Out of Bounds

Being a teenager is all about discovering the truth about everything. It's about figuring out who you are. What makes you tick, and you really gets under your skin. College is one of the few times where you get to just sit around, and think about your existence. It may or may not be completely ridiculous, to just hang out and relish in the idea of what makes you, you. It's crazy to realize that it's everything that's ever happened to you, your memories, and your morals. Prepare yourself for a journey within yourself, and tons more unbelievable college stories.

You know you're a mess when you make up Monday morning and truly have to fight to get out of bed. You can either lounge around doing nothing or actually start getting ready for the day, major decisions people. I shower and get dressed, in blue/green/white plaid, accompanied by a celebratory green sweatshirt and head on out to biology lecture. I'm 2 minutes behind schedule because I wanted to finish Ke$ha "Stephen" but totally worth it to belt out that trashy girl's tunes. Class goes by pretty fast but all this talk of glycolysis and electron transport channels goes over my head, all I know is I eat, and I live, end of story. On to HCOL where we continue talking about narratives and we get our essays back. The paper I rewrote got a B, and my next paper, samsies. Thank goodness, my heart stopped and my stomach dropped like derailing roller coaster when that moment of truth came. It's foggier than Silent Hill outside, and it looks like wronger ghost town with nobody outside at all. I'm thinking, am I late for class or early, or what the hell am I doing with my life. I make it before the Mist can capture me, to chemistry class, but Mystery Model is nowhere to be stared at. Hollister wannabe, where you at homie, without my every other day staring contest I'm incomplete, sadness ensues. Chemistry goes the same, with Jandro doodling, me reading TV Guide and tweeting, and everyone else zoning out. We love our professor, he's super nice, but it just feels like a never ending time warp in there. After class, we end up walking with Cracka-Jack, and we board the bus, uhm, first time to use the bus for something useful. Northside Tanya is on that obese vehicle too, and we all make it back to the Heights safe and sound. Jandro and I play some Call of Duty: Black Ops (Zombies) coutesy of Double-T with yelling and tons of murderous chanting, video games the cure to man problems. No-Crap Carolyn, Sam and I, go covert and undercover to literally steal Big Ben and Natty Dan's matresses in an act of revenge for disrespecting our spaces. Don't do the crime if y'all can't do the time. Stomach want nom-nom so Sam and I head to the Davis Center for some super salad, including apples and chicken. We trade life stories and make fun of people as always, it's a general passtime. I come back to greet Krabs and it's laundry time. Tell me why I get down there and all the washer's are full, with half with clothes done but no one to take them out. I sit down there and play petty computer games before I finally get two washers to get my laundry going. Freshly laundered clothes and a run to the MarchĂ© for mac 'n' cheese with Sam and Jandro, the things we do for grub, us crazy college kids. Shan-Dawg and Ky-Ky are once again up to their hilarious ways of just walking arond avoiding homework, those kids can do nothing for a long time, it's like the hourglass never runs out for them. Bro time comes with some general talks to Norio Nemesis, Jandro, and Twilight. Soon, it's Hunky Homework time with me and Krabs, as in us, dirty dancing all over our beds, singing and mixing homework all up in the grotesque boy craziness. Uhm, we're calling that totally out of bounds.

