Gotta Be You

Being a teenager is all about self awareness. It's so weird to step a little bit out of your life and look at it. I mean I would see myself and think, "mmm, that boy is finer than the tip of a freshly sharpened pencil" - but seriously, I would notice that I'm a total mess. My life shouldn't even be real, it's like a Lifetime Movie but with a male protagonist. Things just happen to you, and they would only happen to you. It's just gotta be you. Check the One Direction music video "Gotta Be You"
Friday morning was a continuation of Thursday night's studying festivities. Reading over my biology notes and lounging. 9:20am rolls around and I'm thinking, my Krabby Patty usually isn't here at this time, maybe I should wake him up. The boy hops out and bed and darts to class faster than a speeding bullet, it's a boy, it's a plane, it's just Krabs. I take my biology exam, and I'm pretty chill about it until I notice the kid sitting next to me (the vomiting one from a few weeks ago) who looks a raggedy ass mess (you don't combine a flannel shirt with plaid shorts) is cheating off of me. I'm thinking, like are you kidding me right now. Keep your hungover druggie eyes on your own exam, cheat off someone else. I slyly use my hand to cover my answers and jump around, effectively confusing that bum. I finish early, and head for HCOL where the class discussion actually goes well for once. The mood is light and airy like a Pillsbury Doughboy biscuit. I'm hungry so I grab the cheeseburger from Alice's Café for lunch with a bag of Cheetos, and cherry limeade Sunkist. Cheese noodles everywhere and Krabs provides the tunes with his trusty guitar. I've got a little time before chemistry lecture so I dance and sing to One Direction (that's pure teenage spunk, check the link 1D - "Na Na Na") all over the nesting area of our dorm room floor. I begin my walk to chemistry, and I stop by the library to donate some money to the PMC (pre-med club) who's having a bake sale. My favorite person of all time, and man crush, Dyl-Dawg is selling the goods, so I get some sketchy bread and Westide Krystina picks up a cookie. It's on to chemistry where Mystery Model is still lingering around when we get to class. I wave and get a wave back, look at our anonymous semi-friendship. Lecture rolls on and it all ends with the awesomeness that is professor Leenstra blowing up a balloon filled with hydrogen and nitrogen, like a floating bomb that rocked the room. It's through the Davis Student Center where I donate to UVMtv and congratulate one of the "Love Gurus" (our newest relationship advice show), DT, for some more baked goodies. It's to the Marché for Swedish fish and soda with Jandro and Northside Cate to just chill and hangout. It's drizzling outside and playboy Chasey-Chase'm comes to visit and snack like nobody's business. Love that kid, no homo, he might be hilarious, just the ultimate lax bro. Jimbo stops on by and they talk football, while JaMocha prances in and we talk (uhm yeah...). The night is young so Sam, Jandro and I ride the bus downtown and literally full on sprint to the stop. We look for food and end up eating at Ken's Pizza. We didn't get our drinks until we were halfway through our appetizer of fries, and the pizza was mediocre. Jandro salts everything and we leave the tip and check out. Jandro has the ingenious (notice the sarcasm) idea of stepping on the chains that separate main street while Sam and I are walking over. Samantha is tripped, hardcore, and we've got a teenage girl down. The absolute worst, and we start the long walk up the hill back to campus. We change into all black and grab flashlights to go meet up with some kids to play nighttime capture the flag, but we're too late. Instead we explore U-Heights South. The place is literally a jungle, with foliage and bambo floors everywhere. We get locked out on the green roof, but escape through the back gate. It's back to my room where I watch the "Lying Game" fall finale and let me tell you, I was totally shocked. Sam comes over and we discuss our collective One Direction infection. I order their debut album "Up All Night" from Amazon UK - yeah, we took it that far. We look online for Halloween costumes and I receive a drunk text message from some belligerent hoochie momma. Jandro crosses the line and texts them an unspeakable sentence of vulgarity from my phone. From there I start on my math homework, and call it a night just after midnight. It's most deff gots ta be you.

Saturday morning, I wake up at 8:45am after Sam comes to tell us we're behind schedule. We quickly dress up, as in I threw on clothes, for once, no multiple changes necessary. We stop at the Marché to grab some b-fast before we wait at the bus stop. It's a brisk morning and we make it to Spirit Halloween, the All Hallow's Eve one-stop shop. We go through the store adnd for me it comes down to the a $50 Greek God, a $60 pharoah and the dude from Yo Gabba Gabba. I end up choosing a pop star (1D anyone) and add a crown to it. Sam gets her crayon costume and Alejando a penguin costume. We wait for the bus again while Jandro goes into the mall to indulge in McDanks with a Big Mac, french fries and McNuggets, such a rebel. We get back to our hall and do a little costume modelling before I finally have to take a show-show. Thank goodness, I can look and smell like the sexy boy I know I am. I'm working on some homework and singing to "Forever Young" (the One Direction version, duh) when it's time to meet my friend, Riker, from orientation. We get his jacket and we walk downtown just talking and being bros. He's such a politican, but a down to Earth one at that. We go to Dobra Tea which is like this international tea spot, and get multiple pots of tea with hummus and sweet couscous for sides. We're there for like an hour and a half, and it's refreshing to hang out with someone not on the floor. I for sure need to get out more. We go to Rite Aid and I get some Deo for the BO, plus Pine Sol for mopping, and sour gumballs. We walk but up the hill and continue to bond before I make it back to my room. I catch up 90210 which is most definitely heating up with the relationships, undercover car theft ring, and drug abuse. Gumballs get demolished and I get to making posters for the hall complex's fall bash with Sammy. We hang them up all around and get the job down. It's gotta be us, who else. Then it's mopping time. Apparently since our private suite bathroom has been used by just about everyone now, with urine on the ground and tons of hair errywhere, it's just gross. Sparkling wave scent and Jandro, Norio, Krabs and I get into this argument about if a girl is punched in her uturerus if it hurts like guys getting punched in the jewels or if a girl takes a booby hit. It's a heated debate and ends with me ordering chicken wings for delivery for Sam, Jandro and I. When they arrive we just rampage on them, not even taking the time to breath in between bites. I skype my high school friends, Chelsea and Rudy for a long while and catch up on their equally unbelieveable college lives. I get convinced to watch the horror movie "The Strangers" with Northside Tanya, Meredith, and Brooke, along with Jandro and Sam. Let's just say I may or may not have yelled and been scared to the point where bodily function controls might have been lost. Seeing as I can't sleep until Krabby comes back, I sit in the hallway and hang out with Westside Harrison, Cole, Craig, Jack, and Colin and Eastside's very own Joelly-Bear, Samantha, and Shan-Dawg. We end up trying to define my social class, and diagnose my naivety with pronouncing words differently and solving the economic depression with the money from that war in the middle east. It's generally a ridiculous time where no one really makes sense because it's so late and it's just gotta be you. 3:30 am pass out time and the night's over but not befor beddy-bye toxic waste flatulations from Krabs.

