gets you to laugh? Just about everything. There are just some things that geek me out. I see it and I'm gone just geeking out hardcore to myself. Such a mess.


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