Back to Back

Being a teenager is all about rolling with the punches. Things will happen and you've got to deal with the repercussions. Things have a way of occurring more than once. It just seems that everything piles up and you're about to collapse. But you've got to stay strong, stay smiling with those pearly whites, and combat everything that comes your way, no matter if it's back to back. Armor up, assemble your arsenal for teenage resilience, and bounce on back.

Waking up on Wednesday morning was super difficult. I had no intention of leaving the smoking hot sanctuary that is my twin XL bed, but I made it out eventually. I read a summary of a book and it's time to head to biology lecture. It's another class on inheritance, the only thing I need to know about inheritance is that I'm going to be rolling in dough, eventually, thank you mother and father. It's on to HCOL where our professor starts by asking us if we thought our essays we recently turned in were good. I raise my hand tentatively and no one else does. We're all scared shatless but I ended up getting an A-, and she wanted us all to be confident in our work. We discuss the Hmong cultured book we've been reading and time flies by. I get to blogging, if you missed it check it out Dream On. It's about 2:37pm and I make my way to chemistry lecture. It's hard to stay awake when you've had back to back days of sleep deprivation, but I manage to keep my eyes open and take notes. I hurry back to the dorm room and look up tweets for the latest episode of Dirty Pop. I get to the studio and the show starts. It was literally hilarious, our host Jon Lott and his sass are too much to handle. Hailey's Comet and Molly even had a tweet off with #ThingsLongerthanKimsMarriage. Foxy Jack Steele modeled Hailey's clothes and Allie and Jon debated movie deaths. I got fired up about DCOMs (Disney Channel Original Movies) seeing as I've seen every single one, and still watch the premieres; I finish out the show with a rant on tweets of the week and I'm out of there, but not before Jon Lott proves he has a soul and thanks us all with a creepy wink and some candy. It's to the Marché for talapia fish tacos with Sammy, which were pretty good. I wave to Mystery Model from the window, and even see Business Bro, Matt longboard on by. We've got a 30 minute window before we have to be at IRA (inter residence association) where we're apart of a leadership program. ILLiteracy, check them out, was awesome. Knight, Jordan, Liz, Grace, Grace's BF (Cody), Samantha and IRA-Sam all collaborated to come up with our vision for our study group. Brett the hilarious representative was geeking me out and we traded twitter @names. 9pm rolls around and Sam and I run out of there back to the dorm to get ready for broomball. I'm changing into all white when playboy Chasey-Chase'em comes in for some bro-time. A little consolation goes a long way, and I minority battle Westside Harrison, igniting a racist joke war. The Eastside Gang broomball team makes it to the hockey rink and we're ready to play when we find the other team doesn't show up so they forfeit. We divide into two teams amongst ourselves and play, and it gets brutal. I'm talking taking hits from sticks to the mask, cuts, bruises, blood, and getting checked into the glass. Soon the puck slapping referees let us know we've got to clear the ice and the Zamboni comes around to do it's thing. I feel like an Ice Princess and I see my acquaintance, Blair, muddy as always. We're all thirsty and craving some candy so Jimbo, Cullen, Jandro, Sammy and I decide to walk to the gas station for some sustenance. We walk through some sinking mud and we grab some munchies. Cracking jokes and being generally stupid on the way back, but a total success. I, unwisely, eat a whole bag of gummy worms and wash it down with soda before doing handstands in the hallway. Apparently I'm ready at it before I almost dented the wall. I do half my math homework in Jandro's room before going to bed at 3am. Terrible ideas, back to back, more and more.


Thursday I morning I awake gently to the sweet boy band sounds of One Direction singing "Gotta Be You" and I slide the bedtime bar on my IHome to wakeup and do nothing of the sort. I make the stupid mistake of going back to bed for 5 more minutes (should have used the snooze button instead) and I wake up again and it's 8:50am. My tennis class started at 8:30am. At first I think it's a prank, then I think it's daylight savings time and then I realize that I'm just a colossal mess and scramble to make it over to the gym. We're playing this intense game of turkey ball where you battle to take control of the court and I was the catalyst that changed everything. My shining moment, superman jumping into the air and overheard smashing, successful, to end a game. Nasty-Nate, Katie, Lysser, Gina, Rebecca, and Big E were there, all we were missing was Pretty Boy Evan. Next week the class tournament starts, and I'm going all out, like Daniel Gimeno-Traver status. I come  back to the dorm, shave the face like I'm getting ready for a Real World reunion show, and indulge in a blazing hot shower. I come out and realize I'm going to be totally late for my meeting with my professor. I dress up as fast as possible, cutting down a 15 minute process to like 3 is a skill I rarely use. I'm soon out of there and power walking to central campus for the meeting on how to get started with our 7-9 page essays due before the end of the semester. It's like nonstop chaos for the morning but I get my idea and I head outside to get breakfast at the food truck. It's a hotsauce covered English muffin with Lipton Iced Tea, and I see Paigey from IRA (inter residence association) strolling on by, happy and cheery as ever. I head to the convenience store inside the Davis Center, like a gas station minus the gas pumpy smell to buy paper towel, straws and some more drinks. I popped into Brennan's when I saw Nemesis-Norio and Natty-Dan playing an intense game of Foosball and it was back to the room to get started on studying for my math exam. I'm talking to myself, just having a full conversation  (I'm not that weird) and I get on YouTube to watch some One Direction behind the scene videos. After 45 minutes of being ridiculous all by my lonesome, Krabby Patty wakes up out of bed and I realize he's been there the whole time. Just back to back embarrassments right there.

