Politically Correct

Being a teenager is all about figuring out what side you're on. Some people like to say that life is black or white, but I like to think it's the gray area in between. Things aren't always what they appear to be and looks can be deceiving. They're always more than what meets the eye. You can never know everything about anyone. People are more complicated and deeper than the superficial reading you get off of them. College is about understanding others and keeping it all in check. We're getting politically correct.

Monday morning was for sure the hardest time I've ever had getting out of bed so far in college. I just layed in bed from 8am to 10:10am listening to One Direction and depressed about how I was actually back at college. It was a dark time in my teenage life. I get dressed and looking hot as hell, like always (JK people, I understand I'm model good looking but don't when people talk about it) and head off to biology lecture. Everyone looks straight dazed and confused and I make the mistake of not bring my stupid ass I-Clicker. Dear professor, I've attended every single lecture but you're not Jeopardy's Alex Trebek chill with the buzzers. My professor is flipping through slides and all of a sudden someone ripped one, like farted, massively like big time. It sounded like an earthquake and I literally almost exploded with laughter but no one else even acknowledged it. Damn, why must everyone be so politically correct and mature here, it was hilarious. It sounded like someone broke the sound barrier and sharted their pants. As soon as class ended I ran outside and laughed like a psychotic murderer, to the point where I was crying. It was on to HCOL where we swapped Thanksgiving stories and discussed Mary Shelley's (Frankenstein) scandalous. She was kind of man stealer for real. From there it was lunch with the boys at the Davis Center. The sweet food known was chicken curry was my meal and we ate in the Mansfield Room, also known as upperclassmen territory. Everyone in there just looked older, wiser, and less funny. I'm wide-eyed, young and childish and I like it. It was nap time and One Direction put me to sleep with their ultra pop ballads, oh yeah. I wake up and hurry to chemistry lecture where we discuss orbital shapes and other nonsensical atomic stuffy thingies. Back to the dorm to blog "Back to Reality" (read it people)  and it's din din time with Krabs and Jandro. Time for a change so I get a nice big salad with corn and beans and thoroughly enjoyed the roughage. Afterwards it was hardcore time to work on correcting all my ridiculous biology lab reports. I then get serious and do my math exam while singing along to 1D. Jandro and Sammy are making fun of my singing but whatever I'm a popstar in training. All is well until I take an M&M peanut to the head from Jandro. Aw hell nah. He goes sleepy bye on the ground and Em-Spica makes return appearances for some clarification. I finally finish my labs at 12:30am and complain to Krabasaurus Rex before nodding off to sleepy bye. So politically correct right.

Tuesday morning I got my hot mess of a self up and plugged in the earbuds to get ready for my doubles tennis match. One Direction is officially the soundtrack to my life, and I was pulling a Rocky Balboa in dancing my way into athletic garb to swing around my racquet. It was off to the courts to serve up a few and get back into the game. It was Pretty Boy Evan and I versus Rebecca and Big E. Let's just say I was a wild disaster double faulting like I was getting paid a three figure salary to do it. Evan and I were all over the place but it's all in good fun so we were okay when we lost 6-1 the first set. Whatevs, the championships are coming up soon. It was off to breakfast at Alice's Café where a disgruntled worker made this super awkward. Bickering behind the scenes is never a good look ladies, chillax and be happy. I ate my b-fast in my bed and did some cool down jamming to 1D (they cure all ailments). It was show-show time, so I scruba dub dub dubbed (not dubstep, that stuff is straight Transformers noises and I dislike Shia Lebeouf). On to the computer to tweet stalk and tumblrfy One Direction and search for those damn Big Time Rush concert tickets. No luck, but I will be going if it's the last thing I do. I got ready for biology lab and said my goodbye to Krabby Patty. Out the door and on the lab where it was our last day. We were running a gel electrophoresis, turning in the rest of our work and doing a whole lot of sitting around. Luc-Warm, Ry-Ry, Em-Spica and I traded Thanksgiving stories and our recurring nightmares. The naked bike ride was brought up and our secret weird smell likes, as in my affinity for the smell of new diapers, and baby powder (it's not weird). We say our goodbyes and depart. On the way back to the room I see Business Bro Matty in Alice's right before they're about to close but I determine I'd seen enough of those people for the day so I kept on walking. I couldn't find any of the boys, so I put on my big boy pants and we to get lunch, alone (it was super scary). I walked with conviction to the Marché and triumphantly recovered a turkey burger that ended up being foul as hell. Like leftover Thanksgiving in patty form. I caught up on 90210 while I ate, and the CW player kept freezing so you know I was being dramatic right back at the screen. Eff you I need by Beverly Hills drama. It was time to just lay in bed and listen to 1D while Krabs watched skateboarding videos. 3:38 reared it's ugly head and it was time for math class. We're so tired of being politically correctomundo.

