Leaps and Bounds

Being a teenager is all about taking risks and making moves. It's about keeping calm and carrying on. It's doing something bold and being little courage. It's about having a little faith in the process and letting things work themselves out. It's having hope that things will work themselves out and that they'll turn out better than they started. It's about making leaps and bounds.
This past week has been a crazy busy amalgamation of events. It's been a challenge, and definitely a test of my character. How far am I willing to go, how will I push not only myself but other people. What am I capable of and what can I expect from other people. I'm going to keep this post super short. Let's just say Monday can be summed up with freezing temperatures and a shat ton of walking around campus (the life of an RHA President). I also was doing double duty when I hit up my fraternity's recruitment pow-wow, and afterwards was walking down the stairs in the student center when I say my original #campuscrush - just sitting there. I was halfway down the stairs, and I just stood there for like 3 minutes debating internally if I should just take leap of faith and go talk to her. So I did it, I introduced myself and even shook her hand. I still know absolutely nothing about her except her name and that she's a junior, but I am so proud that I took the chance and spoke to her. I'm tired of living in fear and naivety. It's time to enter the world of relationships and catch up to the the rest of the pack. Tuesday was jam packed with classes, ridiculously long labs, inside jokes in recitation for genetics, hall council meetings, and late night grocery shopping. Just a 16 hour day, like it was NBD. To end it all somehow I ended up talking with my suitemate, Jimmy. He's one of the recurring "characters" in my teenage life, but honestly, I had to check our friendship because I was no longer having it. I think in college, we're all so afraid to say when people hurt our feelings or when we feel unconformable. Just because you're friends with someone doesn't mean they aren't capable of doing wrong. We made some great strides and bounds to have a quasi-kinda-sorta serious talk. I just don't like confrontation because it flashes me back to my friend-dropping early high school days. But something's got to give, we're not truthful or real with each other and I can't do that. I never know what to believe or where we actually stand on issues. I can't do the mind games, it's too much to think about and life's too confusing to think about. I need my friends to keep it 100 with me, to show me who they are, let me in and to let their walls come down. I need them to be vulnerable, to give me a part of themselves and then to not only expect the same in return from me but to accept me with all my flaws and scars. This week has all about making leaps and bounds.
IT’S JUST A LITTLE CRUSHby Jennifer Murphy http://bit.ly/WDOaIU
Being a teenager is all about growing up a bit. It's about partaking in conversations that you're not used to having. I'll definitely keep you all updated on this whole "talking/dating/flirting" thing I'm trying out. I mean I definitely really like this girl, but I'm trying to figure out what this all means. What are these emotions, feelings, and what should I do with them? What if I'm too busy to be involved? What if I get rejected, what if I'm not sure if it's what I'm supposed to be doing this semester. Too many questions and variables. That's where you make the leaps and bounds and take the chance. A slim chance is better than no chance at all. Same goes with friendships, don't be afraid to check people and to bring it back down to Earth when things are going off course. If your friends can't have a "real" conversation with you, then you've got to reevaluate your relationship. Leaps and bounds only go so far.

*Can I just mention how much I love Midnight Red - they some amazing performers, check out their stuff (the leaked songs are awesome). Oh, and my newest celebrity crush, Alexandra Shipp from House of Anubis - I've determined her cuteness is endearing.
This is Midnight Red. They are a boyband. Because you follow me and love Big Time Rush, you are now obligated to check them out and love them.
My blog post question for the day is ... how do you know you want to be in a relationship with someone? I have no idea, what signals do you look for or what does your hear tell you. I wish that blood pumping thing would speak up and let me know what's up.


  1. You just know. On a side note this Jimmy kid sounds like an awesome person.


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