Daniel Gimeno-Traver Daniel Gimeno-Traver of Spain in action against Gael Monfils of France during Day Four of the ATP Masters Series Tennis at the Monte Carlo Country Club on April 13, 2011 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

I'm left alone and so I study like nobody's business, doing tons of practice problems (I opened my math textbook for the first time, ever) and sang as loud as possible. Successful afternoon, I would say so. I eat sunflower seeds and drink kiwi-strawberry Arizona juice drink mixed with ginger ale and soon it's time for my math exam. I make it after walking through the underground tunnel railroad and I even see my chem lab partner, Danny Boy, and it's time to get down and dirty with derivatives. At one point, I started dozing but I was done. I turned it and walked out with my dignity still intact. It was back to the dorm for a few minutes and then Krabby Patty and I walked to our honors college plenary, the secret, through the hospital way. It was like a whole new world back there. Plenary was actually interesting for once, this pediatrician dude talked to us and he was pretty likeable and easy to relate to. I ended up sharing my Black Forest gummy bears with Sammy, Jimbo, Shan-Dawg and Ky-Ky. After an hour it was all over and I met up with Chasey-Chase'em for some bromance time. We walked down the hill into Burlington and had dinner at Panera Bread. It's always a great time to hang out with the kid, he's hilarious, and makes the best jokes ever. I get some chicken noodle soup, a sandwich and a big cookie. We do some bro-type bonding and hash out all our problems with college. It's great to know someone's got your back and that they can say the same for you. Chase gets a call from his friend, Abigail, so we walk to Ben and Jerry's to meet up with her and her two friends, Zoey and Meg. The bus back to campus pulls up and we all hop on board. We start talking about guilty pleasures and Lifetime Movies are the ultimate indulgence. Nicky B says hey, and it's to the top of the hill and it's our stop. Chasey and I walk back to his dorm so I can grab my backpack. We've grown past handshakes to bro-hugs. It's drizzling and I'm not happy so I make the wise decision to catch the bus. I step on and guess who's sitting there, just Mister President, and Miss VP of IRA, Knight and Jordan. We discuss twitter and it's a general laugh fest before I get off at my stop right in front of my hall complex. I've got just enough time to put down my packback and brush my teeth again before I head down to the recreation room with a big cup and a curly straw to get some Italian hot chocolate from my peer leader, Fed. It was a good time to catch up and hang out after a tyrannically crazy week. I even gave up my disgust for whipped cream and indulged via the loops of my straw in warm, thick, chocolaty goodness like me. I'm finally ready to go see Em-Spikes to talk about the ridiculousness that is our biology lab TA. Apparently the whole class fail at writing lab reports, who knew there were supposed to be like four pages long. That's not happening, like ever. I'm a teenager meaning that any class that threatens to take over my life will be hearing my lawyer who's on retainer (apparently that's the not thing you put in your mouth to keep your teeth straigtht & BTW, who actually has a lawyer). I'm sitting in my room, singing to myself and knocking out the remainder of my midnight deadlined math homework when all of a sudden I hear screaming coming from the hallway. I'm about to grab my cape and go Clark Kent, Smallville Superman when I realize we actually have to evacuate the building. I slip on my shoes, grab my keys and bolt like nobody's business. Most of the Honors College is out and it's lightly misting making it colder than ever. In the panic, I forgot to grab a jacket, I just didn't want to get my arse burned. Jandro gets the idea to do a group huddle, so with me and Em-Spikes in the center, Westside Sam, Nemesis Norio, Double-T, Joelly-Bear, and tons more people create the warmest embrace ever. The firemen clear the situation and it's back upstairs to finish not only my math homework but to power through the chemistry quiz. Soon it's just past midnight and Krabby has made his return, alive and well. I go into Jandro's room, and him, Cullen, Westide Julia and Northside Abby are playing waterpong with the physics thrown out the window (who needs gravity and angles). It's beddy-bye time and I'm ready for some back to back hours of sleep.

Being a teenager is about getting through the worst days ever. Some days you just wake up and you're a total mess, but you've still got to make it through the day. You do whatever you can to make it better, and just deal with it. Days have to end sometime. If you get a string of gargantuan bummers choose something to look forward to, it'll make the time go by so much faster. Keep your head up, keep on smiling, and keep doing your thing back to back.
My blog post question for the day is ... what can't you do repeatedly back to back? The whole going to class five days a week is kind of crazy if you think about it. What makes it worse is that there have been no three-day weekends since Labor Day. Thanksgiving Break is our only thing to look forward to.


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