The Boy Band

Being a teenager is all about finding the people that you just gel with. I believe that everyone deserves to have friends that they can count on. People who would do literally anything for them, and that genuinely care about one another. College is a difficult time because there are so many people to meet and making those meaningful relationships can be a tough task to accomplish. It's a game of hide and seek to figure out where you belong and to form your very own band of brothers, or as I like to think of it, the boy band.

Friday morning was another of those messy morning. Krabby Patty woke up and he had literally 5 minutes to get to his class and my attempt to get up at 8 am, was more like 9:40, as in epic fail. I get ready to class and out of nowhere it just starts snowing, like thick fluffy clumps that get stuck to your pea coat, melt and make you feel like you wet yourself. Biology goes by slowly where my professor discusses how DNA unzips itself and gets copied for like replication, and I'm thinking, mmkay, DNA is so not original. In HCOL we discuss professional protocol in how doctors should treat their patients, and you know I'm getting heated in my head - no need to erupt, it's just a class. It was back to the room and on to Marché for lunch with Sammy. I had this pretty good quiche, except it was lukewarm while the accompanying fruit was steaming hot, super weird. I saw Abercrombie-Ed and gave him a head nod before heading back to the dorm to blog up a storm. Soon I realized I was supposed to go to see my biology lab TA, so I grabbed my backpack like Sky High secret lair style and hurrier with Alejandro out. He had to turn in some paper to his teacher's assistant in the learning co-op on top of the Marché and the minority concentration just soared through the roof up there. We split up and I go to get my lab report and grilled like a Panera Bread panini by my TA, like chill girl, you're most deff harshing my mellow. I've only got about 20 minutes before chemistry so it's total boy band time with One Direction. I rock out and walk to chemistry, and I see homeboy Alex N. from UVMtv who gives me that smooth "hey" in passing. Chemistry lecture came and went with talk of orbital filling, like that totes junior year high school stuff, but we did get out 5 minutes early so no worries. Jandro and I walk back to the room where it's time to head to the mall. We meet playboy Chasey-Chase'em at the bus stop and hop on the bus heading that way. We discuss our personal "swag" and the racist jokes fly, especially when this dude deliberate sits next to Chasey instead of Jandro. Into the shopping mall where we stop for gum balls (we're teenage boys, what else is there) and it's in to American Eagle Outfitters to scavenge for things to add to the wardrobe. On to McDonald's where I order a 4 piece McNugget kids meal (don't judge me, I can buy whatever I want. I'm 18 now) and Jandro demolishes his first Big Mac. We're about to go when he gets another one and purchases a sweater from AEO. We've got 10 minutes before the bus back to campus comes and there's Toyota people giving out free stuff to test drive their cars so, we do. Chasey takes the wheel of the plug-in Prius, Jandro demolishes the Big Mac in the back and I'm tweeting up a storm while we drive around the mall. We fill out a quick survey and get $10 Visa giftcard and just barely catch the bus, completely #winning. The bus driver chats up Chasey with his knowledge of American cars (listen buddy, we only buy foreign). It's back to the room where I finally finish blogging, read up on Back to Back for the deets. Sam and I order Chinese food, pineapple fried rice and beef/shrimp lo mein. We get ourselves situated and we watch that Steve Carrell, Tina Fey, and Marky-Mark and his Funky Bunch movie, "Date Night" which really wasn't that funny. The plot was totally unbelievable and was just for real weird. Krabby Patty gets invited to a dance, so Jandro, Samantha, and I get him dressed, complete with goggles, and ready for "Under the Sea Prom." We walk him to the makeshift ballroom like a legit entourage and when we get there we see a shooting star. I was absolutely astonished and most deff missed the opportunity to make a wish. Awkward prom pics taken, and we board the drunk bus to ride to Trinity campus. We walk around one of the hall complexes, Mercy, where errybody be drunk and hazy. Time to work back to our part of campus so it's down East Ave. where scenes from "the Stranger" flash through our minds. Creepy as hell instances and we walk behind the Fletcher-Allen Medical Center. All over the street and in the parking lot with Jandro skating up a tornado of craziness. In the humble abode and Em-Spikes comes to visit. I pass the hell out and wake up at 3 am with Krabby Patty gently shaking me. Whoops, total mess. The boy band lives.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling like the boy band had just finish playing a late night show and I was still recovering. My whole body ached like a soda and candy driven hangover. By the time we finally go out of bed it was just past noon. No shower for us dirty boys and it was on to Marché for breakfast wtih Krabs, and Jandro. A cream cheese bagel for my roommate, a platter of homestyle fries, eggs, and large sausages for my suitemate, and a croissant with sausage, egg and cheese on top for me. We recollected our nights and drank various juices. It was a good morning. Back to the room where Jimbo was rounding up people to go to the men's basketball game. I change into some UVM gear and head to the gymnasium with Jimbo, Sammy, Lilia and Shannon. Free tickets for students and we end up sitting behind the opposing team, Corncordia, who hail from Montreal, Canada. It was interesting game, high intensity, a couple spectacular dunks, and some fancy footwork. The game ends in a win for us catamounts 69-56 and we walk back to towards the Heights. Krabby Patty is outside skating up a whirlwind of sick-nasty twisted proportions and might be our very own Ryan Sheckler (he hates the kid, but it's whatevs). It's hardcore clean up time, so the music gets turned up and the sleeves get rolled up. I polished the sink, shined the mirror, swabbed the toilet, scrubbed the shower, and mopped the floor with the cleaning power of Pine Sol, baby. Krabs vacuumed and did some dishes, and we decided to retire the nest. I reogranized my desk, and watched half an episode of 90210 before Chasey came in and rounded up the boys for an evening on the town. The boy band was back in session. We all change, Jandro and Pat-Pat in matching sweaters (BOGO at Champs people) and leave but not before the insanity with duel pissing, Chase in the toilet, and Jandro in the shower (you know I was not happy). In a flash we're walking downtown and unleashing all the crazy personalities we have. Jandro stopping to talk to everyone we meet, Chase swag surfing the hill, Patty singing his tunes, and me laughing up a riot. It was into Boloco for some burritos (BTW I had eaten Chinese food no less than 10 minutes prior) and to take some silly pictures (shown below of course). Over to Lake Champlain Chocolates where Chase's friend, Ian, got us free samples of fudge, which makes him a cool dude. The craving for candy just kept coming so into the candy store for rock candy, peach circles and other confections. We've still got 20 minutes before the back to campus is supposed to come so we enter the skate shop to browse shoes and hats, such a boyband thing to do. It's back to the bus stop where we board and make our way back to campus. Alejandro threatens to bash my face if I rest my head on his shoulder, such brotherly love, and we see Nicky B again. We get off the bus and chuck the deuces to Chasey. Jandro chases me and I run into a tree, effectively being clotheslined and knocked down. It's back to the room where I finish watching 90210 and even a new episode of Big Time Rush, live on Nickelodeon (win). Sam and I do homework (yup, on a Saturday night, sue us) and it's time for me to take a show show. After I'm all freshened up, I head on over to JaMocha's room to talk and just hang out. Somehow an hour and 45 minutes passes. Everything you could possibly ever think to talk about, we talked about. I go back to the room and watch an episode of Blue Mountain State before Jandro and Krabby finish "Silence of Lambs" and inform me of the prank that has gone down. I go to my closet and discover that all my clothes, my entire arsenal of garments, have been turned inside out and the color coding messed up. Nemesis Norio and Natty Dan crossed the line when they did my socks, pajamas, undershirts, and my plaid boxers. To say I was distraught would be an understatement, it took a good hour for Krabby Patty to calm me down and get me to go to sleep because I was more than fuming. I was ready to leave. It's not funny, and it's a major invasion of my privacy. You don't go in other people's closets, and you don't touch other people's clothes without their permission. I don't know about you, but it's so disrespect to rummage through someone's personal garments. To top it off they tied together all my shoes, and ate all 6 cans of my Chef Boyardee. It took the combined power of the boy band to get me to simmer down, but I was most deff wronged. Jandro brought his mattress in and crashed in between us for an impromptu sleepover.

