Playing For Keeps

Being a teenager is all about going for the win. Some people will do whatever it takes to succeed and that's not always a bad thing. College is about proving that you belong here and blowing everyone out of the water. Whoever said that life wasn't a competition must have been losing because the rest of us are cutthroat at all times. It's like a freaking MTV Real World/Road Rules challenge up in here. Don't get it twisted, you ain't that big (starts clapping ignorantly). I don't know about but I'm playing for keeps.

The invention of reading days may the a modern marvel in my opinion. A day to catch up on sleep and study until you just can't study anymore. I woke up and get dressed Wednesday morning with nothing but chemistry on my mind. It was weird and kind of cool at the same time. Did I contemplate creating deadly bombs and destroying the whole university, quite possibly, but the world will never know. I go downstairs and Jandro's working at the main desk and he shows me this dubbed (haha, dubstep fail) over Johnny Bravo episode with this black guy saying the most out of control things ever only on World-Star-Hip-Hop, like YouTube for black people. If you can handle the outrageousness you can watch the video Here. I'm telling you I almost peed my pants in the lobby laughing so hard, too funny. Northside Meredith came around and the three of us decided to head over to H&M for some unlimited dining. A random selection of food like a cheeseburger that was almost pilfered by some rif-raff hooligan (oh you know I snatched my burger back ASAP, stay on your side, don't try and hit me) and I was soon full. We sit down and trade unbelievable stories about our home lives like high school drama, fights and general debauchery. If you've never spoken to Alejandro please do and let him tell you stories of his antics in the Big Apple because they're so unbelievable that they must be real. I see my buddy Riker, Business Bro Matty, Flannel Bro, and Frisbee Bro all within a 10 minute period. I seriously love the people I see all over campus, like who are you and why are you everywhere I am? It was back to studying chemistry for hours upon end with breaks to post silly pictures of myself on my friends' facebook walls and tweet like none other. Nemesis Norio appears and asks our suite if we want to contribute $10 each to buy a Wings Over: Burlington "Aircraft Carrier" totalling $120 with pounds upon pounds of food. Oh you know we can't miss this so we chip in and when the food comes we dig in. The majority of Eastside came together for some meaty goodness. Austin, Mitchy Mitch, Ky-Ky, Natty Dan, Ali-Cat, Jandro, Cullen, Nemeis Norio, Big Ben, T-Ali, and myself. We had some vultures come and pick up the scraps, as usual  (delivered food is like a bird call for freeloaders). Soon it's after midnight and Krabs wants to hit the hay but I'm not done studying so it's into Jandro's room to work some more. Somehow Cullen, Jandro and I end up watching all of Step Up 3, yeah, until 3:30 am like it's NBD. Tell me why we're so dumb? It's officially beddy bye just before 4 am, and I played for keeps.

Thursday morning was another one of those ridiculous mornings where all of us were a total mess. I planned on getting up at 8 am but didn't even russle around until 9. I power showered and got dressed as soon as possible. I laced up my shoes and hit the pavement to commandeer myself an egg & cheese croissant from Alice's CafĂ©. It was back to the dorm to watch some more YouTube videos and study a bit more for my impending chemistry final. Soon the whole was gathered in the hallway and somehow we ended up yelling ridiculousness out the window at passing strangers. The old shout and duck was employed and let's just say some people were totally caught off guard. Cullen and I stupidly played that arm punching game, "Blow for Blow," and after two hits I was done. Jandro came out of nowhere and just socks my in my shoulder blade and it's like death by abuse. Time is almost up but I've got just about half an hour to listen to my favorite artists like One Direction to psych myself up for this test. I grab my stuff and walk to the lecture hall with Jandro battling high gusting winds and drizzling rain (classic weather incident when you have to take a chemistry test). Never have I ever seen that many people in the lecture hall before, what a funny sight to see it was. All of sudden our professor announces anyone with last names N-Z will be moving to another room and I'm like "hot damn, that's me." We get this smaller room with this bizarro TA chick trying to get us all to line up in columns. I take my seat, get my scantron and test and go to work. 60 multiple choice questions covering 11 chapter of electron mumbo jumbo and bonding (nothing to do with Denture bonding creams people or wait, it actually does, duh). Little distractions like the backwards hatted Milo Ventilmiga look-a-like sitting in the front row asking random questions, people escaping by hopping over seats, and 3 people with last names starting with M's making the mistake of switching rooms, just add to the humor of the situation. I check it over once and I'm donzo. I just played for keeps. I walk out of there and walk to the Davis Center to get some grub. Pressure's off and I'm straight chillin' while I get a falafel from the infamous chef Charlie. That was real good. It's back to the Heights where Westside Harrison and all his gentelmanly deeds appear. I'm literally about to pass out like Appa from Avatar the Last Airbender. I just knock out on my bed and wake up a few minutes later to Krabs and Jandro discussing how to rearrange the room for next semester. We've got a classy set up, no need to change it. It's just about 4:30pm meaning that Krabby Patty is leaving us. A hardcore bromate hug is exchanged and he's gone and I'm left alone, shattered, broken and teary eyed. It's intense cleaning mode with packing  (do you know hard it is to pack an entire wardrobe for a month, it should be a legit crime). Sammy and I go to Marketplace where it's the last curry of the semester and again there's Frisbee bro getting some B&J's. It's pack to the Heights where I join the rest of my HCOL class in studying for our exam in Westside Lila's room. Harrison is up to no good as always trying to post the most embarrassing status possible and Cracka-Jack is just playing Words with Friends. The rest of us, Pheebs, Davey, Ky-Ky and Lila do a smidgen of studying and end up just recalling the ridiculousness that was our honors college class. There are too many inside jokes to even recall, but let it be known that Lila and Pbeebs created bingo boards with spaces of incidents like "Joteng doesn't speak all class." Way too funny. It's always great to hang out on Westside, they've got some unique kids over there. It's back to my part of town where I'm just mopping the bathroom at 11pm, whatevs. I take out the trash and pay a visit to JaMocha-Shake (Jackie) and catch up - it's like I never see the girl anymore, we just might have to change that next semester. Somehow an hour goes by and I go back to studying. Westside's most fratty resident Jake and Jandro hang around while we discuss funny TV shows, national scandals (as in the UVM - Sigma Phi Epsilon disbandment - read the USA Today Article) how much we can't wait to go home. Tell my why I don't knock out until 3:30am again, when I've got my exam at 7:30 - epic fail. I'm playing for keeps and may or may not be winning. 

