All Night Long

Being a teenager is all about staying up on weeknights. Rebuking sleep makes you a rebel, we all know that. College is the time to learn to utilize your insane ability to stay wakefully conscious into the wee hours of the morning. Whether it be for good, or bad, it's totally up to you. Let the soda fizz spill everywhere, eat some massive soft cookies, blast music, and talk about the most random things until you can't possibly keep your eyes open anymore. We're doing it all night long, people.

Monday morning started a little earlier than expected. I woke up at 6:55am and hopped out of bed to run to the laptop to get ready for registration. One of the perks of being in the honors college and being on the pre-med track is priority registration, ahead of everybody else. Sammy comes in and we're sitting yelling at our computer for the page to load, the site was like crashing. Oh, you know I was about to rage. Heart beating faster, sweat dripping down my face, and the pressure was on to get those coveted HCOL spots. Locked and loaded, and I wake up Jandro to do the same at 7:32am. It was a rough morning for all for us, and even Krabby Patty was awake and got breakfast before coming back. I was smelling a little like funky town (Sabrina: the Teenage Witch anyone?) so I took a little random show-show. I got dressed in blue plaid and printed out that 8 page HCOL essay, bossed up. It was off to bio lecture where I ended sitting in the very back row with the less serious kids, random happening. This due sits next to me and he smells like straight cotton balls, and ask to borrow a pen for me. He was looking a little shifty eyed and scruffy, but class ended soon enough. It was off to HCOL where we taked about history and specifically Native Americans and how they were wronged by the settlers. What a displaced people for real, they've just been wrangled up on reservations and left to wallow in their own culture. They need to get with their times, it's one thing to preserve your heritage but if you can't progress, it's useless. Back to the room where a sweaty Krabby Patty fresh off the pavement from skateboarding greets me. We wait for Jandro, and it's off the Davis Center Marketplace for some lunchy-lunch. It's beef tacos from the mediocre mess known as New World Tortilla and we sit with Shan-Dawg who's going at her soup as always. The rest of the boys have class and dip out, and Jimbo comes to sit with me. I see my chem lab partner, Danny Boy, talking up this beautiful girl, and send him a creeper text. Kids got swag and is putting the moves like Jagger on the dame, I highly approve. Jimbroni and I walk back to the Heights while we talk about tuition and how expensive college really is. It takes some real gwap people. I decide to take a nap, so it's One Direction to the rescue for some awesome tunage before I pass the heck out. 37 minutes later I wake up and freak out thinking I had missed chem lecture, but I head over there like a bolt of plaid dressed  Avatar: the Last Airbender Princess Azula blue lightning. Lewis, not Louis Tomlison of 1D, dot structures and electron sharing are discussed and Jandro knocks out ones again. The dude is repeat offender, probably because he stays does things all night long. Chemistry lecture finishes and it's back to the dorms blog up a storm, read up on The Bromance just in case you missed it. It was time for homework to get done so it was over to Em-Spica's room to start studying for biology. Going over that stuff is legitimately rough. Exams stink and preparing for them is no walk in the park. Jandro finds us again, and draws a barrage of penises for some comedic relief. He might be crazy, stubborn, antagonistic, and out of control, but there's no denying he's pretty funny ... most of the time. The kid falls asleep everywhere, and I mean everywhere, as in Emily's pink futon, mouth open, drooling, and curled up in a ball. Ridiculous, for sure. Work on the chem lab gets done, and it's finally time for beddy-bye, all night long.

