Day by Day

Being a teenager is all about taking things one day at time. Finals week is hands down one of the most stressful things we've all had to deal with. While other people are freaking the freak out like Howard Dean in gunning for the presidency with "Byah!" exclamation - I'm straight chillin. Yeah, exams are scary as hell because they make up the majority of your grade for classes but if you're well prepared you've got nothing to be afraid of. The worst thing that could happen is you pull a Rick Perry  and just forget every third answer and choose the EPA out of nowhere (oh political humor). We're taking things day by day.

Rick James Kick

Monday morning was kind of a huge mess. I had planned on waking up around 8 o'clock but for some reason my body was thinking I was already at home, back at the Manor (what I call my house) on break, and so I got out of bed at noon. Just another four hours of studying gone to waste like it's NBD. I put on some clothes and accompany Jandro to get some breakfast. I had all intentions in scoring some Italian Wedding hearty soup but the MarchĂ© straight lied to a prepster with their menu and they had this brothy ass sorry excuse for a soup instead so it was on to Alice's CafĂ©  for a egg and cheese croissant and an apple. It was back to the dorm room to get my hardcore study on. I don't remember the last time I studied like that legitimately. I put the team on my back and got down and dirty to business with reviewing both 19 chapters of biology and all of calculus I. Oh, I brushed the dirt of my shoulders like a freaking rap video up in there. Soon it's 5pm and Chasey-Chase'em pays us rowdy boys a visit in which we catch up on each other's collegiate lives while we wait for Alejandro to return from his anthropology oral recital. I'm trying to dougie all over this study of life nonsense when those dudes convince me to head to the mall with then. Mind you, it's Monday - as in the first day of the week. We get to the bus stop and mess around balancing on poles, leaning on bricks and looking generally ridiculous. We board the bus and make our way to the mall while Chasey and Jandro try and give me relationship advice (not needed brohams). We find the little kiosk lady who sells phone cases and Chase gets a new one. We retrieve Jandro from the hat store and there's left to do except dine. It's Subway for Chase, a Big Mac for Jandro, and Chinese food for me. I choose the table which is conveniently near this couple with like a 6 month baby (instant jealously of that kid's clothes, I want to wear one-sies *that's not weird, it's true). We make at stop at Champs to browse for douchey shirts and fresh kicks before waiting for the bus outside. The Salvation Army dude is jingling his bell and sorry but a little hand device isn't going to get me to donate especially when you're smoking cigarettes. Tis the season to get real. We snag the bus back to campus and part ways with our ultimate lax bro Chase. It's back to the books for another half hour before an event goes down. Our RA, Kelsey, is having a moving night with free snacks and beverages and you know I couldn't pass up the opportunity to rewatch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. I meant to only stay for an hour but Sammy and I ended up watching the whole movie. While people were giving some unneeded commentary (listen here patrons, if you speak while I'm watching this movie I'mma give you a rotten tomato rating to the face, you're not Roger and Ebert so simmer down and keep your sass to yourself), my eyes welled with tears again. Literally the best movie I've ever seen, hands down (debatable?). By this time it's 11pm and I promised Jandro I'd play Madden 09' with him for 5 minutes. It happens and there's an out of nowhere interception and I just rage. I'm talking overturning the chair, throwing a control and storming out because that's straight crap. You all know I don't lose, that's just unacceptable. I'm taking it day by day and making sure to be a little spontaneous and take breaks in between the studies. I'm cool, calm and collected.

Midnight rolls around and Em-Spica's swings on by the suite to do some collaborative studying. Krabs needs his sleep so we relocate to Jandro's room where Cullen is nowhere to found. He's to Spongebob playing on Netflix, the chocolate episode mind you, and we get down to the task of reviewing some biological knowledge. Somehow we get off track and discuss Jandro's female pursuits. What a topic for real. I don't know about you but it seems the rules of relationships and slusketeering (all for one and one for sluts) have changed since coming to college. Whereas people who made out with multiple people at a party or had multiple one night stands with random hookups would be classified as womanizing man whores and black widow heartbreakers, apparently it's okay to swap spit with strangers. People aren't looking to date but just a good time and it's kind of a dangerous pursuit. It's called social diseases and playerdom. Hitting it and quitting it seems a whole lot of superficial. Hormones are raging and people are looking to pass gum, bite lips and suck necks. Call me traditional but I think I remember that it takes more than a hot bod and some assets to spark a romantic romp. We talked about how cheating isn't a serious offence in college. Like woah, trading favors with another girl while being in a relationship isn't a big deal. Oogling every handsome stud or sexy dame while being cuffed (on lockdown, as in FBO) is not a problem? What kind of world do we live in. It's whatevs. We get back to studying and 2 am rears it's ugly head. Sweatshirt hoods shoot up, random statements are made and it's just about beddy-bye time. We're taking it day by day and learning something new with each one.