Sunday morning I woke up at about 11am, more calm and collected than after hfter the inside-out "prank" ordeal but still agitated. Jandro was literally missing in action and had disappeared when we woke up so Krabby Patty and I got ready using the back to back mirror method. Ultimate bromance, I think so. Westside Xue joined us for breakfast in the Marché and it was English muffin sandwiches for us, and another bagel for Pat-Pat. Juices chugged and we're ready to head back to the dorms. For the next hour and a half, no exaggeration, I spent fixing my clothes and putting them where they should be. Such a major waste of time, and completely unnecessary. Then it was time to wash my towels, sheets, comforter, socks, boxers and sweatshirt. Three simultaneous washes commandeered and I completed the trifecta of domesticity. In between waiting I get lots of homework done and hang out with the boys. I go downstairs to move the washed clothes to the dryer and there's two (let's get stereotypical) meat-head jocks moving my unmentionables. The dude was like, "Hey bro, are these yours, to want me to take them out for you" and I was like "Nah bruh bruh, I can do it." Take the memo dude, give a second and don't get your sweaty ball jock straps in a bunch. Finally clean sheets and towels and my life is complete, it's super homework time. Chemistry lab comes to the forefront of  priorities and I skip family dinner. The reason(s), uhm that would be multiple, I'm not that close with the "Eastside Gang" anymore, after the clothes prank I wasn't feeling pretending to be acquaintances with pranksters, and there was a review session for chemistry. I bundle up and head to the the review session and the classroom is literally overflowing with people, and I say just forget it. Now I know to get there way earlier next time. More homework and it's time for another UVMtv meeting. The possible highlight of the week with the hilarious rebuttals from Jon Lott, Hailey's Comet and Comedy Show-Tim. It's always a funny time. Back to the room where Nasty-Nate, Sammy, Jandro and I make another trip to the gas station. 2-liters of soda, sunflower seeds and gummy worms are valid reasons people. Em-Spikes comes to visit and Jandro chucks his shoes at her. It's just after midnight when Krabs makes some popcorn and is in the hallway and the boys tag team tickle me. Let's just say we might have made a little bit of a mess. Beddy bye time, and it's bye-bye-bye boy band.
Being a teenager is all about having the best time of your life. College is the perfect time to make some lifelong friends and create those everlasting memories. It might take a lot of effort to figure out who you're good with, but when you do, your life can change forever. It's about solidarity, trust, and a genuine bromance or girl group. Get yourself a boy band.
My blog post question for the day is ... what's your musical guilty pleasure? And another question, how would you have reacted to the clothing inside out prank?
Oh, you got my experience alright, but not the full extent.


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