Down Time

Being a teenager is all about figuring out what do you with your life. Most, if not all, of us college kids are on winter break and it's going to be a relatively long time before we step foot back on our campuses. I've seen people posting all over facebook and twitter that they're bored out of their minds. These are total #firstworldproblems, you wanted to go home when it was finals week and now that you're complaining arse is home you want to go back. Hell to the no, I'm loving being at home and college can suck. Who wants to go back to the miniature prison cell known as dorm rooms, walking everywhere, being pretty broke, and overpriced, repetitive campus food ... not this guy, at least not until we're supposed to go back. It's time you do something productive with your home stay, you've got way too much down time.


Let's start with what I've been up to in the days seen I returned to humble abode. I came back to my, apparently, massive house (In college my suburban life is an anomaly) and end up cleaning for an entire day. This is where I agree with other people my house is huge as eff and takes a long time to clean, but I enjoy cleaning because I do it my very own way. It's called I put in my headphones and play my IPod singing and dancing like my very own College Boy Musical throughout the entire house. I'm talking vacuuming carpets/couches, sweeping & mopping tile floors, scrubbing sinks, toilets, and showers, and polishing mirrors. While it literally took a good 4-6 hours of hard work I listen to like 5 different albums in their entirety and produced a dance routine that's music video worthy to the sounds of Shane Harper, Big Time Rush, One Direction, Jesse McCartney, Drake, and Chris Brown. Then I rediscovered my immense love for television and redeveloped my freaking addiction. I don't care who you, there's something on TV for you to watch. Personally, I caught up on all the episodes I'd missed of Nickelodeon and Disney Channel shows like Jessie, Austin & Ally, A.N.T. Farm, and VicTORIous (don't judge me, I'm a child, always). Then I grew up a bit and indulged in the hot and heavy passionate guilty pleasures known as the entire Lifetime Movie Network. Intensely lusty movies with strong women doing work and murdering men - it's like feminism on steroids but the movies are most deff addicting and endearing. Then I signed up for Netflix which comes with a free month trial so I'm watching all the movies I wanted to see in theatres but never did like You Again (an okay movie, it had Jimmy Wolk, Betty White, and little 90's TV reunion with Christine Lakin & Patrick Duffy from Step by Step and Reginald Valjohnson from Family Matters *back in the day they did a crossover episode). Other than that I've been cooking like none stop and working on my culinary sexiness, dear single ladies there's a smoldering teenage boy here who can cook, come and get it and I'll serve you up something scrumptious. Lastly, I've becoming even more a socialite via social media like updating my facebook profile picture (above), my twitcon and even actually posting to Google+. Oh I'm loving my down time and doing things that I usually have no time for.

What can you do to conquer your perpetual boredom, a whole lot of nonsense. First of all, hit up your high school friends. It's like a Kim Possible "Bueno Nacho" no brainer. Text your bromances and besties and get together for a grand ole time. I suggest going out to dinner, as teens we're always hungry and food strikes up a good conversation. There's ton to cover but start by complaining about your roommate, there's more than enough to keep you guys talks for the entire night. Head over to facebook to put names to the people you're mentioning  and just reconnect. If you're that good of friends, it'll be like time didn't even pass for you all to be a part. Keep it simple and keep it personal, only hang out with people that you really want to. It's not the time for a whole class reunion, it's too soon and nobody wants to see those annoying former classmates any how. Me, I hung out with my best friend-girl the other day and we ate at Panera Bread and happened to see lots of people from high school in a random way. It was awesome and almost a tear jerker because it's been a good six months since I saw any of those peeps and miscreants. Other than friendship you can pay a visit to your old high school, if you really want to (me, I vowed never to step foot in that place ever again). Visit your friends at their colleges and get back into the partying lifestyle for a weekend. You'll never have a dull moment if you do winter break right. Read a freaking book, when was the last time you legit read for pleasure (if the answer is never you might be illiterate). Update your damn IPod. I don't know about you but my music is still stuck in summer mode and I've yet to download the latest mainstream top hits. Rihanna, Pitbull, and LMFAO are killing the charts, download "Champagne Shoewrs"  - "International Love" and the list goes on and on. Go to the movie theatre, I want to see Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol or go bowling. When was the last time you did either of those, probs not recently - college weekends consist of getting drunked up, sloppy hookups and ordering pizza/wings in the middle of the night. Rent some movies or video games, I finally saw Qauntum of Solace and have been playing through COD: MW3 and I'm officially a real boy now. There are so many things to do. Like catching up on sleeping, do it, because this is a once in a lifetime to sleep and not be woken up by some stupid alarm for early classes. Forget about your college life and focus on your down time.

Now that we're supposed to be grown up we kind of should always be thinking about the future. Winter break is the perfect time to get a jump start on your Spring Break and summer plans. This year I've got multiple options like a concert in Boston with Sammy, or Miami Beach with the bros, Chasey-Chase'em and Jandro. It's called book hotels, flights or figure out routes for some epic roadtrips. Budget your money and get ready for the one of the wildest weeks of your entire teenage existence. For summer, this time means applying for internships and looking for volunteer work. I want to either get back to the maternity ward at the hospital, work at an orphanage or something media related. It's a cut throat world out there for a job search but we're totally adults now and we've got this on lock. Get those applications ASAP and be wary of deadlines or your ass will be broke, tanned to burnt, and bored all summer break long. There's also things you can do to better your college life like checking on your meal plan, preordering textbooks and buying things you forgot first semester. Get your life together and get ahead. This is your down time.

Being a teenager is all about living your life to fullest know matter where you are or who you're with. Winter break is a time for you to come back to your home life and just relax. Take some time off from the bustling and epic wildness known as college to reconnect with the fam bam, high school friends, and just hang out for a while. Relish in the time you've been giving because second semester is going to be another wild ride. Get ready for no more down time.


My blog post question for the day is ... what are you doing with your winter break time off? I'm hanging out and living life. Being at home is like the greatest thing like ever.


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