Dream On

Being a teenager is all about cherishing your dreams. Without dreams and goals what do we really have to live for? Dreams are what keep us going and give us a target to aim for. I'm sure all of your parents have told you that "you can achieve anything you set your mind to" and I truly believe in that. It's the truth. If you work at anything and go that extra mile to make your dreams a reality then you've got your future on lock. College is the time to step it all up, and start chasing your dreams or else ... dream on.

Monday morning I wake up, stretch out like an Abercrombie model posing on the beach. I hop up out of bed, and there's no need to turn my swag on, it just never shuts off. I get all dressed, look smoldering and savagely sexy, as always (please excuse my false conceited account of the morning) and finish the reading for HCOL, in the "Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down."  It's soon off to biology were we talk about these super crosses between genes and I'm taking notes when I notice the guys in the front playfully slapping each other. It was like the funniest thing ever, almost boyishly and kid-like, such a weird distraction. I get to HCOL where we discuss the book and people just go straight ham on attacking the foreign parents in the book. I sit back and watch the pitch forks raise, like that episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch where they go to Salem and she's accused of being a real witch, and think about how differently I see things from most people. The book is supes controversial for me, especially because my family is the medical field, and we're foreign so I see both sides of the situation. The thing that really got people the most was a threat by the mother to kill herself if the government took away her child. While other people were outraged, I for sure agreed with the lady. If anything happened to either of my parents, or my siblings, I would literally kill myself - and that's no joke. Without your family, what else do you have to live for?  Any who, our professor brought us candy which was totes nice and greatly appreciated. It was to the Marché with Jandro to grab some grub, and that's literally what the food tasted like. I got this mediocre mixture of big-ass bow tie pasta (I like my mini-piccolllini) with tomatoes and cheese on it, not even sauce, you know this boy was highly bitter. I whipped out my remaining Chinese food from the weekend and totally demolished it like John Cena on the Wrestle Mania stage. I get up and walk to the biology building my HCOL friend, Selene, and we have a good talk discussing the class before I sit and wait for my adviser for a good half an hour before she returns from walking her dog. It's okay though, she looks like professor Trewlaney from the Harry Potter books. I come back to the room to ennjoy 20 minutes of straight One Direction music listening pleasure I head to chemistry lecture. More note taking occurs and the class ends with a costume contest. Jandro goes up, dressed a penguin, and as the crowd, we're supposed to decide the winner. I get rowdy as hell and shout like nobody's business while everyone else claps - most awkward, almost dream-like, sequence ever. He comes in third place and gets a package of Milano cookies. Seriously, dream on.

I get back to the dorm after a brisk walk, this whole dirty cold in the fall may or may not be flying with me. I devour some chinese food and get to blogging. JaMocha Shake comes on by and we another one our deep conversations and I literally lose all track of time. You know when you're just hanging out with your friends and it's like unreal, almost like dream with how easy it is to talk to people. She lets me in on this cray-cray story of falling asleep in the laundry room #onlyincollege. Jandro comes by with Cullen and his pack of friends to try and get me to go out trick of treating, but I'm just a whole lot of behind on my homework. I get some work done and go over to the Westside to hear some racist jokes from Superman-Craig, Lilia, and Jake including the pre-trailers from Tropic Thunder. My stomach is raging like nobody's business so Jandro and I head to din-din at the Marché, with Jandro skating around like a madman, but the kid's got nothing on the Sheckler, lol JK. We pass by Mystery Model who's dressed up in formal wear and looking as posey as ever. We eat our pizza, make fun of people and watch some kids be as dumb as ever. We come back and I'm working on my chemistry lab report, when Jandro gets a call from playboy Chasey-Chase'em's girlfriend?, Mallory or Mall (like a mallet, not a shopping mall) about needing help with chemistry homework. Jandro and I grab a football and some study materials and journey to central campus to Chittenden Hall at 11pm to help her out. Come to find out, she's working ahead on next week's lab and doesn't need help at all. We stay there for about an hour where Jan-Dick makes the most embarrassing facebook statuses on her profile ever. Some of the best ones, "I love being ASSSSSTRONaughty" - "I WENT TO NEW YORK CITY AND FOUGHT A HOMELESS BUM WITH A DILDO BECAUSE Chase Vaughan SHIPPED ME THERE AND GAVE ME THAT TO DEFEND MYSELF" - We make friends with her roommate Jess, and her wild bf, JP. We go downstairs to visit Chasey and he's just hardcore gaming on the Gamecube, such a classic. Jandro and I toss the football back and forth in the dark on the way back to the Heights. I look on my bed and there's a pillowcase full of candy, courtesy of JaMocha Shake, baby-girl loves me. It's sleepy time and the dreams are just crazy. I dream of hanging out at a bowling alley with One Direction and picking up all these. I buy smoothies for all of us, and we're just vibing, and hanging out. It was like the greatest dream I've had in a long time. Dream on.

