Another World

Being a teenager is all about feeling comfortable in a place you're unfamiliar with. You know that feeling when you walk into a room and you realize everyone is staring at you, and when you overcome the stares and just walk around like you own the place, because you know you belong, that's the shat that I'm talking about. College is a completely different world from anything any of us has experienced but it's totally manageable and you can do more than just find your fit, but flourish and dominate. It's what we do. It's just another world to conquer.

Wednesday morning was another one of those mornings. Hopping out of bed, suiting up in plaid and the random outdoor warmth that gave me the not quite so bright idea to wear shorts. I read for HCOL and it's total confusion. I'm talking making the Niall Horan confused look. Krabby Patty leaves and he's wearing his shorts with his high socks, a look only he could pull off. I walk outside and it's windy and I'm legitimately the only person wearing shorts. It's totally a mess, but I walk with dignity and make it biology lecture where we talking exons and introns and gibberish. Exon, to me, is a oil company with gas stations where I fuel up the Benz and drive around, not transcribe DNA. It's on to HCOL where we watch a PBS (All I think about is Zoom, Ubbi-Dubbi and Fanny Dooley) documentary of some Russian dude's musical riot inducing creation known as the "Rite of Spring." We watch a clip from Fantasia, which I've seen before in my past life, but the word "Fantasia" was said and my mind thought of the former American Idol star with the gaping fish face and that crazy mental breakdown. It's lunch time, so I change into some more appropriate slim twill khaki (and my donk was looking re-donkulous, girls come and get some) and join the boys, Jakey-Bear, Jandro, and Krabby Patty on a walk to the Davis Center for some good eats. We scavange and scout the place before deciding on a classic meal of burgers and fries (Welcome to Good Burger. Home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?). Jandro has to head to class soon but not before some intense bathroom time - we're friends people and telling each other everything, including the disgusting excretory habits is what we do, don't you? Tiredness hits me and I feel like I'm another world, a place where I don't have to go to class (a teenage boy can wish, can't he). I get my self up and head off to chem lecture where I realize I haven't seen Mystery Model (the Wesley Morgan look-a-like) in like two weeks, I miss the awkward smiley faces. Chem lecture zooms on by with discussion of atomic radii and ionization energies. The energy it takes for me to go to class is what we should be studying, why is there not a textbook about me already, I'm interesting as eff. It's totally another world in chemistry.

It's straight back to the dorms after a walk with Cracka-Jack, Westide Kyrstina, and Jandro. I've got some time to write the jokes behind my TV show tweet rants and then it's a long talk with the parents on the way to the studio. Dear mommy and daddy, thanks for saying you miss me. It's implied that I feel the same, but I miss the cash flow. Please deposit money into my bank account soon, I'm dwindling and haven't purchased clothing in almost a month. I'm dying, sincerely, your well-dressed collegiate son. In the studio with the whole Dirty Pop it's like an episode of that Bill Cosby reality show, but instead "Joteng Says the Darndest Things" - you know sometimes, I'm just a mess, let's leave it at that. The show goes on with another stellar (get my astronomic reference) performance from Jon Lott, Molly, Hailey's Comet, Allie and T. Sou. It was interesting time, even with talking to Michael Cohen who's got a bad rap for no real reason. It's smoothie time at Ben and Jerry's for this boy, and the worker girl literally blending my gummy bears into my drink, which I highly appreciate. Please understand how much I don't like chewing, it's so much effort. She even double dosed the bears, baby girl, I luh you. Back to the suite to play some Modern Warfare 3 with Jandro and Cullen before heading off to the IRA (inter residence association) meeting. Free assorted wings and pizza and a senate style meeting, what could go wrong. We talk about the "no backpack" rule that's been instated in one of the dining halls, and when items are left in the cubbies outside of this place, stuff gets stolen, just like food was being stolen from the cafeteria. It's kind of a big problem, but who knows how to fix it. This could all be solved in people didn't steal, I'm pretty sure we were all taught that grand theft luncheon was wrong. Then we talk about the end of semester "Naked Bike Ride" as in drunken naked people running around. It gets more than heated, and the discussion even results in the awkward silence ever. To lighten the mood we practice our conference cheer and get our pictures taken before the dramatic meeting is adjourned. Back to the room to blog up a tornado of teenage advice, Not Too Young. JaMocha Shake, Jackie, comes to visit, and Sam and Jandro are hanging out in my room, doing a mixture of homework and bickering, as always. We come up with the bright idea of doing more handstands, and me being my clumsy self, knocks me foot into a mirror and the door hinges, mondo painful. We finally get it done and it's time to go to bed, alone. Krabby Patty has returned home to take care of Baby Tom, his dog and his house. It's a another world, cold and alone.