Tuesday morning , I wake up looking wide-eyed, crusted with eye-crusties, and hair matted down into a semi-permanent hard hat of wannbe Jerry-curls. Katy Perry starts wailing from the I-Home and Krabs moans, "JOteng, do something about that." Ooph, I get ready for tennis and power walk my way to the gym, braving the Frigidaire (like the refrigerator brand) elements. I don't know if I was still sleep-drunk, but I was pretty sure a breeze of snow sprinkles backhanded me across teh face. Mother nature is a huge bia, that chick needs to control her emotions. Tennis class gets off to a rocky start as Big E power slams a raging rocket ball straight into sassy Miss Gina. Nasty-Nate and I partner up and lob some balls; I'll admit it, it was raining balls like flaming comets and we were a huge mess. Next it was time to learn the overhead smash. One missed lob to begin with and I went straight Jackyl-Hyde wild. Usher's "More" describes the situation, "I'm a beast, I'm an animal, I'm that monster in the mirror" - I walloped the hell of those things like it was my six-figure salary paying J.O.B. Breaking more than a sweat, closer to a precipitation of perspiration, I went after a ball that was heading out of bounds, and took a bonk to the cranium. I freaking love that class, with the ridiculous antics in raqcuetology of Rebecca, Katie, Lysser, and of course, our favorite classmate, Pretty Boy Evan. Back to the dorm, but first dancing around the loose tile for good luck outside the building, and some mid-morning tom foolery. Jimbo and I hit up Alice's Café for some b-fast, where Business Bro (people who are anonymous get generic names for now), the well mannered, well groomed, classy bro who always happens to be there whenever I am, appears as collected as ever. It's Cherry Limeade Sunkist (before noon, I understand I have a problem and I'm seeking help) and a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit for this kid. We drop off Jandro's mooching sandwich and we dine in my room. Let it be known, that my homeboy, Jimbo, is FBO with the sugary sweet dancer girl, Teddy. Sound the alarm, love is in the air. Show-Show time, and I do some modelling in the surround mirrors #morningrituals and dress in cream and light blue - hot and dangerous, look out females, there's a heartbreaker on the loose. Well sorrow strikes and my partner in crime, Sammy Slamma Jamma has some essay drama and it's time to have a hardcore heart to heart. People, never let your grades bring you down. You are smart, you know what you're doing, and you can do this. Professors have lives that get complicated too. Hiding student-teacher affairs, parenting rowdy rough kids, and publishing books/research - we all need to be cut some slack. We've all got a shat ton of things to do and teaches, they need to chill, like no-motion, absolute zero frozen. Time to head out again and it's off to biology lab, no rest for the good-looking and weary. Multiple hours spent iwth ym quirky lab table of Ry-Ry, Luke-Warm, and Em-Spikes doing enzyme assays. Bounds, we outed them.

Rounds of spilling and data tables before heading back home to grab lunch with Sam I Am. Sprite and curry chicken using my eco-ware container and spork (saving the environment single-handedly) and it's just personal time. I catch up on some endearing episodes of the Lying Game (including some foster family incest) and Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures (beach boys, and dumb and dumber humor), before heading off to math class. We get our exams back, and I do pretty well, and then all of sudden we're flooring it, talking about limits and all these rules, like relax bruh-bruh, we run on island time up here in VT. No break and I'm on to chemistry lab where we've got a substitute TA who was not taking anybody's crap at all. Danny Boy and I keep our heads out of the line of fire, while other crazy classmates get totally shut down with death glares and sarcastic replies, like you go girl. Titrating pickle juice and cracking jokes as always, Danny Boy is the bro for life right there. We walk back to the athletic campus and I head back to my room to facebook creep and add friends before going down to the lobby for a Hall Council meeting. Let's just say the chaos of people talking over others was a little out of control. Hear me when I say, if you cut me off while I'm talking, I will end your life right then and there. It just doesn't happen, if I have something to say, give me the respect to say it or else I have no reason to listen to your garbage as well, ya trash collector. Planning a Halloween Prom can be so much drama. Upstairs to trade lab results with Em-Spikes, eat leftovers while laying on the ground in a seductive pose and watching the Secret Circle. Westside Jake comes to visit and discuss skis and preppiness, always an interesting talk with that kid. Night life opens up and it's about bed time but not before another bro-talk with Twilight, Jandro, Krabs, and special guest Shan-Dawg. BB-sagging dancing and general stupidity. Check the video below. Another 2 am night for no reason, and we're calling it out of bounds.

Being a teenager is all about hanging on to you who you are and never changing for anybody or anything. People will talk, and run their mouths, but they can talk for miles, but they'll eventually run out of gas, and I will not be the one to help them refuel. I'mma be flyin' on a G5, G5 with Jesse Mac, Leavin' - never to come back again. You do you, and I'mma do me, not need to go out of bounds.

My blog post question for the day is ... how have people surprised you in college? Most people are the bomb, but there are some characters I'd like to delete from this chapter of my life already. Can you say, rewrite.


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