Back to Reality

Being a teenager is all about hanging out in that little mind-boggling thing called reality. I don't know about you but there are many times where I just zone out and think "is this real life" (David After Dentist style). Usually when I'm in the shower, or after watching an endearing movie or TV show (as in all of them). I get sucked in and find it hard to escape the story that I just mentally partook in. Now that we've all returned from Thanksgiving Break, college is back on and it's been a shock to system (Static Shock). Classes are ending, finals are around the corner and it's all back to reality.


Let me bring you up to speed on the whirlwind that is my life right now. Saturday afternoon, I get in the car with my second oldest brother, Eugene, and all of a sudden we've crossed the Ohio River, and we're at the CVG (Greater Cincinnati Airport). I close my eyes for like two seconds on the car ride, past Kings Island (our amusement park), Kenwood Towne Centre (the mall), through the city (Great American BallPark, the Cintas Center, and Paul Brown Stadium) and across the bridge to Kentucky. I wake up and he asks me what airline I'm using and I get out, grab my suitcase and go up the escalator to check my bag. Like damn, Thanksgiving Break is most deff over, and it's travel time mode. All systems are a go. I go through security, losing my belt, shoes, sweatshirt, cell phone, wallet, Chapstick, and laptop before I'm made to through up the Jay-Z "Hove" symbol above my head and spread my feet in the scanner. My slim jeans are falling down and my plaid boxers are about to make an impromptu appearance when I'm finally allowed to retrieve my scanned stuff. The TSA can sit themselves down, all those people are unnecessarily rude. They give you the up and down like you're some kind of terrorizing criminal. Listen here airport po-po, I am Amurrrican - so simmer down and let me join the mile high club, y'all suck. I walk to my gate, in my most high class strut, for some reason people just love to stare at me. At this point, I'm used to it, but it's still weird. I spot a seat next to this scruffy looking dude and say excuse me. The dude replies with a Jersey accent, "It's no problem, partnah." Mmmkay, bambino, slow your roll and let me pop a squat and go at these gummy bears. Time passes by and soon this massive family of annoying people sits behind me. They're yelling up a storm, causing a grade A classification of a ruckus. They're complaining about every little thing, like totally #firstworldproblems - shut your beaks and duckt tape your mouths closed, I'm trying to jam out to One Direction. I don't know if the mother is raging alcoholic or what, but she goes over to her hubby and starts giving him a good licking, like making out, hickey-fest - the whole nine yards. It was not a good look at all, and highly foul, especially with the kids there, and their grandparents. Dear miss drunk your ass, sober up and stop humping your husband in public, it's pretty gross and truly graphic. If this is going back to reality, then I don't ever want to go back.


The first flight from Cincinnati to IAD (Dulles - Washington DC) was 30 minutes late, but not enough to make me miss my second one from IAD to BTV (Burlington, VT). The stewardess, either named Jeanette or Janay, was friendly, funny, and sassy. African-American women know how to give it to people alright. I was in the awkward front row, and the guy next to me passed out with his sunken in acne scars snoring like a major Snorlax. Our plane finally lands in the nation's capital and I'm like Wally West (the Flash) zooming to my next gate. There's so many people, and literally nowhere to sit so I stand awkwardly tweeting about my awkwardness (paradox). Some seats open up and I snag one ASAP. My flight is about to board when I start seeing some familiar faces. Nick S. from upstairs in my dorm, and Middlebury College Ski Dude - James C. - and here's my tweet, "The flights to Burlington are always the best. I literally see the same people every time. Middlebury College Ski Dude on my flight " - My boarding pass is pretentiously double-checked and I take my seat in row 16 seat D (window seat kiddies). James C. takes the other window in the same row and this old married couple conquers the aisle seats in between us. What are the odds? We take off for B-Town, and everyone else is reading, so I feel obligated to start reading the monstrousity (lol) that is Frankenstein. The pilot was geeking us all out along with the flight crew for a totally aimiable ride. It's a short flight and we land early. It's to the baggage claim to wait for my stuff when I get hit in the knees with a luggage cart. I'm like WTE, and it turns out to be my suitemate Jandro. Outside where it's a little brisk into "Charles" my roommate's, Krabby Patty, and his little brother, Baby Tom, car. Shoving over some energy drinks and weights and it's off to Essex Junction, VT for the ultimate sleepover with the boys. We're driving along, singing out to pop music, literally cruising with some vinegar drenched french fries. It's back to the Carton household and I'm given the grand tour. Nice house, nice family, and I demolish some vegetable with sausage (irony) lasagna before retiring to a couch bed. Jandro and I play some darts, and mess around with the balance board. I update my facebook status and knock out. I can't actually believe I'm here. It's back to reality in the morning.

Sunday morning I have a tough time waking up. It's like 10 o'clock when I decide to get out of bed, but only becuase I overhear talk of Baby Tom and Jandro to send out mass texts from my unguarded cell phone. I spring to life and rub the Sandman out of my eyes before getting dressed and heading upstairs to "meet the parents" of my roommate, that is. For b-fast it's multiple clementines and a glass of orange juice, a very citrus charged meal. I talk to momma and papa Carton before all of get ready to head out. We load up the other car, and make a stop at the local convenience store which is pretty much like a full fledged miniature super market. I pick up some essentials like Deo for the B.O, movie theatre butter Orville Redenbacher mini popcorn bags, pomegranate lemonade, and Red Vines. It's back to house where Krabs has to retrieve his room key, and unintentionally picks up more clothes to add to the mountain. It's back to cruising where LMFAO "Sexy and I Know It" and Adele "Set Fire to the Rain" or whatever are just blasted. It's a scenic car ride with the "Camel Hump" mountain as the backdrop. Soon we're back on campus and unloading all the stuff into our suite. This is actually happening, we really have to go back to classes and all those other aspects of college life. We put the room back together and settle down after greeting everyone. Krabs heads off the library to do homework and I listen to One Direction "Up All Night" (the entire album) and do some HCOL reading. Three hours or so fly by before I wake up out of reading-sleep and get back to doing some more homework. I get a call from my favorite preptastic lax bro, Chasey-Chase'em, Jandro and I meet him at the Marché for din-din. It's falling back in to place as we trade Thanksgiving Break stories, and catch up. Aw, we totally missed our bromance. We part ways, and it's back to the room where my One Direction single CDs have finally arrived in the mail from the UK. Life is made. I go to see Sammy, and then Em-Spica comes on by. It's hardcore lab report time as we collaborate to do the results section of our ampicillin resistant plasmid transformation of E.coli bacteria (oh, I'm a biology major alright). A few hours go by, and we knock out almost all the work for it. It's just about 11 o'clock pm, and the amount of homework that's been done is mind blowing. I copy the chemistry lecture notes I missed last Friday when I left for home, and by 1:09am it's beddy-bye time. It's all to real and we're back to reality.

Being a teenager is all about dealing with whatever comes your way. Getting back into the swing of things after vacations from school can be disorienting. For me, especially, since it was the first time I'd been home since August move-in day, it was crazy weird to have to leave again and come back to college. You just have to realize where you are and what you're doing and get back to it. Life does stop for anyone. You'd better catch up and get back to reality.

My blog post question for the day is ... what did you miss most about your college while on break? Uhm, just my buddies and all their constant craziness. It's a perpetual good time with these kids.


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