Tuesday morning was a whole lot of rough, but waking up to One Direction makes everything so much better. Boy band pop with sappy sweet lyrics just cheer you right on up. I hop out of bed with a little swagger in my step (not really) and get dressed for tennis class. Right before I leave on go over to Krabby Patty, who sleeps in just his boxer-briefs (love the kid), and wake him up so he can citate the hell out of his HCOL paper. It's into the brisk cold to make it to the gym. The class tennis tournament continues with me being partnered with Big E for doubles against Rebecca and Pretty Boy Evan. The heat is on with a nail bitter of a match that ties up at 4-4 before we enter into tie breaker mode. Double faults come into play, so great net rebounding actions and tons of frustration later, we win the match officially 4-4(7-2 tiebreaker). It was for real tough, but those are the best wins, I'm so far undefeated, and hoping to keep the streak alive. From there, it was to Alice's CafĂ© for some b-fast. I grab the usual pomegranate iced-tea, and sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit and dip out of that place ASAP. The staff is so nice and courteous and truly does brighten some of this dismal mornings. I really like when people sincerely ask how you are doing - it might be one of my favorite things (not the Sound of Music). It's back to the dorm to take a super shower, and imagine I'm a superhero (hey we've all got our fantasy, get off my back). I get dressed and print out some papers for Krabby Patty and myself before walking over to biology lab. It's DNA week. Me and Ry-Ry giggled as Luc-Warm and Em-Spikes had to swish some salt water around to dislodge cheek cells which we spin down in the centrifuge (the scientific merry-go-round thingy). Lab always takes a ridiculous amount of time and we're pretty much confused, like always but we get out 45 minutes early. I ain't mad at though so I take myself to the Davis Center to get some tacos and head back to the room to finish my chem lab and take a nap-nap. No such luck, Jandro is feeling rowdy and wants to keep me up all night day long - I get to lay my head for a solid 10 minutes before I arise and walk to math class.

A shat ton of notes are taken, like when bad kids have to write chalk sentences about how they won't be bad, but in my notebook. Unbelievably, my privileged fingers were literally throbbing from writing but knowledge is power, get it. Class ends and it's on to chemistry lab with Danny Boy. We're doing reagents and looking for precipitates and color changes and we're literally the boss team like a DC comic team up. He's mixing chemicals like a laboratory chef and I'm rinsing out the test tubes like a My Wife and Kids "Michael Kyle" Mr. Clean wannabe. All of sudden we're told to grab our stuff and get the heck out the building, there's a major gas leak. The smell was for sure sick nasty, and totally gnarly. We're outside and it's like the zombie apocalypse from those Resident Evil Movies (BTW like the 6th one comes out in 2012, why) with strobing lights, and PA system warning announcements. An hour early out of lab and we didn't get to finish but Danny Boy, and I walk back with Mireille to the Heights. That kid is for sure one my favorites, literally hilarious with high class taste in the ladies - best lab partners ever. You know I wasted that extra hour just watching YouTube One Direction videos, like this link 1D Preview to hear snippets from their upcoming album "Up All Night" which releases in 5 days. Krabs, Jakey-Bear and I have a tweet off - follow me here My Twitter. Hall Council time comes around and it's time to talk politics. We get some of the peer leaders to come and help (more like dominate and try to usurp) the Winter Extravaganza - whatevs we've got the money and we'll do with it what we want. We approve the purchase of $250 worth of condoms, wrap it up people (while I do love babies, and know the general process of delivering one, not in college kids, safe sex is great sex but the best sex is no sex as in abstinence) and the meeting's over. Late night MarchĂ© time with Jimbo, Sammy, and Jandro. Eating semi-burnt pizza just doesn't fly with me and it's back to the Heights to do work. You know we're all trying to keep one another up all night long so Krabs, Cullen, Jandro and I grab pillows and have a pillow fight (yes, boys do it too) and it gets wild as eff. I'm talking about taking elbows to the face, being knocked to the ground, tackling, and cheap shots, boys will be boys. I get my biology stuff and go visit Em-Spikes to study for biology exam. Reviewing is so weird, but we get lots done, and even trade family stories and realize the fact that we both have 4 siblings each (big familys are rare). Jandro joins the party and jams to music from his large headphones before we finish up. They go to late night dine, and I work on some more biology in Cull/Jan's room. It's just past 1:40am, when Westside-Superman Craig comes in to give me sass, and play some water pong versus the suitemates. I'm done with life and staying up all night long. I take a door to the forehead and then pass out.

Being a teenager is all about living your life to the fullest. It's about spending as much time as you can doing the things you love. It's about utilizing the night for both doing some real homework, writing papers, procrastinating and acting totally dumb. College is perfect for you to push your nocturnal boundaries. Live a little and stay up, if you can handle it. Sleep is a gift, accept it wisely, or stay up all night long.

My blog post question for the day is ... what do you do late at night? Sometimes I like to use the bathroom, usually I wake up because I hit my head against the wall and I'm in pain, but it's NBD.


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