Tis The Season

Being a teenager is all about getting into the holiday spirit. No matter what holiday you celebrate, the end of December is a time for peace, joy, and harmony throughout the world, including the land of teenagedom. It's a time to bury the hatchet over petty drama, put down the pepper spray for in-store shop-a-thons, and instead of sexting give your sloppy hookup some face-to-face lovin' (ignore that last one). It's a time to get real, and real personal. It's a time for humanity and teens (because we're a different species or something) to unite to and come together. Tis the season to change the world.


I'll be the first to say it, I'm am empathetic person, to the point that is someone else is crying I'm shedding tears right along with them. There is so much we as teens can do to change the world around us. I know we feel powerless and I'll even admit adapting the mindset of "if I can't do anything to change it, why should I care" (we're in college and everyone else is broke). But we're obligated as young people to be the generation that changes everything. I'm all about donating when I'm more than able but just because an organization asks for some help does not mean I'm going to give it to them. Let's be real, if you have to text in to donate, you're not getting my mulah. Hell no, you randomly send that text and it gets charged to your monthly bill. By the end of the month you'll forget and be like no bueno when you've got $10 to save someone, somewhere. Then there's those Salvation Army bell ringers, like get the heck out of me face. People should give me money because they want to not because you give them dirty looks and stare them down with lazer eye pressure. Chill with the bell ringing, I came to grocery store to buy food not be bombarded with a cacophonic chimming rendition of jingle bell rock - this not Home Alone. Then there are those boxes to donate food which are unmanned, mmkay, that's great because I don't have that person to bug me into donating, but then again who's protecting the stuff I'm giving away. Rif-raff and Recess-style hooligans could pilfer those things ASAP and I'm not going to put myself out there for nothing. And of course those little loose change boxes at like McDonald's cash registers do nothing more except help me get rid of pennies which I like to believe don't even exist. We all know Ronnie McDanks is a pedophile disguised as a heart attack inducing food lover. Oh I know I'll be giving away my coins but I have no idea if the (minimal) money I'm giving is actually going the charity that they claim to sponsor. Charity should go to people who really need it not some swindling scammer. There are tons of charities that are fake or take a portion of their income (non-profit of course) and pocket it. Heck no, if I'm funding the feeding of starving children I'd better be getting that warm feeling of a full stomach - not some American fat ass embezzling donations. Tis the season to do your research about charities before donating. It's great to donate but money, food and clothing aren't the only things you can do to spread the holiday spirit.

You've got the power to really make a difference. Sponsoring a family for some Christmas gifts is always cool and when you see the look on their faces when they get your presents, it's more than worth it. You can volunteer your time at the local food pantry or homeless shelter, y'all know they need the extra hands, always. If you do go to spend your time there do it with genuine sincerity. Nobody likes being served with pity or with a condescending attitude. Nobody's better than anyone here, treat everyone like you're equal, as you'd want them to treat you. Outside of giving back to those who need it most you can generally be nicer. Like damn, it's called opening doors people. These are things that normal people do. It's called letting other cars go ahead of you at a tough spot to get out off. Relax with the middle-finger flip offs, horn honking, out-the-window yelling, and crazy road rage, we're all heading home for the holidays so take it down about ten notches. Parking spots, let people have them. Let it be known that's it totally pathetic to have whoever's riding shotty (shotgun) to get out of the car and literally stand in a parking spot just to claim it. Do it again and I don't care, I'mma run somebody over, no blood on the Benz. Checkout counters and you've got a mountain of stuff, let someone with a few items sneak on through - I'm telling you people will be grateful, whether or not they show it. Someone's missing a few cents to pay for something, scramble up to the front of the line and help them out. (Who uses coins anyway, I only do quarters and occasionally dimes?) - Go out of your way to do something nice for someone. Shovel your ancient neighbor's driveway, for free and without having to be asked. Lord knows Gertrude and Methuselah won't get to it otherwise (yeah I went there). If you've got beef with someone it's time to give it up. Stop the grilling because that beef is more than well done. Forgive but never forget and move on. It's not a good look to move on to a new year with disagreements, that's so last year and totally not in style. Tis the season to be a better person and start fresh.

Being a teenager is all about being the best person you can possibly be. Teens are known for not caring about anything other than themselves and this is the year we can change that. Whether you've been naughty or nice, hot as hell or cold as ice, cheap-skating or know no price - this is the season to be neighborly to your fellow man. Smile at someone you don't know and actually care when you ask how are you doing. We're teens not robots.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite part about the holidays? The frosted cookies, the smells, and the general peace that everyone seems to have when they're done shopping.


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