Wide Awake

Being a teenager is all about making the most out of your nights. It's about living it up, or being completely dumb just because it's dark outside. We're teens, and we're not expected to be totally serious all the time. When the sun goes night night, it's time to wake up and and down to business. Doing whatever you can to not fall asleep is what we do best. Chug a soda, eat some jellybeans, and scream as loud as you can. We're all wide awake, and we're going to be up all night.


Wednesday was another one of those difficult wake ups. Studying the night before an exam may or may not be a good idea. I'm feeling like Jake Gyllenhaal going Prince of Persia with the Sands of Time about to run out when I have to go take my biology exam. I knock out most of the questions, filling in the bubbles like it's my part-time job and even scribble some knowledgeable answers for the short answer but I've got no idea how I did. I finished just as the class was over with literally the other 37 kids left still working on it overtime. It was on to HCOL where we talked about Native Americans and how they are displaced in American culture. I'm thinking that something should be done to help these people, "our" society has trapped them on reservations. Time to leave and Davey and I discuss what and when the exam would be, with both of us having no idea what to expect for the final. It was most deff time for food and on to the Marketplace with the boys. Krabby Patty, Jakey Bear, and Jandro were all in hurry so I got my chicken curry to go and we went our separate ways. It's the thought that counts. I'm about to cross main street and was in the process of tweeting when I end up right behind two of the men's basketball players. The Bald one who looks like Darrin Brooks "Alex Moran" from Blue Mountain State, and another tall person suited up in a jumpsuit. Dear giants, you for sure got me wide awake alright, it's not everyday you see some bball stars off the court. I go back to the room and try to take a nap only to be interrupted by Jimbroni. Let sleeping Joteng sleep. Looking like this all the time may not require actual sleep, but it doesn't hurt (kidding people). Wakey wakey- wide awake.
It was time for another chemistry lecture where we take about formal charges and all I think about are electron dot structures making bowties and silk pocket squares, those would be some high class formal charges. I dip out and it's time to write some tweet jokes and watch One Direction Ustream their listening party. 5:15pm rolls around it's off to the studio to shoot "Dirty Pop" - watch The Alumni Episode, I close the show with my tweet rants. Studio time is always hilarious, I did my first segment on 2012 anticipated movies and Hailey's Comet and Foxy Jack went on to demolish celebrity scandals. Somehow they end up talking about porn making it quite possibly the funniest segment ever. Everybody is throwing around witty comebacks like Jon Lott, Michael Cohen hanging up thumb-tack-able posters with a Hammer and help from Danny T. Molly, Tricia, and Allie all bring the sass for a legendary episode. It's just about 7 o'clock when I go back to the Heights to meet up with Sammy and Krabby Patty where we decide to head back to the Davis Center to grab Ben and Jerry's smoothies. Let me tell you, I hate walking ... someone should carry me or why can't I use a jetpack, college stinks. I get a smoothie from Power Ranger Dude Jake M. who understands not to blend my gummy bears - that's quality service right there. Krabs does some digesting while we sip smoothies and it's off to the IRA meeting. We discuss the cancellation of the Naked Bike Ride (read further for why I support the decision) and with Knight and Jordan leading the pack we all rally to second the decision. We talk about the no backpack rule being instated in one of the dining halls and the all the drama surrounding it. Who actually knows how I got involved in this game of politics. But we lighten the mood with some light humor from National Council Coordinator Sam, hockey goalie and tweeter extraordinaire Brett, Social Programmer Grace, Brucey, Feresha and the vocal awesomeness known as Paigey. We do some collective brainstorming for activities to add to the replacement event and adjourn the meeting. It's time to play tennis with Nasty-Nate, yeah you know just 9pm at night and swinging around racquets. I see Westside Davey doing his thing fencing, which might be awesome and quite regal. Our final game ends with me winning 6-4 after some unbelievable deuces and crazy shots. Valiant effort from Nasty-Nate but not enough to dethrone this prince. I'm hungry as eff so it's off to the Harris Millis dinning hall (the backpack banned one) for some late night eating. Pizza, pasta, eggs, and soda, the wide awake meal of champions. We see Jandro's friend Nihad who is peppy as ever that club football playing monster. Back to the dorm just before midnight where Em-Spica pays us boys in Jandro's room a visit. By this time I've discovered full versions of 1D "Up All Night" and am hopelessly hooked singing along - check it out here Album Playthrough, totally worth listening too. Jandro tries to gross us out with the Human Centipede 2 trailer and we watch scenes from White Chicks. So many inside jokes, and the "Thousand Miles" singalongs are too funny. It's just before 3am when I finally finish blogging All Night Long. No more time to be wide awake. Hit the lights.

