Live and Let Live

Being a teenager is all about moving on. It's a brand spanking new (like MTV used to be; Buckwild really?) year and it's time to let go of the past. That means getting over the drama, the relationships, grudges and backstabs of the past. That's right, dig the knife out of your shoulder blades, wipe it off and hand it back to your figurative Brutus. You're above this, start it all off right and live and let live.

Teens are all about relationships. What do you remember most from your time in school? Not the ridiculous amounts of knowledge shoved up your noggin, the sketchy food in the cafeteria and dining hall or the scores to whatever sports team you kept up with. You remember all the laughs you had making fun of people's embarrassing pictures on Facebook (oh wait, you didn't do that), the rumors heard and eagerly spread about the fight that broke out, and all the longing looks you shot the hot stuff across the room/lecture hall. It's the relationships, however big or small, you have with people that you remember. That's what's life is all about, connecting and interacting with other people. When things to go wrong, they take a turn for the worst, and the plan goes from unlikely to mission impossible (rewatched MI4: Ghost Protocol, still a breathtaking movie - highly recommend it, and it's now on Netflix), that's when relationships are ruined. People fight, and they say things (whether they mean it or not, who knows) and when words are being thrown around, feelings get hurt. I don't know about you, but I'm one of those people who pretends that when people make a comment or say something offensive to me, I act like it doesn't matter, but will forever remember what the person has spoken. It's crazy, so many lost friends, and acquaintances. The falling outs so epic like the ultimate rivalry between Cappie and Evan on Greek (just finished rewatching the entire series for the third time). Once ish goes down, people have a hard time moving on from it. Even when stuff has happened a while ago, the memories come rushing back. The anger, pain, and even the craving for revenge. The thing you have to remember is that none of it matters anymore. Keeping that kind of emotion in your heart is not beneficial. Deception, envy, and wrath destory all things and all people. You have to move on. You don't have time to waste thinking about old times and past drama. You have to forgive, but never forget. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, well I'm just a damn fool. You let things go and patch things up with the person, being mindful that your relationship will never be the same as it used to be (it literally can't; that was then, this is now) and let it be what it will be now, in the present. Don't let the same mistakes happen to you again, that's the not forgetting part. It's important to remember your past, but don't let it hold you back from your future. Live and let live.
I can’t believe Greek just ended. So sad my show is over :(  I will admit, it was the best ending though!
There are so many people that we've met in your lifetimes. Think about how many we actually have a good, strong relationship with. I don't know about you, but I'm a super social person (when I'm not at home, sitting in my bed eating sorbet and watching reruns) and still I've only got a few people that I would say I'm really close with. It's hard, I mean really difficult to find people you're actually compatible with. One of the worst things about college is that everyone is afraid to hurt everyone else's feelings. People walk on eggshells around one another and it's like surface level mumbo jumbo. People are just nice, but of course they are, everyone seems nice when you meet them and all you do is trade pleasantries. People will hang out with whomever, whenever, even though they may not click as friends at all. You have to move past that and get real. You cannot and should not be friends with everyone. It's physically impossible. You definitely won't get along with everyone. You have to find your niche and figure out where you belong. Me, I'm still searching for my solid group of friends that I can depend upon. I can't say I've found where I "fit in" in college yet. I've got my fraternity brothers who will have my back, but outside that, it all kind of varies. Honestly, that scares the living daylights out of me. To not be stable, to be unsure, and to not have full control of my life is absolutely terrifying to me. Truthfully, it's really tricky to find people you really get on with, I'm like how am I supposed to know if this is right. I always compare my social interactions (because I analyze, just like a Bring It On cult classic quote) with people at college to that of my talks with my best friends from high school and my sister. To be completely candid, no one has lived up to them, and I don't think I'll find that. People are different wherever you go, and to be expecting the same sort of life I have at home with that at school is more than far fetched. I'm well aware, but to live and let live, I need to get it together. I'm tired of feeling out place, completely random and some sort of spectacle. I want to not be the "randomly popular misfit kid" ... again. I'm beyond that. For me to live and let live, that means letting go of my standards and my idealized thoughts on who to befriend (Hallmark's "Seven Year Hitch" anyone? Darrin Brooks from BMS was in it; solid movie) and let my life be open to whoever wants to walk on into it.
Being a teenager is all about getting real. It's about understanding that life is too short to harbor hate in your heart. We're too young, too fickle and way too short-sighted to actually keep a vendetta going. Get the hell over it and move the heck on. Making a big deal of what's already been said and done is not going to get you anywhere. Like Sweet Brown and her house fire "ain't nobody got time for that." Live and let life.

My blog post question for the day is ... when was the last time you lost a friend? Well, shoot it hasn't been since sophomore year of high school that that happened to me (of course it was always my doing, don't worry high school Joe may or may not have been so nice).


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