Tuesday morning I wake up to the literally perfect sounds of One Direction singing "Forever Young" gradually crescendoing for a musical orgasmic eruption of epic proportions. I slide the bar to the awake side to silence the sounds and I make the stupid decision to lay in bed for a while. Absolute fail, I wake up again at it's 8:20, so I scramble like I'm on the Real World Denver and the cameras have just caught me in a ridiculous predicament. I'm dressed in all gray (gray not grey, WTE shade is grey, and BTW who the eff is Earl Grey and why does he make tea?) sweats (I understand I'm breaking my rules, but if babies can wear sweatpants in public, so can I - toddlers make their own rules). Tennis class we play tie breakers in doubles. Nasty-Nate and I, are a total mess and lose our first game against Big E and Gina. Second match, I'm paired with Katie and we dominate, all up to the point where she hits a hard power return directly over my head. If I hadn't ducked it would have been lights out for me. Other team returns it, and I'm at the net with a forehand volley spike FTW with match success. The entire class makes an appearance including, Lysser, Becky, and Pretty Boy Evan. From the gym, I grab breakfast ASAP (I realize I'm going acronym insane) and eat on my bed, getting crumbs everywhere like freaking Word Bird. It's just about show-show time, so I choose out my outfit, find some matching plaid boxers and scrub up. I'm feeling thoroughly clean like a freshly licked lollipop, and I'm looking flyer that Angemon from Digimon Digital Monsters (Seasons 1-3 duh). Biology lab goes pretty well just adding some antibiotic resistant plasmid into the DNA of bacteria like it's NBD with Ry-Ry Sleeper, and Em-Spikes, Luc-Warm is nowhere to be found with his completely French self. We have an incubation period in there for about 45 minutes, so I grab a raspberry tart smoothie, gummy bears on top, and sip it on the way back to class. Of course everybody's already doing work and Emily put the team on her back while I recovered from a mondo brain freeze. We finish early, and its like a dream come true. It's back to the dorm where I come back to see my door covered in lingerie models with my face on top of them, courteous of Jan-Dick. The crazy dragon leaves for class, so Sam and I return the favor with shirtless male models, obese beer bellied men and boy bands with ridiculous sticky note comments next to each one. I eat some candy, and relax for about 10 minutes before I head to math class. It's non stop go, and I just wanna hang out and do some lolligagging and day dreaming on.


I make it to math class and instantly knock out. I'm talking full on out, falling out of my chair and being a complete mess sleep. We review for our upcoming exam, which I'm pretty sure I'll be fine on. From there, it's on to chemistry lab with Danny Boy. We're trying to find the heat of formation for magnesium oxide and we're tag teaming the thermometer and analytical balance like professionals. We're making fun of literally everyone and everything and just powering through these chemical reactions like we're on the verge of constructing a hydrogen bomb, whatever that is. We finish early and walk back to our part of us in our usually bromantic style. This week's topic was if taking money from your parents makes you spoiled. I wholeheartedly say no, just because I haven't worked a day in my life does not mean I don't understand the value of money. Money comes from somewhere, and it's called your parents, lol JK. We go on to talk about our celebrity encounters like me getting retweeted by Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, herself). I make it to the hall council meeting and it's more getting cut off and my ideas shut down by the more talkative people of the group. No mentioning names, but I will not be brought down by the man, or oppressed. Free at last, free at last, thank GOD Almighty, I'm free at last. It's time to grab late dinner with Sammy from the Marché with chicken tenders, a big ole cookie and an apple being on the menu. I'm laying on my bed doing work when nonsense comes from the hallway in the form of Abby, Carolyn, and Hannah dealing with Jandro and Culllen stealing a mattress pad. Krabby Patty and I discuss how much we love our fam-bams and all of a sudden it's 1am. I'm reading and Jandro comes in to the room and somehow we end up doing handstands against the door. Seeing as I'm a total klutz, I fall into the door handle, again into the tile floor and another against my closet. It's the 3am, and I'm eating an apple and Krabs and Jandro turn it into trying to figure out my kissing style, juicy goodness right there with luscious lips. It's sleepy time and I end up dreaming again of One Direction but visiting Pat-Pat's house and hanging out with the boyband. They ask Patrick to join their group, and we just run around the house shouting, laughing and being bros. I'm thinking, like totally dream on.

Being a teenager is all about holding on to your dreams. Your dreams are what you want out of life and it's up to you go to out and get them. Dream big and dream constantly. If you've got nothing else to do then just knock out and dream. We all love continuation dreams, just focus on what you're looking for and you'll find it. If not, just keep dreaming on.

My blog post question for the day ... what do you usually dream about? Being a grownup, as in living in a mansion, with Keke Palmer for a wife, our 3 kids. Changing diapers, cleaning baby bottles and playing airplane with baby food. The best dreams ever.


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