Friday morning was a little instense. I woke up to both my alarms at 6:30am and went back to bed stupidly. All of a sudden it's 7:28am and Westide Lila and Natty Dan are pounding on my door waking me up. I'm for real so thankful for them or else I would have completely missed my last exam. I straight hopped out of bed, turned my swag on, and heading downstairs to endure the gaunlet of exams known as HCOL. 12 indentify titles and authors plus 4 essays connecting all the things we read second semester. That was a little bit crazy but I finished with a half hour to spare and chucked the deuces out of there. I grabbed this good ass meat omelet from the Marché and was like done with life. I passed the hell out on my bed never to be heard from for a few hours. Pretty much everyone else was gone so there was nothing for me to do except watch Disney Channel. Yup, literally every other show was like not online and I was desperately bored, don't judge me. I finished packing and finally 5:15pm rolled around when I struggled to get both my suitcase downstairs into my awaiting taxi. Off the to the airport with new friend Connor, and I was through the security line ASAP. I saw Eastside Hannah when I bought gummy bears and cookie dough and sat down with JaMocha-Shake and her friend Asya. We played these words games and soon it was time for them to leave. I moved closer to my gate and watched people to make fun of them (my favorite passtime). The TSA literally man-handled these three Middlebury college kids. The girl was the most awkward one, just getting thoroughly felt up by a TSA agent. I was in hardcore travel mode, One Direction blasting and updating my geo-location on both facebook and twitter as I went along. I board my first flight to DC and instantly sleep. I wake up just before landing and it's off to the next terminal. I'm about to take a seat when I notice a dude zonked out on the ground making it awkward and I take a different one. The gate agents in DC were totally foreign and their accents were killing me, apparently people got on the wrong flights because of the words Knoxville and Nashville sounds so similar with a thick accent on top. Too funny. I get on my next flight and end up sitting next to this minister. We literally talked the entire flight to Dayton, OH. Straight hour and a half of interesting stories and connecting, what an awesome person. We land and I book it for the baggage claim. I get my bags and it's outside to look for the coveted Benz. Dear father, thank you so very much for picking me up from the airport. My goodness how great it was to be back with people I know. I told him about all the things I'd been through like the peer pressure to drink, and try drugs. The Naked Bike Ride, this whole fraternity scandal, and even exam drama. Look at me being a little adult. We stopped at a 24 hour McDonald's and I realized how much I missed fast food. Vermont is great for beign green and all that stuff but damn local/organic doesn't mean it tastes better. Good gosh. We make it back to my neighborhood and I'm in my room within seconds reconnecting with my sister. Thank goodness for real life in a normal house with an open floorplan, I was starting to feel claustrophobic. I played for keeps and ultimately won, semester one is now done.

Being a teenager is all about doing your best always. Grades matter to everyone it just depends on how much effort you put into all of it. What's a diploma or a GPA, nothing if you don't truly enjoy what you worked for. College is about finding out what gets your blood pumping, what gets you riled up, and what about this world you want to go out and change. Everybody's playing for keeps so you better keep yours.

My blog post question for the day is ... what would you do for a million dollars? I have no idea, but I've got standards and rules that I live by and money isn't everything but it sure doesn't hurt.


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