Sunday morning I wake up, a whole lot of shaken (but not stirred, live by the rules of James Bond) and just super mondo tired. I sit up in bed at about 10:12am, and it's time to do some homework. I plug in my headphones and blast my ears with the sugary sweet sounds of boy band pleasure known as One Direction (please notice how many times I've mentioned them, I'm obsessed). I knock out some homework like a one-two punch right in the kisser. Soon it's time to get dressed and ready for the IRA (Inter-Residence Association *like campus wide student council) Family Fall Festival. Samantha and I head over to Redstone campus dressed a purple pizazz crayon and a king of pop, respectively. Oh we got some weird looks on the way there alright. It's just gotta be you. We get there and we help out my taping plastic table cloths to tables, and decorating the hall complex. Somehow Sammy gets roped into cutting a shat ton of slips of paper for a guessing game, and I'm recruited by Sam (an IRA executive board member) along with Brucey-Bruce (IRA general body member) to carry the speaker system outside. It's a treacherous journey carrying the soundboard and beside we also look absolutely ridiculous, but you just go with it. Soon children start arriving in cloves with their parents, decked out in Halloween garb and ready to have some good, clean, fun. I'm placed on game duty, and Sam and I string these "world famous" Vermont cider doughnuts and tie them to a clothesline type thingamabob for kids to attack at without using their hands, mouths only. It might have been too funny for words. Sugar everywhere and I'm sweet talking these kiddies and rallying them up to a pumpkin relay race. Prizes for everyone, and the time flies by. Soon it's all over and before we clean up, Sam and I take a turn jumping for joy in the bouncy-house, anything kid like is perfect for me. Sammy, Brucey and I take a whack at demolishing the bobbing for doughnuts and it's clean up time. Leftovers are for keeps people, forever and always. We finish and after commandeering a box of doughnuts for the Eastside gang, some candy, toys, popcorn and cider, we do the walk of shame with our IRA member friend, Kayla, back to our part of campus. The festival was a total success and I'm some happy that I was apart of it. Seeing kids fills me with joy, hearing their totally modern names (Nolan, Madison, Jackson) makes me laugh, and their smiling faces literally light up my world. I'm supposed to be doing homework but instead I'm completely belting 1D (One Direction, what else) and I eventually pass out on the nest. I wake on up and work on my chemistry lab, and soon it's time for family dinner. It's some pork beef and broccoli, plus a cheeseburger for me with a side of Lite (lemonade mixed with Sprite). In line for burgers, Jimbo talks a big game of bball and the kid next to us was not amused, at all, mad awks. We knock out some plates and dip on out of there. Twilight and Jandro run in the street chasing each other for an apple, see what we have to deal with. It's meeting time for UVMtv, and with a run down from all the higher ups, including Erik, Foxy Jack, Comedy Tim, and Music Max, it moves pretty fast. Dirty Pop breaks off for its own meeting and the Jon Lott, our show producer and main host, sarcasm reaches a whole new level. He might be the definition of passive-aggressive, it's hilarious. The meeting ends abruptly with J-Lo, shutting down Jack Fox.It's back to the dorms for me where I embark of the journey to wash 3 loads of laundry, one for whites, another for colors, and a third for my plaid shirts. Constant walking back and forth and I end up opening the door for the kid who's always carrying groceries, A&F bags and his parents drive a Benz (uhm, why aren't we best friends, that sounds like my life exactly) and we officially meet, nice to know you, Clumsy Chris. My biology lab partner in crime (it is a crime for us to be in those labs),Em-Spikes, comes to collaborate and she ends up hanging out with Jandro, Sammy and I. Minutes tick away and it's intense homework time. I take a break and visit JaMocha Shake, as always, we vibe and flow. Krabs knocks out and Jandro and I take to the study lounge for be tortured by a chemistry quiz. We finish at 3:22am, and head over into the brisk cold to the Northside to visit Lax Bro Ben who's been slaving away at his homework like, if not more, than the rest of us. Sleepy time and it could only be me to go to a bed at 4:12am.

Being a teenager is all about the ridiculous things that could only happen to you, and only you. Realize that your life is a mess, and understand how truly uncanny it is that things happen to you. You have to take things in stride, and relax. Our teenage lives are defined by the crazy stupid things we do. Embrace the adolescent nonsense and keep it going. It's gotta be you.

One Direction relax on the beach

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the most ridiculous thing that happened to you this past weekend? I would say being punched randomly as a dare by Norio Nemesis and coming back to my room to discover the cider doughnuts Sam and I commandeered had been eaten.


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