The Charter

Being a teenager is all about being apart of something larger than yourself. It's about finding yourself as an individual within a group (when you do that you've stumbled upon some extraordinary). It's about going through thick and thin and making it out even better than before. It's the big moments in your shared history, but the little things along the way that let you know you're right where you're supposed to be. Come along with me and know the legend of the charter.

So you want to hear the epic story of Phi Mu Delta: Nu Gamma's journey to their chartering ceremony, huh? You've come to the right place. Here begins the longest day in fraternal fanfare none this teenage man (boy). Friday afternoon started with me splaying all across my bed in my residence hl room and watching Nickelodeon's "House of Anubis" (let me be 19 - oka)). Soon it was time for me to bundle up, because it was literally single digits freezing outside and make my way to my fraternity brother Derrick aka Papa Dubois. Off we went to pick up our advisor and brother, Ben before we drove the like 3 blocks to Michael's. Decoration shopping time was upon us and we stormed that craft store like overzealous dads at Best Buy on Black Friday. We had originally planned to just purchase streamers and balloons to add some of our fraternity colors (Princeton orange and black) to our ceremonial space, but you know I'm a compulsive buyer and planning of any sort is my forte. We searched the whole store (because apparently only one person works there) and found what were looking for. A few minutes later I came up with the idea for our reception centerpieces - we grabbed ribbon, take-out boxes, and shredded and whole tissue paper before paying the singular cashier (seriously, hire some people) and departing. Around the corner to Staples where I was in name brand heaven (thank you remnants of suburbia for making me feel at home in this foreign land known as ... Vermont) and we picked up enough name-tags to label about 200 newborn babies #thingsIwouldlovetodo. Back out in the blistering cold to make our to Williston and this Party City wannabe shop called iParty (like what are you, and apple product?). We quickly realized we should have started here, but that place was like all my childhood dreams come true. We got the balloons and some more streamers before getting stuck in some traffic (oh this is traffic, tell me more - condescending Wonka meme initiate). We got out of that car to car mess and zoomed back to campus to change into our formal attire and round back up. Over to grandma's house central campus where we disembarked and surveyed the space. We broke up into teams and I was joined by another brother, Bryce, to bring my decorative vision to life. We were doing the least and lacking scissors but you make do (I'm like MacGyver in that way) with keys to cut and curl ribbon. Soon more of the guys showed up to help out (Connor, Bela, Joe, Dan, Jake, Andreas, Stan) and we got the place looking good if I do say so myself (and I just did, so there). Time rolled by and we were all ready to get the charter under way. Here we go, here was the charter.


There are moments in your life that you realize right within them that something special is going on. Walking into the Ira Allen Chapel and seeing all the people who had come out to show their support for us was absolutely breathtaking. All of us brothers including Stan, Matt, Phil and my big brother, Gabe, were all present for this monumental occasion in our local history. We milled about and greeted some of our guests before taking to the pews near the stage to sit together. All of a sudden, we'd begun. One of the National Council members, Mr. Smittle, presided over the process and began with some touching words. He started to read the letters of congratulations from our brother chapter around the country and in my mind I could hear the voices in each chapter resonating. He mentioned the history we, specifically, as a chapter have in that chapel (it was the site of thr first initiation of the entire Phi Mu Delta fraternity 95 years ago). At that moment in time, I thought of all the brothers I'd come to know including Baldwin, Aaron, Rob, and Campbell and knew they were all thinking of us.He asked for the alumni present to affirm that we deserved to be chartered and I'm not going to lie - I held my breath.   I have no idea why, but they all agreed in unison with the best "aye" I've possibly ever heard (echos of those who came before seemed to strengthen those that were present) and we had done it.  We were officially presented with our charter and the chapel shook with applause. Derrick played his quirky self and introduced all our speakers, Ben, Dom, and Gabe who gave heartwarming speeches. They each had something different about that really hit home with me, and they were all so subtle. That's just one of those things that makes our group unique, what we all bring to the table. Done and done, and it was picture time. #NeverhaveIever stood and smiled for so long, but I was beaming. I couldn't have been happier. Our flag was bore before us and the charter was in my hands, we had done it. I was and always will be brought to be a refounding father of the Phi Mu Delta: Nu Gamma ... Chapter. The charter, oh we go it alright.
The after party is almost (but not quite) better than the ceremony. Into the Billings Library where a big group of people had come to celebrate with us. Laughs rang out in the hallowed hall, a smile was on every face, and everyone was truly enjoying themselves. I went to find my RHA people, Drake, Learie, Sam, Bret, and Anna who all came out to support me. Honestly, words cannot express how thankful I was to have them there. It meant so much to me to have people who can understand what this part of my life means while not necessarily being involved in it. The director of the ALANA student center, Bev, also took time out of her Friday to support me, and her warmth and generosity to support me was more than overwhelming. Everyone was mingling, and the crowd ranged with people involved in fraternity and sorority life (the solidarity is greatly appreciated), students, faculty, staff, community members, families, and brothers - all friends. The atmosphere was so welcoming, and truly amazing. My secret arch nemesis (as in, only I'm aware of this nonexistent competition) Connor aka SGA president showed his political loyalties and came out to join us. In all honesty, that's what it's all about - taking the time out to care. The night went on and I was more than full of the food (whether it was good, or I was just super hungry - the world will never know) and it was clean up time. Everyone joined picking up the pieces of our celebration. Soon after it was all over, and I made the fiercely cold walk back to my res hall room. The charter, it's all good.

*Let me just say that being a part of fraternity and sorority life is something I never thought I'd be doing in my college years. It's changed me for the better, and allowed me to grow and make some long lasting connections. At the end of the day, the end of the row, or whatever you think it's all about, it's not some secret. It's not some exclusive club you can't join or will never understand from the outside looking in. It's about forming a community. It's about living in harmony with other people, and relying one another for absolutely anything. It's about getting to be your absolute self within a larger group identity. It's a fulfilling experience, that welcomes you if you're willing to work to help build that community. If you're not up for the challenge, then and only then is it not for you. Brothers, and sisters - forget the letters, the fanfare, t-shirts, mixers, lavalieres, sweethearts, competitions and everything else in between, in there's anything you figure out about college it's about finding your place within a community. The charter, we've got it and we couldn't have done it without all the people who supported us - thank you from the bottom of our hearts, this is just as much an accomplishment for us as it a reflection of you. I'm so proud of all of us, and know this is only the starting point on our journey to greatness.
he is so amazing
even with a name like Bo
Being a teenager is all about growing as a person by your interactions with other people. You change, mature and become someone completely different by the people you surround yourself with. It can be a profound moment when you look back and see the person you were and the person you have become. What a difference being a piece of a larger puzzle can do for you. You need all of us to complete the picture and we fit perfectly together. This is the charter.
I’m happy for you. ZBZ
My blog post question for the the day is ... what event in your college story so far has stuck out to you the most? This chartering ceremony would have to be one of them. It's weird to blend the parts of my life (RHA and Phi Mu Delta) but they fit seamlessly into the same world. 


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