Freeze Frame

Being a teenager is all about stopping whatever you're doing at the most random of times. I don't know about you but that Alexa Vega (Spy Kids) and Sean Faris movie "Sleepover" is one of my guilty pleasure favorites with one of the best scenes while they're in the mall playing with mannequins and freezing when people walk by. College can go by so far, first semester only has 2 weeks left but there's times where you just want to slow things down and take it all in. Chill it out, go subzero and freeze frame.

Wednesday was a weird morning. I woke up all sweaty and gross from being overheated by matching comforter and bed sheets. It was like they were trying to swallow me in a pit of fluffy overexertion. Krabs was gone for a doctor's appointment (don't worry, the boy is perfectly fine, thank goodness) and I got out of bed to get dressed and look presentable. It was like my eyes were crusted shut before my lashes were all awry and they'd gone AWOL. Looking a little bit of a mess, but still classy as ever, I made my way to biology lecture. Right before I get there I see a kid just walking around barefoot, like put some shoes on ya hippie. The hem of his pants were more raggedy that a Oscar the Grouch and his dumpster. Totally tweeted with the picture (below) because it was just that ridiculous. Bio lecture came and went and I really don't remember what happened because I was half asleep for most of what was being said. Sorry my life is busier a maternity ward at the beginning of October (get my neonatal references, most childbirths in America all year occur then). From there it was straight on to HCOL were we started class with teacher and course evaluations. Those are always awkward, I feel obligated to be nice because none of my professors were bad at all, but I should also tell an accurate truth. Afterwards we discussed the final exam and it's craziness along with what we're having for b-fast that morning and with the last 10 minutes Frankenstein. Creatures, mad-science, and chaos, classic literature right there. Upstairs to rally the troops, and make our way over to the Marketplace for lunch, like always. For me today it was all about the beef tacos from the abomination known as New World Tortilla. The food is not good, like at all, but I wanted what I wanted so I got it. Krabby Patty, Jakey-Bear, Jandro and I all do our share of telling stories before our time is up and we have to go our separate ways. It's back to the room alone to sing along to One Direction and read TV guide and USA Today (Life section only). I skidaddle to chemistry where Mystery Model is making his way out, we exchange pleasantries and class begins. I'm sitting next to Westside Krystina and we're watching this kid literally pet this girl's hair. Like fervently stroke it, massage and caress her to the point where it truly creepy. Meanwhile the professor is talking about something and speaking the foreign language of hardcore science so I'm just taking notes but not retaining anything. After class I accompany Jandro to the ethics office where I awkwardly wait while he has a talk with some big wig chick. We J-Walk and enter Williams Hall which is kind of like a museum with an infinite amount of stairs. Tell me why we climb all of them in order to retrieve his classwork and the professor/TA isn't even there. Major fail, we take the elevator (the hospital kind with two doors and get out of there with our jelly legs. We go outside where it's searing cold, if that's even possible. We see this girl walking around in Lady Gaga type meat claw heels reminiscent of the Powder Puff Girls' "Him" and follow her just to take a creeper piture. Oh, freeze frames are on deck as we walk back to the suite.

Sammy, Em-Spica and Jandro pal around where we do some embarrassing dancing including pelvic thrusting and some dirty Latin dancing. Time runs out and it's off to the studio for me to shoot the season finale of "Dirty Pop." The time before we go on air is always funny, "Love Guru" (the dating advice show) Danny T. comes by to give us a laugh, and Michael Cohen (technical director) just doesn't get it. Hailey's Comet, Molly, Tricia, Allie and I get ready for the show and get our stuff together. An hour flies by and I'll say it was our best show ever - check it out here Dirty Pop Fall Finale. We pow-wow and talk about next semester and it's about 7pm when make it back to the dorm to get Sam and get dinner. It's Marché baja fish tacos for the both of us and people watching through the windows. 30 minutes and we're out of there on to the IRA (inter-residence association meeting) which turns out to be a bonding day. We play Apples to Apples with Paigey, and Bret with the best moments being me saying I knew Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr when the cards were played. I was close to winning but no such luck. It was Kerplunk where I totally lost and announcing our hall complex's event "the UHN Winter Extravaganza" before grabbing food and dipping out. Across the green roof to the room where I blog up a storm with "Politically Correct." Westide Jake and Drew Baby pay us a visit to measure our wingspans and heights for their stats project. Classy kids those two. I study my buttox off, literally, I'm ass-less right now (JK, I gotta donk) for my chemistry exam and go beddy-bye just past midnight. Freeze frame, stop it, and drop it right there. Looking back at the day it was more than jam packed.