Thursday morning are always rough after those stupildy long Wednesday nights. Waking up for tennis is totally worth it though. I get dressed and get on with walking over to the gym. It's me versus Big E for the singles game and it's about to go down. I'm fired up and raring to go. The match goes on, and on, and on. We end up tieing at 5-5, and playig a tiebreaker where I went on to lose, yeah I said it lose, 7-4. It was a tough game, okay. Tricky shots, power hits, and a dumb overhead smash lead to my dimise. It's NBD, at least I played my best and put on a great effort. I'm always a winner. It was breakfast time, and after sweating bullets like a freaking middle Latin America prison it was off to Alice's CafĂ© for the usual. Do you ever see people who look like they'd be super mean, but you come to find out they're not. I was walking behind this dude, nicknamed Hollister Homie, by me, becacuse he looks like one, and I was totes expecting the bro to not hold the door for me, but he for sure did and I was a good distance away. I quite appreciate it, and you might not be so evil after all. It was back to the dorm for show-show time. After I was all dressed and settled it was time to catch up on the Secret Circle which is just completely getting out of control. The show is literally breathtaking, and the secrets just keep on coming, cliffhanger mode. I try to study for my math test but the stomach was a rumblin' so it was most deff lunch time. Another mediocre meal, a baja chicken sandwich with some too hard chips. My chips should make a slight crunch not stab my gums and draw blood. After fighting with my meal, I was done with being wide awake so it was plain old nappy time. Sleep to One Direction, and wake up to them an hour later. It was off to math class where everyone is doing some last minute studying for our exam. The Jake McDorman look a like dude tells us that our quiz is now going to be take home, and when our professor gets there he validates it. Greatest thing ever. It's a ton more notes and class gets out 15 minutes early. Back to the dorm to start the long night. Being roommates with Krabby Patty is always a ridiculous time, we get into a tweet battle to see who's 140 statuses are wittier. Jakey-Bear comes on over and it's a fake hate war. Everybody's going in and out and soon we realize someone has demolished our toilet. Like pooped, and flushed but the stench lingers like a broken hearted ex-girlfriend. Hey people, chill with all that, you can't disrespect our humble throne room. Sammy, Jandro and I embrace the frigid cold to get some food at the Davis Center Marketplace. I'm not that hungry so I go for the sushi. I eat this pink stuff and it's a massive wad of ginger. I'm having flashbacks to some of those classic African parent punishments and then this green, not guacamole stuff brings me to tears. It was a violent meal, to say the least. To top it all off we all get ice cream, well berry-berry extraordinary sorbet with gummy bears for me. We make it back to the Heights just in time for our community meeting where we talk about Thanksgiving Break closing and the cancellation of the Naked Bike Ride. Wide awake and still going.

I, as in IRA member, wholeheatedly support the cancelling. Only 800, out of the 11,000+ students partake in it, creepy men from Montreal and Burlington come to watch, and drunken people get hurt and also must be detoxed. It's just not the best thing, and spending $16,000per semester on police security and on-site ambulances for a small minority to be totally irresponsible is not worth it. So One Direction's debut album "Up All Night" comes out on Monday, and I ordered the deluxe edition, from the UK, but needed the album on my ipod for the trip home so I downloaded it. Literally changed my life. It was on to packing, which took a long time - I like to have alternate outfitsnecessary. Nasty-Nate, Sammy and I watched this hilarious "Whose Line Is It Anyway" with that exercising freak Richard Simmons and geeked the hell out. By this time it's just past happy hour, and the hall smells of staright booze, a dash of urine, and a sprig of lost dignity. Beer pong goes on somewhere around the viscinity, and the stench of liquor clings around. People are letting loose and gettting buck wild. Straight wild awake alright. At one point a disoriented kid walks into my room, and I'm thinking "no bueno, take your boozed self elsewhere, wrong room."Doing chemistry homework is literally like an epic battle. I'm talking like Age of Empires 3 type of stuff. I get my textbook and Wikipedia locked and loaded to wage war with some online quizzes. After an hour and a half, I not only do mine but the majority of Jandro's quiz as well. To reward myself I attempt to do a late night MarchĂ© run. It's freezing cold outside but we there and it's closed. You know I was for sure bitter as eff. Disheartened, battered and broken it was for sure sleepy time just past 2 am. Some last minute packing and my head hit the pillows ASAP, no more being wide awake.
Being a teenager is all about making the most out of the night life. When the lights down the freaks come out. People get a whole lot of wild, and it's up to you to embrace the spirit of the atmosphere, in a way that you see fit. It's about keeping it together while still having the time of your teenage life. Being wide awake means being conscious of your surroundings and circumstances. We're like young-adults or something, act it.


My blog post question for the day is what is your typical weekday night? Playing around with the boys, being ridiculously stupid, and laughing louder than ever before. Wide awake.


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