House Rules

Being a teenager is all about following the laws of the land. No matter where you are, there's a set of rules that you're obligated to follow. You enter someone's domain, you've got to adhere to the boundaries set in place. You may not always like what's been determined, but that's the way the world works. You're in our house now. Our house our rules. House rules >>> (if you don't understand the greater than sign - it's supposed to be read "over" - get with the times people).
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When you're at home, the house rules apply. That's the bottom line, like comprende holmes? If you're under your parents' roof, you'd better redneckognize (oh Honey Boo Boo, ain't nobody like you - BTW, the fact that TLC is using 1D LWWY in their New Year's bumpers with her in it disgusts me - that's child exploitation) and get your act together. If you thought you'd be running around at all ours of the day and night, gallivanting around, you thought wrong. Winter break is like that slap to the face to bring you back to the real world (season 28 in Portland, OR coming soon!). We all know the melodramatic teenage/twenty-something dystopia micro-society that is college is not how "the real world" actually is ... right? There's no other place like it (well except maybe retirement homes) where everyone is relatively the same age and there for the same reason. Okay, well primary and secondary school are both like that, but that's besides the point. When you're at home, you have to obey the rules your parents set. You may be older, and you might demand a little more flexibility or some updating of the rules, but come on how far do you think your parents are going to let you go. This isn't one of the sketchy downtown party houses where you can inebriate, fornicate, and defecate all over the place (excuse the exaggeration ... but sometimes it's not). Running around on whatever and drinking whichever brand you can russle up - most parents are not going to take it. You're obligated to do chores, do what your parents tell you, and participate in your family like you used to in high school (if that was nothing, you should probably step it up). We're no longer irresponsible, oblivious teens. We're like quasi-adult-like figure people thingies, and we've got to act like it. Prove to your parents that you're not some stereotypical college co-ed and make the most of your winter break. Act like a grown up and not a child. House rules, oh they apply here.
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House rules also comes with some stipulations on what you've got to do to deal with people. That's right, deal with people. Not make buddy buddy with me, fraternize or canoodle - just deal with them. There's those people you come across where you can't even handle them, and all you can do is just deal. It's crazy to me the way that people deal with one another on a daily basis. Let's get this straight, dealing with people isn't the right way to do it, but sometimes something has to give. People can be brash, brazen, rude, outlandish, and downright nasty. It's out of the blue, completely random, and nobody will ever no why some people walk around with their stank face on and attitudes all in there. The sad thing is that you're more likely to find someone with a chip on their shoulder and a scowl on their face then someone with an open heart and a big ole smile. The world is a mess, people are suffering, and people are taking their anger, frustrations, and insecurities with themselves out on other people. It's like when you go to a restaurant and you get an unenthusiastic waiter, or the grocery store where an employee blatantly ignores your request for help. Like I don't know you, sorry to encroach upon your "time" but I do need some assistance. That's your life, and you've got to deal with it. Giving a random stranger attitude, or sass is highly unnecessary. People have got to be conscious of themselves and their actions. It may not be a top priority to smile and be friendly to everyone you come across, but it should be. Me, personally, I always try my best to be unbearably nice to people when I first meet them - what if that's my only interaction with them? Even if it isn't why should I ruin their day just because mine may not be going so well. House rules say keep your drama to yourself and lock it down. When you have to deal with people you know, you've got to make your own house rules and buckle down. One of the problems I get with people is that they do not respond in a timely manner. Yo, if I send you an iMessage and I see it's not only delivered, but read and you take days to respond, you're asking to be deleted from my life. I know you saw it, so don't pretend you have no idea when I ask you about it in real life. How hard is it to shoot me a text message back in response to my inquiry or to even acknowledge me existence. It's rude, uncalled for and totally unacceptable. I take the time out of my day to answer texts, calls and emails (because I care and made the assumption that other people do the same) - why is it so hard for other people? I'm just saying, it's frustrating. We're all busy, we have other things to do, like eat, do work, lie around, and relax - but are you really that busy that you literally don't have time to respond ... doubt it. House rules win. *Let it be known that I've been watching Property Brothers on HGTV nonstop, and House of Anubis season 3 just premiered yesterday on Nickelodeon #don'tjudgeme.
no like you don’t understand, i love the property brothers
Being a teenager is all about making the rules work for you. If something is wrong, change it. But if there's no reason to actually go rearranging the way things are, leave things alone. It's like walking into the wild west and trying to switch things up, it'll always be cowboys and indians (Native Americans) like the upcoming Lone Ranger movie (Armie Hammer & Johnny Depp = awesome). Follow the rules for once and learn to live with them. Be like "Catwoman" in the Dark Knight Rises aka Anne Hathaway and be adaptable. House rules.

My blog post question for the day is ... what kind of house do you want to live in when you grow up? I'm all about the manor or mansion lifestyle. Classic stone exterior with dark wood interior. Extravagant everything, complete with heated pool and tennis court.


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