the Bromance

Being a teenager is all about finding the friends that you'll know for the rest of your life. Life is about the strong bonds of family, friendship, and love. You know you're truly friends (or that you should marry the person) with someone when you can wholeheartedly say that I could not see my life without you in it. College is a time to make some of the deepest friends you'll ever find. I'm talking about the groomsmen and bridesmaids of your wedding, the godparents to your kids, and the buddies you still visit a few times a year once you've all gone your separate ways. These are the friends that know everything about you, almost too much. It's just the bromance.
Friday morning I woke up sad. You wanna know why? Krabby Patty wasn't there to roll over and make faces at me. It was highly depressing, but when One Direction comes blaring from your speakers of your alarm how could you not sing and dance to wake yourself up. Sam can in to say goodbye and I was still indisposed in bed, but she was leaving for her familial camping trip. It was at that moment that I knew this weekend was going to be rough, especially without two of my closest college friends. I got dressed wearing a dressy light blue shirt with a navy blue v-neck sweater, and I was looking quite sophisticated like those fizzy soda drinks with the toothpicks made of fruit. It was off to biology where we talks about RNA and ribosomes (I hear the word and instantly crave baby back ribs, like ribs-o-some). At the end of class I muster up the courage to approach to my professor, who I realize has his a little ear stud (funny) and ask him which section of next semester's class he'd be teaching. Look at me being proactive. It was on to HCOL where we were still talking about music and if being a musician makes you appreciate music. I don't know about you, but you take a different way, just like how I know my actors/actresses and when I see them on TV shows, movies, or commercials I appreciate them taking time out of their lives to perform. I mentioned my love of autotune, perfect pitches are awesome and how great One Direction was, yup, they infected my academic life. I validate it all by knowing they can actually sing, like acapella so a little help never hurts. It was time for a little bromantic lunch with Jandro at the Marché where quesadillas and "Spanish Rice" were on the menu. Lilia joined us, but the food was pretty gross. The cheese stuck to the roof of your mouth and the rice lacked any seasoning whatsoever and was softer than newborn baby poop. Step it up people, I'm always hungry. In a random turn of events, Jandro didn't have English before chemistry so we walked to chem lecture together. We make it to class and in the front section second to last row, and I see Mystery Model who has made his long awaited return. In passing I say a hey and get one in return before class starts and Jandro falls into a deep sleep. I'm going in and out of awakeness and so my notes are a little bit of a mess. The whole row of us "Honors College" kids is dozing on and off, and I'm pretty sure everybody was looking at us, whoopsies. My notes were a super mess and Jandro was gone to the point where he was drooling, literally ridiculous. Lecture finishes and we walk back to the dorms where it's time to knock out a blog post. In case you missed it check in on it, "Another World." Time rolls on by and I get a call from my beloved sister, and we talk and catch up on each other's lives. The fact that we're finishing each other's sentences and making fun of the people in one another's lives proves our best-friendship. Emily S. comes to visit and it's time for dinner with Jandro. The bromance is going viral.

We brave the frigid cold winds and take Emily to a part of campus she's never seen, Redstone campus (the girl doesn't get out much). We enter the dining hall and endure the long wait for the food we ordered at the touch screens. I got this shimp risotto and when the last one is about to come out this girl goes for it, and I let her have it. I think I have some manners, and a fresh one comes right on out afterwards from the kitchen. Alejandro's friend Frisbee-Ben joins us for dinner and it's a grand ole time. Salt is poured in some beverage and mass quantities of food are engorged. We talk about literally everything and chill out, laugh, and connect. Fribsee-Ben is a funny character for sure, and the dude is legit with his dual degree pursuits. I go to throw away my food scraps and this girl gives me the up and down, why yes foxy lady, I'm single and good looking, drink it all in, I'm a tall glass of mmm mmm good. We walk outside and Jandro chucks the complimentary apple and orange we took, making a massive juicy explosion (it was like Starburst but for real). The wind picks up and we cut through University Heights South (the GreenHouse) to make it back to the Heights. It's time for some biology homework, ow ow woot. I finish it in like 15 minutes, which might be a new record and it's TV time. I watch 2 episodes of the Secret Circle which might be the most endearing, and unbelievably good show other than its sister show, the Vampire Diaries. Bad magic comes out, witch hunters, and deathly magic trails - it's wickedly (get it) addicting. I watch 2 episodes of Blue Mountain state which is always grotesque and hilarious. The cocaine scandal, and the concussion were proper hilarity. A total of 3 hours of TV and I'm all good. I play to finally finish Call of Duty Black Ops and discover most of the story has been hallucinations, totally dumb. Jandro is watching movies with a friend, and I'm straight chillin'. It's like 2 am, and so beddy bye time, alone again. KrabaPatrickSaurus, miss ya boy. The bromance lives on.

