Truth Is...

Being a teenager means dealing with the facts. It's about cutting the crap, and calling BS whenever things seem sketchtastic. College can appear to be this glamorous place where all you do is lay on green grass, sit on facebook in classes, and get sick nasty wasted at wild ragers every weekend but I'm here to dispel misconceptions. College is what you make it out to be and when the newness of everyone around settles, people's true personalities come out and you realize college is nothing more than high school but without your parents. It's time to shine the light, bring it all on and let you know what the truth really is about college.

College is nothing like I'd thought it'd be. I'd say I had an unusual experience especially with the people on my floor becoming so "close" very early on. For a long while we did everything together, and constantly had an "open" door policy. Anyone and everyone  had the opportunity to freely to talk to anyone about anything. It was great, for the most part, it created bonds and started that familial thing. Soon, the daily interactions reduced greatly and dance parties were replaced by making new friends. It's awesome to add more people to your friendship circle, if you still stay friends with your old friends. New people replaced the old and people's true colors have started showing, just like the leaves in the trees have changed. Catching up has gone from a daily thing, to a forced smile accompanied by a lackluster "hey" in passing every once in the a while. Everyone's doors are now closed and entering without knocking will earn you some animosity. Presently it's completely ignoring people because when it comes down to it, we were never really "friends" in the first place. I don't know you, and you don't me, losing an acquaintanceship means nothing. You can tell people aren't even pretending anymore because when they do interact it's awkward as eff, faces are made and those conversations end as soon as possible. If all you do is talk about classes and weather, you're most likely not friends. You all know me and I don't do fake. If we're not companions, I'm not going to pretend to be buddy-buddy with you. I'm not going to waste my breath or time on a "hey, how are you" if I don't really care or mean to ponder about your life. I gives none, and neither do you. Don't get it twisted. We've all formed our friends, so keep cliquing it up. The truth is ... finding friends outside of your hall is one of the most important things in college. It keeps you grounded, sane, and allows you to get away from it all if need be.

The truth about drinking is it's not as awesome looking as people make it out to be. People come back from drinking and literally reek. It's like the Lochness monster vomited sea weed fermented rum, all over them. Clothes are stained and people look a straight mess, I'm talking bloodshot and glazed over eyes, drooling mouths with beer breath, and untamed hair. It's ridiculous, people come stumbling around, disoriented, confused and unhinged. Throwing up, hang overs with pounding headaches, and the whole shady secrecy thing, do people ever get tired of sneaking around. You need to get it together and chill with all that. When people drink they loose their inhibitions and do things they maybe normally wouldn't. The best is when people don't remember what they did last night. Are you kidding me, memory loss is not okay. For me personally, college has been a shat ton of peer pressure and it's annoying as hell. If you tell people that you don't drink they have to have a reason why. Oh, I have reasons why, like I like to have control of my life at all times, I don't think it's necessary to drink to have fun, we're underage, it smells horrible, and I'd rather spend money on other things. The list goes on and on. The worst is people thinking it'd be "funny to you drunk" - well keep on wishing, it's not going to happen. You can't force someone to drink alcohol if they don't want to. I've seen y'all under the influence and it's not pretty. You can keep the booze to yourself. The truth is people choose to drink in college and the majority do, but it's not the only decision that can be made.

Celebrity Underage Drinking Emma Watson

The truth about hooking up is that it's not as common as we've all been lead to believe. Don't get me wrong, we've all seen some nasty making out sessions, but not everyone is having sex all the time. On the weekends everybody goes crazy and it seems like they loose their moral compass or something, well Christopher Columbus is asking you to come back to the boat and stop seducing the natives. If you want to hookup with someone, that's up to you. Tongue wrestling, swapping beer sopped gum, and giving massive hickies is all up to you. Just because you dance with someone does not mean you have to kiss them. I prefer to not use vulgar terms like whore, skank and slutsketeer to actually describe real people but if you're going around mixing oral DNA with multiple partners at a single party you might be a whole lot of promiscuous. The truth about hooking up is that people may or may not eventually find out, but if you tell all your stories of getting some with everybody, don't be surprised when literally everyone knows about it.

The truth about everything else is complicated. Have there been times where I've wanted to go home, honestly, yes and it's becoming more and more frequent but most of the time you can't think about it or it'll distract you from things that really matter. You know have a problem when you feel alone, like you don't trust anyone around you to talk to, and that you can see yourself leaving. If so, transferring is not out of the question. You should be someplace where you feel welcome, comfortable and safe and if your college isn't that place, then somewhere else might be. College is so different because unlike home, where everyone is pretty similar to you, at least economically, you've got a melting pot of people. There have been more than a few arguments between me and other people about social class and it's totally ridiculous. It's really none of people's business what you value, how you you get money and how you spend, that's between me and my debit card. Since none of us really "know" each other, when people call you a "spoiled brat" you take it to heart and you really don't want to even speak to people who have just stereotyped you. You can think whatever you want. I'm here at college just like you, what does it matter who's paying my tuition, room and board. What's normal to me, may be extravagant to you but that doesn't make us any different. And lastly, there's the stereotyping with race. People really need to watch what they say because there's a difference between funny and hurtful. I've gotten the reputation to be dramatic, and I really could care less but if people are pulling pranks all the time, and messing with your stuff you have the right to be loud and do something about it. I would never come in and disrespect you by touching your things without permission and that makes me a melodramatic baby when I get concerned, that's odd, it probably because you don't know me enough to know that I don't do that. The black jokes, being called ugly or having my "massive, huge, large, lips" commented on or pulling up a web page for a lip reduction, is really uncalled for. Ask yourself, how would you feel if I pointed out something that's apart of you and told you to fix it, there's nothing "wrong" with me or any of us. If you don't like it, you don't have to look at my "hideous features." Calling people ugly is downright wrong, just because someone isn't physically attractive to you does not mean they are ugly, they may not appeal to you personally, but you labelling someone as "gross, disgusting or unbearable to look at" is not okay. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, so if you've got nothing to say that positive keep your comments to yourself. The truth is ... the "ugly" side of everyone is coming out, and it's not pretty at all.

Being a teenager is about being genuine. It's about staying true to yourself and living in the light. Truth, honesty, and reality are everything, without it, we're just lying to ourselves. College is a time to not only discover yourself, but learn from the people around you. It's about finding where you belong and adapting to a foreign situation. Truth is ...

My blog post question for the day is ... what don't you like about your college experience? Surprisingly, not that much. I'm just observing away.


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