Not Too Young

Being a teenager is all about realizing that you're just that, a teenager. College is most deff a learning experience and a time to come into your own. It's a time to grow, mature, and discover who you are. Who you are also has to do with your age. I don't know about you, but as long as I'm still 18, I'm going to live it up. I'm free, I'm being paid for, and I have my whole life ahead of me. I'm not too young, just young enough.

Monday morning I wake up and it's already 8:47, and Krabs has class at 9:30. 9:15 comes on around and I'm telling you he like collegiate gymnast hopped out of bed and sprinted to change into his skaterboy/hipster gear (truly, he's neither, just my Krabby Patty). I finally struggle out of bed and read for HCOL about some sort of riot because of some Russian dude's musical explosion called the "Rite of Spring" - uhm, if it doesn't involve pop beats and a little hint of auto-tune then that's not what I call music. Biology lecture is the same old where we talk about DNA unwinding and the "clicker" (more like death by multiple choice) question was literally impossible. On to HCOL where we talk about music, and I used the opportunity to mention Rebecca Black as an example of bad music, there is such a thing. There's a reason not everyone likes every genre of music. Sometimes, you're just too young to appreciate things. Back to the dorm where Krabs and I wait for Jandro before we meet up with Jakey Bear and head towards the Davis Center to get lunch. Jandro's skateboarding like crazy man, Krabs and Jakey are vaguely bickering and I'm texting up a storm. We see Fudgy-Ian (Chasey's friend who gave us the free fudge, the dude's awesome) and head inside in a horizontal line of good looking boy. It's all about the chicken curry and we get a table where the jokes fly like fireworks in the air. Quite possibly the most ridiculous group of peope you'd ever meet. We're loud like nobody's business and literally everyone was looking at us as we geeked the hell out. Jandro has to grab his stuff and head to class and the crazy just comes on out when we run back to the dorm, yelling, screaming and gallivanting like a bunch of ragamuffin bad boys. It's hardcore blogging time, if you missed it check it out "The Boy Band" - chemistry lecture rears it's ugly head and it just drags on. The girl in front of me looks like Ke$ha with some dread locks, cigarette scented lipstick and spoiled alcohol perfume, sick nasty and raggedy as eff. Then this is was totally awkward other smell, no details necessary. Jandro and I were trexting (sly texting) trying to determine what the eff the nasty scent was. Jandro has a meeting with the dean of the Honors College so we full on run from central campus back to the Heights. We're looking completely stupid saying hey to all the people we know along the way but we make just in time. Dinner time comes around and it's the Marché for a feast of bromantic status. Afterwards we visit Em-Spikes and shoes are thrown, you know panic ensues. JaMocha Shake comes to visit and we talk about her job interview and do some hardcore facebook creeping. It's just before midnight and I start writing my 3 page biology lab report while Krabs knocks out. Midnight oil can easily be burned, we're not too young.

Tuesday morning, my whole body hurts for no apparent reason, but I'm young and limber so when One Direction, "Gotta Be You" (check the music video, it's epic) gradually crescendos in a sweet explosion of British boy band bliss, I determinedly get out of bed and get ready for tennis class. It's the day of infamy, with the beginning of our class tournament. I get to class and our coach, Muff, gives me the biggest hug and tells me that I'm "the cutest thing ever." Mmkay, thanks for that. Rebecca and I are partnered up and go against Big E, and Pretty Boy Evan in our first doubles match. A whole lot of double faulting goes down and some super teamwork comes from both sides. Rebecca was a great partner, we were just having a good time and taking them down, and it also helped that we won the first set 5-4. Come at us bro. I get all sweated out and it's back to the dorm to strip down to the boxers and hang out for a few minutes. It's show-show time, but Krabby and Jandro are still getting ready for class/work, and since our friendship status has reached boy band proportions locking the bathroom doors is no longer necessary. I take my shower and Jandro comes in and pokes rapidly the shower curtain effectively scaring the hell out of me. I get dressed and it's officially breakfast time for me. I gobble down my slightly burnt biscuit sandwich and I get down to the business of finishing my bio lab. I needed like Bill Nye the science guy or Brendan from Big Brother 13, because that lab report was more than a hot mess. It's whatevs and I head off to biology lab. I count some E. coli colonies with Ry-Ry and Luc-Warm, which smell like smoldering sewage surprise, and Em-Spikes shows up. Our TA tortures us with going over what DNA, loci, genes and other genetic material are and then we do some stuff with fruit flies, which BTW look mad gross under a microscope. Fruit flies need to lay off my fruit, I don't appreciate their crazy bums nibbling on my nutritional values. I head to the Davis Center with Emily, where I buy some "Lake Champlain Chocolates," maple cotton candy, and a maple lollipop for my peer leader's, Fed, birthday. Back to my room where the jams go on and it's last minute fixing up to the lab reports. I print off Emily's lab report in addition to my revised one and send her off to turn them in. I deliver the present and it's to the Marché alone to get food and get on with my life. BBQ chicken pizza, which was kind of weird, but acceptable and a York peppermint pattie was the little dessert. A teen boy does whatever the heck he wants, I'm not too young. 

I finish up my chemistry lab report and take in the awesomeness that is the 1D Gotta Be You music video premiere. It was about that time again to head over to math class where we got our second exams back. I did pretty well, a solid B, but the spectrum was a catastrophe with people doing either really well or horribly bad, so test corrections were in order. Class ticks on slowly by, and we get out 15 minutes early. It's only 5pm but it's already darker that Twilight: Eclipse outside. I sit on a bench, and catch up on the twitter-verse before heading into the crucible (get it) known as chem lab. Danny Boy and I set up our bunsen burner and get colorful with igniting various chemicals to see their spectrums. We finish supes early and make our weekly walk back to our part of campus. The topic this week, dream jobs and we both decided being stay at home dads would be the best jobs ever, as long as we married rich. To describe his perfect girl, "She's Grade A Prime Rib." Love that kid. With a random extra hour, I watch a shat ton of YouTube videos, creep on some people and read some tweets for laughter. It's time for the weekly hall council meeting where only Caroyln, Jandro and I show up ... but one of the peer leaders, Andrew, super sassy and totally excited about cookie cutters, joined to come up with the idea for our next big event. It was din-din time with the guys, and we rolled out over there playing tag and causing chaos, as always, we're teenage boys. I saw Kyle (the Heff), Chasey's friend, and even spotted Fudgy-Ian. Back to the dorm and JaMocha came over to talk and we talked a lotta bit about culture. The girl is real easy to talk to. We discussed our favorite Lifetime Movies, and all of a sudden midnight rolled around. Krabs went to bed and I soon followed suit but not before getting toothpaste mouthwash beads in my eye. 4 am, my phone falls out of my bed and I go to retrieve it and end up falling totally on the ground for the thing. Not too young to be dumb lazy.

Being a teenager is about chilling out and taking things as they come. We're young, wild and free to be whoever we want to be. College is a time to understand what makes you who you are. If you don't like who you are, then change it. It's about time to stop analyzing who you are and start doing what you want to do. Be who you, do what you want, and keep it real. We're not too young, who can really stay young forever?

My blog post question for the day is ... how do you stay young? I still do whatever I want. I watch cartoons, Nickelodeon, and Disney Channel on a daily basis. I blow bubbles, jump rope, hula hoop, and laugh all the time. Candy is a youthful elixir, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


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