The Night Life

Being a teenager is all about living your life to the fullest. College is a time to discover who you really are and understand how you operate. Everyone is different and has those things that they just can't handle. It's when you're in foreign situations like Canada foreign that you see what is really going on around you and with you, personally. Get dressed in your party garb, get hyped and get ready for the night life.

Fast forward to Friday night and it's already going down at 9pm.  I'm in Jandro's room where wildness has ensued. I'm just there to observe the humor. Multiple games of the college classic water pong are being played. Bouncing ping pong balls, light splashing water, and rampant cheering makes it an interesting phenomenon to watch. Homegirl Hailey's Comet magically appears and gets into a couple of games against the team of Westside Geoff + Jandro, versus Westside Harrison + herself. The trash talk was truly unbelievable, and the finesse of those toss arches were highly impressive on both sides. Music blasting, dim lighting and some classy characters make this little escapade too funny to handle. It all goes down to no-tee OT in which Harrison is the only one who loses the shirt, but it helps and his dynamic duo wins. Meanwhile, I'm playing Jandro in Madden '09 (BTWs I've most deff never played before) and end up running train on that seasoned city boy. Geoff swaps in for him and my almost winning games turns into an embarrassing loss, like I don't want to talk about it bad. Clock strikes 10:40pm and there's a little dance session all over the chairs in the room before Hailey and I bundle up and dip on out to head to our party. It's just about 30 degrees and blisteringly cold, like the point where not even Chapstick can prevent these luscious lips from solidifying and cracking. It's like colder than a polar bear's paw print and we walk to central campus. We're just making great time and we decide that we have no idea where we're going so it's GPS time. Dear smart phone, I love you and I understand you love me, let's make this official, sincerely Joteng. We GPS that stuff with a totally freshmen move, and as we walk along it's talking to us, and it's embarrassingly loud. Turn here, go this far, and wind this and that. We're walking down this slight incline where this creeper dudes are like inches behind us, like back off buddy, I know the art of butt-whoopery if necessary. Lay off homie G and keep on walking. Hailey and I trade parental stories and realize we've got a lot in common. A total of 25 minutes straight walking downtown and we finally arrived at the party site. We're thinking we sooo cool, just over fashionably late with the party starting at 10pm and us arriving at 10:42. No such luck to look awesome because only three people, two of which live there, are just sipping wine, beer and canned margaritas (all of age people). A few minutes later our party host and boss shows up with colorful Jell-O shots and other mixed beverages. A champagne bottle is popped and champagne showers are had with beer bottles being cracked open like squirrels to a nut sack (horrible analogy). So the thing is I don't drink, or do drugs so I'm just hanging out enjoying the company of this hilarious people making conversation and getting to know outside the normal interactions. The rest of the show cast arrives and the party really starts. Soon people start streaming in like after a hurricane with overflowing levees. It's to get this started and enjoy the night life.

It was down to the basement where CFL blacklights set the mood for glowing white teeth and clothes. Hailey and I grabbed a chair and did some classic teenage chair dancing. Tweets were sent out (yeah, I like to tag my tweets with my location just in case I'm kidnapped and people need to find me to pay the ransom - I just want to star in a Lifetime Movie that's all) and the cast pow wows in the glow. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time, everybody was just letting loose, saying whatever and wittier than a Pooh Bear with a honey jar. We're hanging out near the "jungle juice" (apparently it's like the cherry fruit cocktail of alcoholic mixtures) when we meet some other show hosts. We realize none of us have seen each others shows and instantly bond when we figure out we all might be hilarious. Collaboration ideas are thrown about and more people just keep on flooding in. People want what they want and it was for sure time for some more water pong. The pong table is setup, music starts blaring and everyone gathers around to watch the competition. It's on like ping pong with Donkey Kong. The rest of the station members show up and it's about to happen. Highlighter is whipped out and people sign up to battle with the balls. It's pong. The music changes and time just speeds up. First game is Hailey and Max versus the sports show bros, Noah and Dan. Hailey literally put the team on her back and Tebowed the hell out that game FTW. Next up were these douchey kids. They end up winning and we're more than sore losers yelling at everyone, "you can suck a dick" and "you guys suck." They were changing rules in the middle of the game, making up rules and being really shady as eff. Danny T, Hailey and I were on the sidelines raring to go and start a fight. These douchers needed to be curb stopped, like ASAP. The game ends in a shouting match with some crazy yelling. We all head upstairs to rid ourselves of the stench of "nobodydom" (the smell when people are so ridiculous that don't exist). Hailey and I go back downstairs and I'm introduced to her friend Anders. We chill in the chairs and watch foxy Jack Steele with his partner, Jake M, take on the male jiggelos. It's a wall dance party for the rest of us while the team of J&J smites the ugly chimera known as the prick heads. Party's just about over and we've had a great time. Too much fun and something I'll never forget. I might just actually like the night life.

The pack of us - DT, Jack, other Jack, Hailey and I dip out after thanking the host for a good time. We make our way towards one of the main streets but take a detour into a friend of a friend's house. Let's just say Joteng was not comfortable witht the shenanigans so the "my roommate is vomiting all over the bathroom and I need to go hold his hair" excuse gets pulled out so Hailey and I can leave. We make it to Pearl Street and "Blurp-It" (mobile bus schedule). Standing there is our station buddy, Isaiah just hanging out, looking classy as ever. It's colder than ball sweat when some of the party boys show up. Dan F, and Stephen dap us up while Noah gives us the greatest man hugs known to man. The bus comes and everyone's a rowdy mess. I'm talking shoving to the front, crip walking, and heading to the back to the bus (cool kids to the back). I'm sitting next to these old people, like a 21 year old dude with a major grit stache and his girl, and they're just talking about how great they're dorm years were. I'm like, mmkay, you're weird, please refrain from talking to me. The drunk bus stops at the Heights and we get off. It's back up to Jandro's room where I'm welcomed by a massive cheer by like 12 people still playing water pong and video games. Somehow I end up with the controller again playing Madden against Connor S. I'll admit defeat because it more embarrassing then getting caught in the act of faking being drunk - yeah, it was that bad. Interceptions, on side kick recoveries and total fails. I promise my revenge on that Italian guido if it's the last meatball thing  I do. The bathroom is blocked so everyone goes through my room to tinkle and what not, admiring the cleanliness of yes, a guys bathroom. We're not savage animals in here, we're wild boy toys ripe for the picking. I go back to playing some Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and run train in a few games before passing the sticks. Literally everyone was present, Big Ben, Joelly Bear, Megan N, Jandro, Natty-Dan, Ali, Abby, Pax, Craig, Abbey W, and possibly a few stragglers. I call it a night at 4 am when Krabby Patty returns from his escapades. The night life just demolished us. Sun rises soon and we're out of it.

Being a teenager is all about creating those memories that will last a lifetime. When you can go out, on the town, and have a great time and stay safe, I call that a major success. College has the potential to the be the best time of your life but only if you're conscious about the decisions you're making. The night life doesn't always have to be a wild rager, it can be some video games and water pong with friends - but the occasional party doesn't hurt. Get out there and live it up in the night life.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your ultimate Friday night? In high school that would entail going out to eat a restaurant and then heading home to make fun of people on facebook and on TV. Not much has changed but I haven't found people who enjoy the making fun part as much as I do.


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