Shopper's Plight

Being a teenager is all about storming the mall. Those after holiday sales bring out the crazy in almost everyone. It's been like three days since Christmas and I thought the nonsense would have died down by now but no such luck. The shopaholic army is out in mass numbers ready to rage and reak havoc on all us innocent bystanders. The mall is just out of control. Tons of people with their rowdy kids, douchebag teenage guys trying to flirt with every passing girl and super fashionista women totting bags like it's their day job. It's a mad mad would out there. Get ready for ranting and raving on this shopper's plight. Second vlog for the week, get with the high tech program.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your least favorite thing about going to mall? The whole seeing old high school acquaintances, I'm not looking for a reunion just upgrading my swag.


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