Year In the Making

Being a teenager is all about reflection. It's about looking back and seeing how far you've come. Life can move at a snail's pace sometimes and at other times just fly by like a supersonic jet. I don't know if you all have realized this but this blog has been around for just over a year and I'm celebrating the anniversary of the Youthful Life and subsequently the Youthful Life: Goes College with a look back at my humble beginnings to the superstardom of nothingness that I'm at today. I'm choosing my 26 favorite blog posts, one from each month of existence. Choose a couple and be prepared for the laughter, I'll say it myself, I might have been a little bit of a mess before I went college (yeah I made up the term, deal with it). It's just been a year in the making.

December 2010 - We're Talking; Slept With
January- Dream Girl; True Love
February- Textual Relationships; Bathroom Rules
March- Sloppy Seconds; Turn Me Off
April- A Trip to the Moon; Pretty Boy Swag
May- I Know What I Know; Hot and Dangerous
June- Next Chapter of Our Lives; Personal Boundaries
July- Hot and Bothered; Check Yourself
Then I Went College
August- We See All; Taking the Plunge
September- Pass Out; Plaid for Days
October- Shot In the Dark; Out of Bounds
November- Sky High; the Bromance
December 2011- The Night Life; The Pursuit of Friendship

But seriously, thanks for all of you who actually take the time to read the things I write. It's a been a long year and so much have happened to me, and I'm so glad I'm able to share my experiences with you in the form of this blog, along with dishing out some humor filled advice. Whatever you're going through or looking for, I've probably written about it. Type a subject in the search box or use labels and voila, magnifico. Give reactions to posts, media blitz it and comment with the answers to blog post questions of the day. I love the feedback. Know this, I'll continue to post about my youthful life no matter what. I love to write and it's what I do. Spread it around and let's go viral, I'm just about 20,000 pageviews for my all time - pretty impressive. Thanks again, we're such teenagers.

My blog post question for the day is ... what would you want to read about in upcoming posts or what has been your all time favorite post? I've published 269 posts so far, with my word count being ridiculous - I have no say in this.


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