Thursday morning was another attempt by Krabs to get up at 7:30am to read that just didn't work out. I awake to the sweet sounds of One Direction and get dressed in an all gray sweatsuit. Yeah, I was looking ridiculous but it was also 30 degrees outside and barely anyone out. I make it to tennis where everyone else shows up except my opponent for the day, Pretty Boy Evan. He was probably still fixing his hair or something, so I hit a whole bucket of balls and then went to watch the other games that were going on. It was an uneventful 50 minutes in my crazy life. I head to Alice's Café and change things up with a cinnamon raisin bagel with honey & cinnamon cream cheese. The wind literally slashes through me the Spongebob "Hash Slinging Slasher." Back to room to just listen to music and eat. It was most deff show-show time just to warm up  and smell irresistible . I think my manly pheromones have been drawing too many women too me, like damn girls, chillax, there's enough of me to go around. I spend the morning from 11am to 1:30pm studying for my impending chemistry exam. I was like studious or whatever that means. I find out I have a package and it's my One Direction album "Up All Night" (the Limited Yearbook Edition) - yeah $30 for that United Kingdom import, well worth it. I burn the CD ASAP, you know support an artist when you physically purchase their album. Jandro and Krabs hate on the boyband but I gives none, I don't judge their taste in music which I may not like but they have no problem saying how much 1D "sucks" - chill buddies. Time for a study break with Jandro at the Marché. We cut through the L&L to avoid the cold and it's a baguette sandwich with guacamole for me. We talk about how hard college really is and people watch. It's a been a rough journey for everyone. Back to the room to study until 3:30 and then math class at 4pm. Tons of notes are taken on implicit differentiation and the Jake McDorman look-a-like sits next to me, lol. Epic Flow dude (literally a dude with hair of epic proportions) got a haircut and the class is almost over. Back to the dorm in the silencing cold and I'm study dancing. IPod with headphones blugged in blasting, dancing and rereading notes. 6:35pm rolls around and Jandro and I depart for our chemistry exam. It's pitch black and stone cold and we're about to cross the street when this driver like stops for us and we being to walk and she starts coming. She throws her hands up and flips us the middle finger, oh I yelled a lotta bit and was not happy. Like I'm a valuable item and I've got good insurance hit me and I'll see you in court with those Amanda Show dancing lobstahs. It's on to the chemistry exam where I walk with confidence down the stairs to take a seat. Jandro and I look around and watch the looks of despair, terror, and fear before everyone settles down. It's an intense hour and a half and I'm pretty sure I did well, but you never know, I better have or I'm dropping out to work on becoming a socialite and reality TV star. It's all over and we walk back with dignity, shouting and running like mad men back to the room. It's on to Marché where I get some Italian Wedding soup and spill like a lot of it. Typical clumsy me. Sammy, Jandro and I eat and chill before heading back to the Heights to make posters for the Winter Extravaganza. Just a good two hours spent making posters like it's NBD. We discover glitter freaking sucks like nobody's business and is for sure the herpes of the crafting world. We hang up our creations and part ways. Right before beddy-bye at midnight, Cullen, and Jandro show us these queefing (vaginal farts) YouTube videos which are gross as hell but too funny to handle. I'm talking I was on the ground crying and struggling to breathe because it was so funny. Westside Xue and Craig pay us a late night visit with some backsass and it's knock out time. Freeze frame and look at how far we've come.

Being a teenager is all about hanging out and chilling whenever possible. The best times in life is when everything is comfortable and you're surrounded by friends just doing what teens do best, literally nothing. It's crazy how far we've all come in this college experience and we've got a long way to go but take a picture, it'll last longer. Freeze frame.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's one of your fondest memories from your first semester? There's been a lot of things that went down this semester, too many to recount. What, have you not been reading this blog or what?


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