Clean Slate

Being a teenager is all about making a fresh start. It's about taking a new opportunity and running wild with it. It's about creating a new beginning and going from there. The past is in the past, let's keep it there. Second semester is about to start, and that means even more time to spend choosing first day clothes,longing glances at all the scrumptious cuties you accidentally sit next to in class  (Van Wilder: Freshman Year w/ Kristen Cavallari anyone?), and the first tears from mountains of work. Turn over that new leaf and get it on. Here's your clean slate.

Second semester, contrary to popular belief, is neither a continuation of first semester (well, technically it is, but that's besides the pint *don't be a Spencer #PLL obsessed) nor a repeat. It's like a standalone movie based off a prior concept like the Bourne Legacy (Jer-Bear). Yeah the basic facts are the same, you're still at your same school, with mostly the same people, but the story changes. You do not, I say again for emphasis, do not have to continue the same antics, hijinks, shenanigans, or tomfoolery that went on in the fall. Here is your chance to make a clean break and do you. So many college students make the mistake of just going along with what they did first semester. News flash, change only happens when you make changes. As I've said all winter break, look back and what you did, evaluate yourself and figure out where you could improve and implement those changes. As in, if you didn't spend enough time studying because you played too many video games with your suitemates, leave your Xbox 360 at home and drop the controller (Master Chief can wait). If you wasted hours talking in the dining hall with large groups of people, be a little antisocial and eat in small groups, a pair, or alone - it's way faster, or learn to limit yourself, set a damn timer for goodness sake and get out of there (dining halls are black holes that destroy time and space, and your digestive system). If you spread yourself too thin with extracurriculars (cough, points to self) and lost sleep - set some limits and let people know that you're doing things differently. If you spent days wasted flirting with people, going on little dates, and all that lovey-dovey mess, take a break and don't try so hard. If it's meant to be, it'll come to you (see that controversial OLTL storyline with Will & Sonny; those daytime soaps are getting so politically charged and racy). Oh, and last but not least, the hangovers, walks of shame, and dazed stupors that messed your routine, cut back on the alcohol and other drugs, or quit completely (even better). Don't make the same mistakes you did first semester. Buckle down, carve some real time to study (that means no Netflix, social media or real world drama), and get 'er done. This is your clean slate.
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Now that you've promised yourself you're going to do better, you've got to prepare. That means taking the time out of your break (oh my gosh, did he really say that) to get some work done before you head back to school. That is printing off your syllabi (reading them), adding dates to your calendar like reminders of due dates and upcoming exams, and ordering your textbooks so they arrive on time. Now let me rant about textbooks. They are hands down the biggest scam in higher education other than the tuition (what the hell does tuition pay for anyway?). Custom edition textbooks that are nearly identical to standard edition, why am I paying extra - I know freaking Steven Hawking didn't autograph the cover of this book, that's complete farce. My university bookstore doesn't even have half the books I need in stock, but wait, the semester hasn't even started yet. How is that possible ... but seriously, in what life is this okay. Then these outrageous shipping fees for these raggedy ass, ratchet looking hand-me-down used books, hell to the no. You must be damn crazy. Textbooks and the entire educational literature industry can kiss my black ass (audience applause welcome; Fresh Prince swerve face). Before you head back to school please upgrade your swag. That means, get some new clothes and maybe take the time to look a little more grown up if your wardrobe has been lacking. Cut the long hair don't care bros (we don't care), and ladies put away the yoga pants for a few days out of the week (we understand it's cold, but the sloppy look is what is keeping you single). Get your parents to get you some name brand deodorant and smell normal for once, and detergent too. Downy Unscentables will keep your clothes smelling fresh for days to come, and it's so worth it. Take care of yourself, and prepare for the flu season. Get your Flintstones vitamins and your flu mist on and buy some tissues and hand sanitizer. It's a war out there to try and avoid getting sick, like Chris Evans in Puncture or that one epidemic movie. Ain't nobody got time for that. Get some touchpoint gloves so you can snapchat and imessage while walking to class in the freezing cold. Get involved, join some clubs or organizations. Check out your campus's winter festival and find your niche. No more excuses. Get ready for your brand spankin' new clean slate.
Being a teenager is all about getting your stuff together. Like damn, how long are you going to continue to be a mess for. The world is moving on without you, catch on up and get'cha head in the game (Troy Bolton style). Second semester is your brand new start, everything starts over and resets like the Prince of Persia and the Sands of Time (oh my goodness, I'm on a roll with this pop culture references today). Write a new chapter on your clean slate.
My blog post question for the day is ... what do you plan on doing differently this semester? Well, I'm going to dial back my extracurricular engagements, hopefully get some more sleep, make some new friends, and if possible find a respectable girl to court.


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