Nobody Compares

Being a teenager is all about understanding your role in the world. It's about being aware of your value and realizing that you're more than worth something. Everyone has a purpose, something that they are here to do, and it's up to you to use your life to figure out what it is, and fulfill it. I believe, each and every one of us has the capacity to change the world ... for the better. There's no one else who can replace you, nobody compares.

One of the most important things I've learned from being a college student is the importance of community. Finding where you fit in, where people care about, and the place that makes you feel safe, wanted, and needed is the quest we're all (on some level) on in our college. When you've arrived at that highly desired destination - you're left with nothing more to do but find yourself. Lately, I've been seeing and reading so much envy. Don't people remember that episode of Sabrina the Teenage With when the green eyed monster reared it's ugly ass head (you can learn so much from TV - my life is based almost entirely upon it)? Wanting what other people have or are will get you absolutely no where. It's great to admire and to aspire to be like someone, but you have to understand that you can never be someone else. You are who are you. You are privileged to be who you are. People are lucky to know you. You matter. You mean something, and your life is priceless. Just like Beyoncé went to work on Monday (girl did the most with that National Anthem - I approve) at President Obama's inauguration - diva is irreplaceable and so are you. You are a hot commodity, a coveted prize, and indisputable catch. I just want to affirm that each and every one of us are necessary in this world. No one else is more important, matters more, or is better than anyone else. People around you place judgements, they rank, compete, and compare you - but they are fundamentally wrong, nobody compares. We cannot be matched up, assessed, and placed into cookie cutter molds. We are unique, individuals. We are similar but different. Nobody knows our backgrounds, our experiences, and the memories that have shaped us to be who we are. No two people have lived the same life. Leave your preconceived notions at the door, keep your opinions to yourself, and refrain from trying to tell me how to live my life. No one has the right to so, and you shouldn't let them. You are stronger than you think. What makes human so remarkable is our perseverance, resilience, and courage to overcome. Role models are great, and there will always be people around (in life, on campus, and even in your hall) that you think have it "made." Don't worry, we're all flawed, we've all got problems, and nobody's perfect (Hannah Montana montage - go!). No matter how beautiful/handsome, popular, well-liked, well-dressed (that one's near and dear to my heart), smart, or put together someone seems, you are just as capable of all those things yourself in your own way. You cannot be same, and for good reason. Only you can be you and only I came be me. I wouldn't have it any other way. Nobody compares.

Walking to beat of your own drum is so commendable. It's so easy in college to get lost in the shuffle and to feel insignificant on a campus full of total strangers. You have to fight, and push your way to front - you deserve to be there, just like everyone else. You make a name for youself, and let your reputation speak for you - do you! Now, you all know  my life absolutely ridiculous, which is a perfect example of individualism at work. The things that happen to me on a daily basis are way too unreal for anyone else to even phathom, and I'm okay with that. Let me say that one of my favorite things about myself is my ability to push myself. I may seem like the outgoing, prepped out, super-student, but underneath it all I just want to sit, quietly, and chill the heck out. Wednesday for me meant below zero temperatures and brutal walks around campus. After my political science class I moved on to the winter activities festival in our student union aka the Davis Center and tabled for RHA with Terra and Anna. We went to work, and dominated that space like nobody's business. The best thing and when you know you're actually friends with someone is when you are comfortable enough to be even more of you as an individual. I got there, and soon was giving out free hugs (I literally despise and never ever give hugs - it's a rarity, like One Direction going 3 days without a new tattoo *BTW, that whole Ghana trip thing - I'll rant about the white savior complex, power & privilege another time - it's coming, don't worry). I was pointing people out, shouting my lungs off and causing the biggest scene. As always, we were doing the most. But that's me at my best, being different, doing my own thing and bringing my own style to every single thing I do. I'm a character - I'm aware. I had lunch with Sam, and my solo meeting with my advisor Drake (who I pretty much talk to myself with #mylife). The day went on with me in my Greek leadership class, and I always monitor how much I speak in class to give other people a chance, but sometimes you've got to say something and bring that different perspective (apparently, it's my role everywhere I go around here). My night ended with an RHA representative meeting where all eyes were on me - it makes me nervous, but I know I'm good at it and have got it down. It's all good. For me, I know how much I'm apart of people's lives and also what people's interactions do for me. It's absolutely everything. Every little thing means something. I saw my buddy Nicholas like 4 times today, and he always brightens up my day. My meaningless banter with Jimmy and the fact that if you actually look at us we kind of bro-out ... hard - on a daily basis. My daily dig filled conversations with Dzenan, and Zach. My snapchats to Christine, Jeff, and Lila. All of it - it's what adds to my life and makes it solely my own. Nobody compares.

*Can I just say that I meant to mention all this pictures and gifs, so here it goes. Cheering in public makes me think I'm in "Bring It On" - instagram is so uniquely hipster. Arrow is a perfect show - I might have a crush on Willa Holland aka "Thea Queen." District3 is an amazing trio, Mike Tompkins is talented as hell, and Oli White is like the nicest YouTuber ever. Boom - oh, shout/out to 1D for the post title.

Being a teenager is all about coming to an understanding with yourself. People look to others to define who they are, but that inherently cannot work. Only you can be write your own definition of who you are in this urban dictionary called life. No one else has the capability and no one is responsible for writing your story. It's up to you and you alone. But with that task comes the fulfillment of finding yourself. There's no one like you - remember that ... nobody compares.
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My blog post question for the day is ... what's your single favorite thing about yourself? I would have to say my smile - when I'm actually smiling, it feels awesome, and I know it has the power to brigthen up people's days like none other.


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