After a rough night of not sleeping properly as in with my contacts in, without my retainer or alarm and I wake up to Jandro tickles my ear with a rolled up piece of paper. Naturally I freak the freak out, and roll out of bed. It's just past noon on Saturday #winning and I get ready for a long afternoon of maintenance. I shave my face (scratchyness is a no-no, girls love us clean cut boys), some facial cleansing, and then it's super show show time with belting out my favorite One Direction tunes (uhm, all of them). I get dressed properly taking careful care to match the plaid of my boxers with my plaid shirt and it's breakfast time with the guys at 1:30pm. Cullen, Jandro, and I are running on island time so we lolligag a while before heading back to my room. Cullen and Jandro bring over all their stuff because allegedly "their room is not a 'paper writing' environment." The addiction to video games might be the death of them. It's a scene out of Not Another Teen Movie where we're all writing our 7-9 page Honors College essays. Our parents would have been proud, we'd write a little, and switch spots of the room, from the beds, to the desks, and to the ground covered in pillows. 5:30pm rolled around and stomachs started rumbling so it was off to the Marché for part 2. I get some carrots and pita bread with hummus, Sour Patch Kids and a soda (the dinner of a champion) and we all take a seat. Cullen's friend, Nora, joins us and Jandro gets her to eat her shat ton of Greek Chobani yogurt. Somehow we end up in MAT (Marsh-Austin-Tupper Hall Complex) where Nora lives and violate her room by going through all her stuff. You know I have no part in the debauchery and Jandro grabs her phone and takes off. It's like trying to catch the Roadrunner and watching that cartoon. Eventually the chase leads back to the Heights where I disband and talk to Drew-Baby (the super chill sophomore who lives at the other end of my hall) about how he took an elbow to the nose in basketball. He had to have it broken back into place, sounded painful as hell. Finally the heist is over and Nora leaves with Jandro's copy of MW3, the newest most sacred thing a teenage boy can own as of now. It's time to write more the paper and then I turn on the real TV to catch Nickelodeon's "Big Time Rush" Special - "Music Sounds Better With You." I love behind the scenes stuff where you see people outside of the characters they play on TV or how they act on stage, it all ends with the premiere of their newest music video "Music Sounds Better With You." I preordered their sophomore album "Elevate" which comes out 11.21.11 (remember 1D will be on tour with them this spring, as in SB '12). The bromance is going worldwide.
I'm trying to get my work done but the crazy has been unleashed and it doesn't feel like going away anytime away. Janro's friends, including football playing Nihad, come to visit and Jandro just moons the heck out of all of us. I'm talking like a good 8-12 times in a row. The boy is crazy, legitimately. Cullen and I are still hungry so we order some chicken wings in 4 random flavors (including golden BBQ and Texas Mesquite) before runnning to the Marché for soda and candy. Cullen is pulling a "city boy" and saggin' his sweatpants, and it was quite possibly the funniest thing ever. We eat a big load of wings and then we decide to catch the drunk bus seeing as it's just past midnight to take pictures and make fun of people. We catch the bus, but Cullen gets kicked off for his pizza slice. We get off and run trying to get it at the next stop and finally get our wish. We're sitting at a stop on the bus and the driver is being super weird in talking to the security dude about a "hot little Asian girl with the tight miniskirt" who gets on every weekend. Creepiest conversation ever and the drunk bus antics begin. People begin pilling on in as we ride around campus. Everybody is sick wasted smelling like hard liquor and some slight hints of weed. They're all touchy feely, I'm talking girls on guys, girl on girl and guys on guys - it's like an orgy busy, get us outta here. We do a the full circuit and I'm scarred for life. The night isn't over, we take some funny faced pictures all over athletic campus and eventually head into the Northside of the Heights to see who's all up. Jandro does some pictures for North-Sam and Meraz to add to their wall and I make conversation with Emma. Drew-Baby comes on by and lets me know he's been in a fight, the kid is loyal down to the knuckles, commendable. It's soon time to go to sleep when we realize it's 4am. The bromance is just out of control at this point.


Sunday mornings are always harsh. I get up and am still totally tired from the long Saturday night stupidity. I get up and work more on my paper before heading off to my weekly IRA Social Programming Committee meeting. We grab food, and recap what we're working on. Let's just say we're going to be rocking the campus to its core with all the amazing stuff we've got planned. Breakfast happens with that game around 1 o'clock and it's back home. I do some laying around and knock out major portions of that incessant. For dinner, I've still got plenty of chicken wing-ed goodness leftover and I get my fix of hearty meats. I take a break and play some Halo 3: ODST which might be the most confusing game ever. Jandro and I play jacks, yeah with like bouncy balls and the little jack-thingies. You know I was horrible at it. The UVMtv weekly meetings are always the highlight of the week. Those people are hilarious. My show host, Jon Lott, deserves his own show, he might be too funny for words. The witty quips from everyone, Isaiah, Foxy-Jack, Tricia, Molly, Victoria, Timmy, Zachy, and the funny appearance from Alex N. are too much to handle. We assign segment for the next episode of our show, "Dirty Pop" this week and it's back to the dorms. I gather my supplies and head over to Em-Spikes's room to work on biology lab punnett squares. All goes well until Jandro comes in and breaks up the working the mood. He literally goes through all her laundry and starts trying on her bras, winter coat, and boats looking like the most unbelieveable curvy man-wo-man ever. Then he takes apart her bed and the craziness begins. He gets a hammer and starts banging everywhere trying to de-crooketize he wobbly bed frame. The kid is a menace to society, legitimately. We're forced to aid him in his ploy but it's hard to even hold up the metallic frame when he starts speaking in these accents. The Mexican maid, the migrant worker, the Italian drug cartel, and even a little terrorist - I was literally on the verge of choking from not being able to breathe with laughter. The bed gets fixed and we finish up the homework. Midnight rolls on around and Krabs, Sammy, Emily, Jimbo & Teddy, and I all hide in the study room to surprise Cullen for his 19th birthday with lots of screaming and a big hug. Finally it's time finish up that 8 page essay and knock out. The bromance is put to rest.


Being a teenager is all about making the friends that you can't live with or without. The people that drive you completely bonkers but you couldn't imagine going on without by your side. College is the time to branch out, to broaden your circle of friends. You find them in the most random of places, I'm telling you. Find someone in common or make conversation wtih strangers, don't be afraid to be yourself, how else are they supposed to get to know you? Strike up those friendships and create that borderline creepy bromance, One Direction style.

My blog post question for the day is ... what do you and your friends do that's weird? My college friends, we talk about bathroom habits a lot. I'm talking pooping, farting, farting, and other stuff. We're always all over each other, and it's kind of weird, but it's whatever, we're friends, it's what we do.


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