Math class is always full of awkward moments like when 3 guys literally just got up and walked out of class in the middle fo notes. Like damn, could you not stay till the end? Whatevs, we took notes and our test wasn't even due until Thursday but I felt obligated to turn it in and get it over with. We got out of class early and so I went to go sit on the bench on central campus, alone, and listen to 1D. Just did some tweeting, and facebook creeping from the mobile phone in the dark while tons of people walked past. Yeah, I was that kid for like half an hour. Time for chemistry lab with Danny Boy. We did an evaluation on our TA, Graham Cracker, aka the greatest TA like ever. Chillest, most coolest, like bro dude ever and a genuine help. We got to mixing chemicals, spinning down precipitates and discovering solubility. The entire time, Danny and I are mocking the hell out of overzealous and volume-control-less Bob - too many funny under the breath sayings to even handle. The entire class came together, and everyone was helping everyone else. We sat down to do the solubility chart, and then went back to figuring out our unknowns before cleaning out our lab drawers. Randomly there was broken test tube in there, so we were not having it. We get checked out and we're out of there, just on time. It's just past 8:10 when we do our final bro walk back to athletic campus. We're both running late for meetings so we do the double-tap bro-hug and peace out. I can truly say I had the best lab partners like ever, made my semester, love ya Danny Boy and Em-Spica. It was right into the intensity that was our hall council meeting. Planning the Winter Extravanganza is kind of a mess, with some unwanted input from some extra people making it a drama fest. Complaining afterwards was literally awesome, I love venting and making fun of people - it's what I do. Sammy and I hit the Marché and waited for Jandro before we grabbed a table. Roasted chicken sandwich for me, and Jandro just tells some Westside girls they've got big boobies, like bobgangas. Behind us, the giant men known as the basketball team are just demolishing food like human food trucks and it's time to leave with my plate of chips. We cut through the L&L and I see Mystery Model outside (the dude is everywhere). Jandro slaps my chips out of my hand and the chaos ensues from there, so wrong. Back to the room where a real crime has been committed. Someone has defiled our toilet, I'm talking like the atomic bomb of defactation. Poop stains and a disgusting scent like nobody's business. I clean the toilet properly and end that ASAP. So politically incorrect. Everybody is doing something spontaneous and I get a craving for something sweet and wild so Sammy, Nasty-Nate, and I decide to walk to the gas station. I always love those trips, it's a fun time where we avoid getting hit by cars, trample through mud, and look awkward as hell just coming out of the woods. I get my soda and they get some candy/cereal and we make our way back to the dorm. It starts to drizzle and we make it back to my room where talk of politics ensues. Sam does her homework, and the rest of us talk some hard hitting politics, which almost makes me want to ignite my fake childhood dreams of becoming el presidente. It's a more than civil conversation with Nate, Cullen and I. We even talk about how cannibalism could be allowed in order to refuel poverty stricken countries. At first I was totes against it, but they convinced me really how rational it was, even if it is wrong to taste human flesh. Republicans and Democrats alike have a lot to fix in this country and we even talk about the importance of war (and me who's totally against the killing of any human beings). This is why I like college, and why I appreciate my friends here, real conversations about stuff we kind of should care about. There's a good hour and a half of Sarah Palin, Cain and Obama talk. Eventually it's beddy-bye time so out goes the lights and into bed I go. I toss and turn but am just too lazy to get up to open the window and end up sweating out all my clothes. Talk about restless sleep. I was so politically incorrect.

Being a teenager is all about taking in all the variables. There are so many options and we make so many choices on a daily basis. The way we say things, and what we mind behind everything we say gives insight to who we are. There's no such thing as the "kind of" person you are. Everyone is unique, different, and cannot be grouped like some sort of lump sum into categories. People need to be taken in an individual basis. It's about banishing ignorance and being politically correct.

My blog post question for the day is ... do you ever find yourself saying ignorant things? It's a daily basis that Jandro and I get into quips about Spanish and African stereotypes, it's too much to handle.


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