Tuesday morning I wake up at 8:30am to the pop star sounds of One Direction and planned on actually getting out of bed but no such luck. 5 more minutes turns into an hour before I finally move to wake Jandro up. It's nakey show-show time for this kid and getting dressed. My stomach was a rumblin' so it was time to go out into the lonely cold world and retrieve some sustenance. I see my TV station friend, Noah, and I open my mouth to speak and out comes this weird deep and scratchy voice. I'm just caught off guard like why is puberty happening. I was thinking it was probably left over morning maturity but nope it's stuck around the past couple of days and if I do say so myself it's sultry and sexy. It's back to the room where I sit down and studyin from 11am to just about 1pm in a chair-dance-a-thon. I think I might have violated my chair hardcore with the amount of grinding I did while last minute studying for biology and calculus. The time comes for me to actually go and take my exams so I do a plaid shirt, a sweatshirt, and a peacoat looking like Niall from One Direction. I make it to the auditorium where the final is being held and of course I come from the back. I start making my way down the stairs and most the seats are filled, I get to the last 4 stairs and straight miss one leading to an unsightly tripping incident. Oh, you know I was embarassed just a few hundred people witnessing me being super-embarrassing. I locate a seat and have to get by this dude and my voice cracks when I say "excuse me." We get the exam and I knock my color coded (according to my outfit) mechanical pencils all over the dude and have trouble swinging up the little desk thingy too. I must a mess but go to town bubbling in answers like a madman. In just over an hour and a half I make answer all 100 multiple choice questions and check the thing over thrice. I walk slowly down the stairs to turn in my exam and wave to my professor and I go back to my seat to put the desk thingy away and just epic fail. Neighor-bro just laughs and I wish him good luck as I walk up the stairs quickly to avoid further embarrassment. I pick up some mediocre Manhattan clam chowder from the Davis Center and head back to the dorm to relax. I study for math and take a pee-pee (this is necessary to put in here) because Alejandro is locked in the bathroom for an hour for his shower (true story bro). It's time to armor up again and head over to central campus for my math exam. It's only 4:15pm and it's almost pitch black. I'm walking up this hill and this kid that I see everywhere around campus ("Frisbee Bro") walks right into me. Super awkward, he says "Fresh kicks" and I say "Nice Hair" - why because I panicked and was caught off guard, but I really did like his hair. Awkward social interaction over and I drop a bomb on my math exam. I'm done in just over an hour and I hardcore peace out from calculus one. It's back to room to rewatch the few episodes of that failed Ashton Kutcher CW model show "the Beautiful Life: TBL" featuring my favorite actor Ben Hollingsworth, Corbin Bleu, Sara Paxton and Mischa Barton. Em-Spica comes up with the idea to go out to din-din so we look up the bus schedule and the next one is coming in 8 minutes. It's like a spy mission for us where we all get changed ASAP and straight book it for the bus stop. It was like we were in a movie scene, and Sammy, Emily and I make it to the bus while Jandro ends up having to walk down, alone. We walk the entire length of Church Street to the massive Christmas tree trying to decide what to eat. We take a journey past some dimly lit sketchy alleys, and even through the built in mall. Eventually we meet up with Jandro and get burgers and hot dogs from Kountry Kart Deli which might be most awesome eaterie ever. We take some silly cell phone pictures and catch the off campus bus back to campus (ironic). While on the bus these dudes and their homegirl are hardcore eyeing us so you know I'm giving them the stink eye right back. It's back to the dorm where I finish my youtube episodes and start studying for chemistry. 1 am rolls around and I knock out so I decide to official go to bed. I'm taking it day by day, keeping it fresh and so random.

Being a teenager is about not taking things too seriously. While finals might be super important, breaking your back like a Harry Potter stupefy spell is not going to help you. Relax, chill the heck out and take your exams as they come. No need to overthink, overreact, and overexert yourself. You've got this, you're a teenager, it's what we do.


My blog post question for the day is ... how do you destress? Other people like petting stress relieving dogs, well I don't like animals, so I'd rather hug an infant or a toddler - babies give the best hugs, like ever.


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