Waking up Thursday morning was quite the job well done. One Direction "Gotta Be You" comes streaming loud and from my IHome and I know I had better get myself up and get ready for some singles tennis. I'm locked and loaded, and even check out the guns in the mirror (who says I'm not the fairest of them all) before heading over to the gym. On the way there I check my email on my phone, and my math teacher is sick and so class is cancelled, what a horrible way to get a win, but I'll take it. In tennis the tournament rages on when I play Rebecca. It was a tough game for sure, but I came out victorious winning 6-2, but with the 3 long deuces all up in there it could have easily turned out the other way. Since we finished early I headed over to Alice's Café to grab my breakfast and walk back to the room. At the bottom of the staircase my Krabby Patty comes back to me and we do a slow motion run and hug, it was like Fired Up all over again. Cullen takes a shower so I'm forced to wait in my man sweat and decide to start on my long essay due Monday for HCOL, 7-9 pages to be exact. The shower frees up and it's most deff show-show time. I get all freshened up like a polished stud, why yes thank you, and work some more on the paper before I succumb to sleep. I knock out on my bed, and Jandro on Pat-Pat's. It's dreary, raining, and straight cold outside and with no more class until 5pm, I have the whole day to do "work" (wink wink, apparently sleep). I eventually wake up with what Krabasaurus Rex calls "Dragon Eyes" (what happens when I fall asleep with my contacts in) and once it subsides I walk into the rain to get lunch from the Marché. Chicken Parmesan sliders with chips and a York peppermint pattie, the meal of champions. I've still got time before plenary so I take my sweet time in discovering some One Direction tumblrs. It's another world completely, out there.

With the rain coming on down, it's time to walk to plenary which has switched locations for the week to the music recital hall. With the company of Westide Jake and Harrison and Jandro and avoiding some supes deep puddle we make it to the place. For plenary this week we have Michael Arnowitt, a Vermont classical and jazz pianist. The dude was literally amazing, and saying he was gifted would be an understatement. He looked a little bit like Monk (Tony Shaloub) and had his quirks like a lisp and he was also nearly blind, but who gives a damn, the dude demolished those ivories. Don't you love the awkward moment when you sit down next to someone and they instantly get up and move? It's most deff not me, it must be you. I look like a hunksicle as always, and smell like womanizing delight, so deal random and skedaddle. It's back to the dorm to go Albert Einstein relatively crazy on some chemistry homework. Jandro has to do his too so it's me to the rescue as always. I get on facebook and my friend my home posted the link to One Direction's song "Another World" and the day is complete right then and there. Please and thank you. Chasey is supposed to come on by but we wait to avail and it's time to get ready for broomball. We get decked out in black and the Eastside Gang armors up for one more time to hit the ice and get to playing. We play some skilled seniors, like these people might have been professionals, like D3 Mighty Ducks status. All I know is I don't like to loose so I'm shouting and yelling to the point where I'm about to loose my voice, this just isn't a game, it's a way of life. There was tackling, a shat ton of high stick fouls, and we even had to combat a power play after a teammate took out this chick. All in all we fought valiantly but lost, 4-1. Hey there's always next year. Back to the Heights to change and head to the Marché for some late night dinning. Pizza, a sugar cookie, and some root beer heal all wounds and I see Russie and Rikey walk by the window. People watching is a terrible pastime. Back home where I help JaMocha Shake with that same chemistry online quiz - do we have chemistry, maybe yes, maybe no. I walk upstairs after an SOS call from Chasey where he and Jandro are literally terrorizing Hannah H. and Anna. It's just past midnight mind you, and these girls are being tortured. We finally leave but not before Chasey and Jandro rip everything off their beds and pile it on top of them, including a book, some boots, and a yoga mat. Who does that, only them. It's beddy bye time and it's another world without Krabby Patty to complain to before nighty-night.

Being a teenager is all about taking control of your new world. College is a time to figure out what makes you tick, and what you're passionate about. Go after what you want and forget everything else. You've got the power and you owe it to yourself to make your college experience the best years of your life. Take it all on out and to another world.

this is so cute
My blog post question for the day is ... how do you deal with being in a new place? I mean, I'm always nervous but I just let my personality come on out and do the talking. I feel like I can connect with almost anyone pretty easily.


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